Boruto thread

Shino got all drunken. What will happen to him and the team senseis in the next episode?

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They'll probably discuss their teams and talk about who's ready and who's not

Konohamaru, Hanabi and Moegi leave him to go have a sloppy drunken threesome

Damn, beat me to it

An user in a previous thread pointed out the possibility of Sumire being the only one on the team who has a chance in the chunin exams, so her working for Katasuke is basically her assignment while Namida and Wasabi train more

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Sumire get's Hanabi as a sensei

It's just so surreal until today

Can we have a good thread again please? These were pretty comfy over the past few months until latest episode brought out all the cancerous shipperfags.

She was the only other person around Konohamaru’s age, that didn’t already have a team, right?

As long as nobody treats their ship like it’s already confirmed, we should be fine

Is there any new information revealed about next week’s episode about Sasuke?

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Who cares? Didn't we get enough of him in Shitppuden?

Next week is 51 not 52 brainlet

Then what if there are fillers in-between the Movie Arc and the Mujina Bandits Arc? Would Sumire appear in them?

id watch that

Why are there so many preview pics so early?

Boruto!Sasuke is different from Shippuden!Sasuke. I just want to see Boruto!Sasuke’s thought process and why he did the actions that he did


but I like sasuke

maybe from time to time just to say hi remember me? I'm still here. But probably not if she's not doing ninja shit

what actions?

Him accepting the Kayuga mission, and abandoning Sarada. I know that we already know the reasons why he did it, I just want to see his perspective and inner thoughts on them, given low little of Sasuke’s inner thoughts we see in Part 1 and 2

i like the captains. It should be a good episode.

There was definitely not enough of non-edgy Sasuke.

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this is cute and the headband eyepatch is actually kind of a good look on sasuke

A non-edgy Sasuke is a passionless Sasuke. It would of have been cool to see Sasuke think about and clarify his goals

i ship it

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Goddamit Shino take a hint.

It's not fair that Shikamaru got to see Asuma again but Naruto couldn't see Jiraya. It would have been amazing if Jiraya was revived for the war. They fucked up. I would have loved to see Jiraya realize Naruto was in fact the child of prophecy and that he mastered the rasengon, 9 tails, and sage mode.

not to mention a fight between the 2 would have been really cool

Jiraya corpse in ocean speed reader.

After the awesome shit Shino has done without ever being noticed, he really deserves a good girl.

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It's actually a redrawn version of this cover with team 7 as adults.

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I can only imagine the reaction of his class to seeing this guy blow off Zaku's arm.

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Because Hanabi?

I understand that but do some asspullery and get his DNA or something. He was a perv after all. I'm sure his DNA is somewhere. Get some of his hair he had a lot idfc

Jiraiya had a good enough death without the need to bring him back as a zombie just so Naruto can beat him in a fight.

I wish he had a kid in boruto

Are ninjas just political tools? Also Naruto needs to die so we can have conflict in this series.

you're telling me you wouldn't want to see 1 more interaction between the 2? It wouldn't take anything away from the death. It's not like he was revived along with everyone else from pain. It'll add even more if anything to the emotional reunion.

Him being a lame teach as an adult just makes him even more badass

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no they're not and no he doesn't.

Stop with this "filler" meme already. Jesus fucking christ.

There's almost definitely going to be real filler after the Movie Arc is over.

Yes, considering they are collectivist mercenaries.
And political conflict can happen with Naruto alive, considering his stupidity and codependency, inability to accept rejection and alternative opinions, his typical way of handling enemies, his failure to keep the majority of his promises, his corruption, and inability to reform the Shinobi system

Sumire is not important to the plot in Boruto, fuck off

No. There isn't. Fuck off. Everything that's happening and will happen is canon to the series. There is no "source material" to copy and paste from you drooling brainlet.

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Naruto is stupid, brainwashed, and codependent enough for there to be political/societal conflict, especially considering his lack of reform

Its why Bort should have taken place outside of Konoha because Naruto's Jesus complex makes him stop any problem in the Fire Country. Its ironic that ninjas cant exist in times of peace.

everything in the anime oBoruto is filler, only manga is canon


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This thread is going downhill. I'm not surprised though.

The manga is just a guide, the anime is the final product.

who brainwashed him?


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sumire is important to me

The only part of the anime that’s filler is whatever doesn’t get adapted to novels

Why do the lesser countries not have ninja villages?


