Drawthread: Draw or request Sup Forumsrt and stuff.

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Requesting a barefoot maid Nakuru Akizuki on a tea break like on the right pic.

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Requesting Nadeshiko Kagamihara tied up and gagged using her collection of big poofy and colorful scarves.

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Requesting a pregnant Mai Natsume.

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Requesting Belial reenacting the "my own clone" meme with Meiko and Sophia.

Refs for this dinosaur of a meme/joke: imgur.com/a/x2nkG

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Requesting this bear doing something you like, but don't get banned please.

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Requesting Net Navi Rachnera

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Requesting Rin Tohsaka barefoot and wearing and showing off her toeless legwear/pantyhose/stirrups feet.

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Requesting Meteora wearing a camisole leaning on a table

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Requesting demon Nagatoro with cowtits and wider hips


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Requesting Cosmos from Fairy Tail wearing a bunnysuit (not the costume) and with a chocolate bunny between her breasts.

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Nigga, check last thread.

>being this retarded

The delivery is complete.

Requesting Amanda O'Neill, the best witch, wearing a punk outfit circa 80's

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Requesting a Slav Seo.

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I thought it was a WIP

Anchoring this.

Requesting a cute Uzuki please!

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Requesting Ultra Instinct Akkun/Akkun Blanco smashing in the faces of thots/sexually decadent women.


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I really like this pic.

Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)

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Requesting her trying to solve this enigma.

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Requesting Deku with Mount Lady.

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What is this artists pixiv/ blog?

Requesting absurdly busty/wide-hipped Sup Forums girls (Eiken girls, Aki Nijou, Shizuka Marikawa, Garnet Maclaine, etc) dressed as Medb

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Requesting Sakura wearing a micro bikini, with an emphasis on her ass.

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>Not her breasts
Rin is the ass one.

I’m glad I chose it for OP

Rin is an ass.

How can they look at each other so distant yet so close?

Rin's thighs are more appealing than her ass. Besides Sakura has a good ass too.

For a worm, maybe.

Good heavens, I think we need more Rin in here!

Whether it is ass, thighs, boobs or legs focused. Or all of them!

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There’s a Rin request already in the thread.

Good, but I think mine was more broad for options.

Possessed by Ishtar being made pregnant from pig cum or something.


We could combine both together if possible.

Would love to see someone else draw it for once.


Requesting Araragi holding Mayoi close in a comforting/reassuring sweet way.
Ref imgur.com/a/d2hrC

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Requesting pregnant Chiho walking past a counter in a revealing fashion with a regretful expression.

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Requesting gyaru Mizuki

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Requesting Yomi from Toji no Miko wearing a hairband with her bangs slicked back.

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God, pregnant women are fucking disgusting
Like those starving african children with distended stomachs

Requesting making a double peace sign.

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Requesting the lewd oyakodon foreshadowed from these 4komas

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>God, pregnant women are fucking disgusting
What's it like being a faggot?

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Japanese formalism

Requesting Amanda O'Neill after an intense game of beach volleyball posing like the smug Amerikan cunt that she is.

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He's right. You're a landwhale fucker in denial.

But user she's literally already a gyaru

Not tan enough

Nope. Pregnancy is the most intimate and female thing a woman can do. And have you ever seen the differences? They dont have fat faces, arms, legs unlime fatties. They don't smell weird, and their libido usually increases. But 2D expectant mothers will always be far superior to 3D.

Requesting Prairie Dog kissing a girl of your choice.

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Sure, but you're not supposed to find it hot, because it's not, you absolute degenerate

I need to relieve some stress, give me some Pri Illya requests.

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Kuro dressed in sensible business attire
but also there's a rotor wire visible

Wrong again, it's human nature to find it hot so you would want to protect the women or some shit. But for me its usually better when the girl's a cum dump, doesn't even know who the father is.

Give me a picture of Kuro relieving my stress.

Requesting Natsu as a WW 2 soldier. Whatever side he's on is up to you.

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/r/ing these two doing something involving sleep or insomnia

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Requesting Trickstar Holly Angel from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS wearing the outfit of Lunalight Leo Dancer from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

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Requesting the Inner Sailors & Booster Gold and Blue Beetle running away from a T-Rex

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Requesting Lucoa and Sariel symmetrical docking.

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Miyu wearing a Drindl.

its simple, request again if you want

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QT well done, Friendo.

Miyu as a Riyo servant, with the classic Riyo eyes (not the Illia or Chloe eyes) (think on Gudako's eyes). If you wish to give her a class, give her Rider.

Requesting Yumeko and Mary playing strip poker with Ayame and Annie, all 4 in different states of undressing

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Rerequesting smug Kajou dressed as Junko raising a sign with the phrase "winner by default".

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Illya receiving headpats.

Bukkake on Ruby and Sapphire

Illya headpatting my prostate with her massive futa cock.

Pudgy Illya and Pudgy Kuro crying as Shirou gives them Salads telling them to diet.

Requesting Sena either
-Happily smiling and telling me to cheer up
-Or giving the most disgusted expression, filled with hatred and malice.

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Requesting Kokone Kurisu stretching.

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great stuff, would invest in that business
thanks Rommi

Requesting Frenda getting up out of bed and clutching her ass ass if her butt got stretched open and pounded mercilessly overnight.

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Requesting Sena Kashiwazaki getting literally spitroasted by Kodaka Hasegawa, dolcett style:
Yozora Mikazuki should be standing next to him, naked but grinning triumphantly. Sena thinks about her frustration that Yozora will be allowed to taste her meat soon. She feels defeated by her rival yet again. Kodaka says to Yozora that she will be on the menu next week.

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>almost same digits

If you are comfortable with it.
It's up to you really, maybe she could be giving me a massage.
Or patting my head telling me I did a good job.
Actually just do that, her patting my head.


That's amazingly cute

Requesting Kotoha (blue) as Shiki saying "It's shit right?" and Sacchan (yellow) as Nrvnqsr saying "It's shit." Optionally draw a chibi Yui in the corner too.

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Requesting Maron stuck in the sand like in the reference and Krillin watching her with a pleasant face. Bonus if you can add above Krilin's head that he's watching Maron's crotch.

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Just came here to say, that looks like official art.

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For weekend, forgot to post, will forget if save for next. Hope it finds

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Damn, that's gorgeous. Nice job!

Requesting fusions of these pinkettes

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Gorgeous Lyndis

Requesting Tamate in this outfit, but without the overalls.

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Requesting lewd Fallen Angel Super Mode Kalawarner. Outfit doesn't have to be the same as Akeno's (I'd prefer a different lewd take), she just needs to have at least 6 black angel wings

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Rerequesting the smuggest Erza and Kirito fusion, since I was told to rerequest.

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You... just got that last thread didn't you.

Requesting Kobeni pulling off the naked overalls look.

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