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Except it isn't a "guide". Nor is the anime a "final product." Every medium just takes place in different timeframes. The anime covered everything during the academy, and the novels are retelling the story with a higher focus on character driven narrative, and even covering a few things the anime left out.

Thank you.

Except it's the other way around, retard. See There is no filler in this series. This meme needs to die already.

Why didn't Obito use the Bijuu to destroy every ninja village so nothing would oppose him?

WHO /sumire/ here?

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Another thread ruined by Sumire Purpleshit

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every country has a ninja village what are you talking about?

Reporting in.

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Unironically fuck off. These threads used to be just fine until you twitterfags invaded.

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The novels serve as an expansion of the canon arcs in the anime but also filter out which material is canon. SoL episodes are filler, the Ghost arc, Gaiden, most trip, and graduation are canon because they’ve been adapated to novels. Though I agree, spewing “filler” at everything you don’t like is retarded, and I think Hawawabros like myself have had to put up with enough of that. But not everything in the anime is canon, just the arcs that are adapted to novels. That doesn’t mean the anime is non-canon, just some of the one-off episodes are filler.

What does Hanabi's breath smell like?

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Stay mad

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Funny, because twitter is the breeding ground for assblasted faggots like yourself

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>KonoHana memed into reality
Oh my god it's happening again!

yeah exactly. This is why I say the light novels are cannon. It's an expansion of the story covering the time between the end of the war and the beginning of boruto.


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Whose cum?

We're not tools of the Daimyo or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at. But at least I always fought for what I believed in.

Farewell... Sarada.

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You misunderstand, I'm not mad Sumire is canon. In fact I love her! I'm mad because you turn threads into literal shit within seconds.

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Nice revisionism, Sumire posting has always been around, you faggots are the ones invading

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>Moegi jealous she's about to get cucked by superior Hyuuga genes

And none of the blame goes towards the retard who derails threads to complain about Sumire?

>makes cute animal costumes for her team
>makes lunch for her team

I want Sumire to be my wife.

Both sides are part of the problem

You mean IMPROVED, your shit taste is the only thing ruining anything here

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it makes me so mad that Boruto has his leaf symbol crossed out because it means he's a god damn traitor. Fuck that. He should not be a defector.

Nope, posting Sumire is allowed like posting any other character. Complaining about people is off-topic metashit.

So ninjas are mercenaries meaning they have no allegiance only to their highest bidders. So only the rich can afford ninjas meaning ninjas would be political weapons. A noble could hire shinobi to kill off a rival in their dominance for example. The rich could literally pay ninjas to mass murder anyone they don't like for profit. The wars are really country shitflinging caused by the feudal lords. This would lead to a draconian rule over their country as the nobles can kill any rebels or opposition to them using ninja. As long as ninja are paid a good sum they don't give a damn like Zabuza not caring about the poverty in Wave Country due to his contractor Gato. The end goal of a village is to become the only tool of their country so they can live in leisure while the rest if the country starves to death. A favored city in this case. Peace is silly as ninjas require an amoral country to even exist at all but even in relative peace nobles can have ninjas kill off political opponents behind the scenes. Despite their obvious superiority over normal humans the shinobi still limit themselves as only puppets to their countries.

It's Sasuke's part 1 headband.

Stop posting that shit, every thread, enough of Sumire. She's not even important, let's talk about legacy characters that are really important in the story, InoShikaChou, Metal Lee and Team 7,not a tertiary character

Stop policing what people talk about


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>m-muh legacy characters!
>even though most have them have done nothing
Fuck off, she’s more important than InoShikaCho and Metal, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a hard time finding things to talk about with them

>Jiraiya gets revived.
>First thing Naruto does is give him a hug.

>gets sidelined after one arc

ninjas are loyal to their village. Only missing nin are the pieces of literal shit trash garbage of the world because they're traitors. Call them mercenaries. Real ninjas wouldn't do any of that shit. The kage can deny any request they don't want to accept.

did episode leak early this week?
I don't recall that much being shown in last week's preview, nor do those look like normal preview shots.

Nah, Naruto having zero closure from Jiraiya's death was an important part of his growth. Jiraiya never got to see him become Hokage and he had to come to terms with what that means.

he needs to wear his current headband then. One without the crossed out leaf symbol. That's what traitors do.

>let's talk about legacy characters that are really important
If they were so important, there’d actually be something to talk about with them. That so-called tertiary character has contributed more than the legacy characters excluding Team 7. Get over it.

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