Yuru camp

Will you still remember to go /out/ after yuru camp ends this week

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I'll probably forget about the show altogether like the day after it ends

What is the appeal of actually camping? There's no cute girls or internet.

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You are exploring the woods when you suddenly come upon these creatures

what do?

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Use your imagination user. Hiking and camping are the best hobbies for daydreaming.

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Pledge to protect.

>Just now realizing Rin is alone

She's not very bright is she.

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Know I am about to die for infiltrating BLANKET's secret meetings.

Surreptitiously take a picture and try to escape and get the intel to Big Boss.

Not really, no, but very cute!

Nature + booze = win

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dress up like cow ghost and spook them

But they revere the cow.

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Who /blanket/ here?

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In fact I'll be camping this weekend (with cute lolis).
So what's the tradition? Take a pic of a Yuru printout in the cool /out/doors or should I do something else?

Threadly reminder of exactly how small everyone in the cast are. Adults included.

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Camisole master race stopping by to say hi.

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Is Rin best girl this season?

Quite possibly

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Onee-san comes close to being best Yuru but Rin is amazing.

No, Nadeshiko is.

Another pic, just cause.. comfy.

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Fall under their influence

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Taking drunk cute girls out to places where me and other people can gangbang them until morning with nobody the wiser.

Prepare curry.

Ena giving Nadeshiko the bun when

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Or if you're really dedicated...

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do it user

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offer them my meat

I wouldn't want to find myself between a cliff and a hangover.

>sensei dies a horrific death during a camping trip
>the yurus are traumatized
>series now follows the girls trying to get over their trauma and go camping again

They're just the right size

>ywn cutely spit out your food like yurus

by Hideaki Anno

shes the best grill if shes not drinking

>"Set up your tent in this fucking campground Nadeshiko!"

It's part of my job, so yes.

Bully them. Take their food. Take their blankets. What can they do? They are small and weak.

>bullying top members of B.L.A.N.K.E.T.
It's like you want to suddenly (((disappear)))

You're dealing with a master of cqc and Kirby. The weak one here is you.

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Don't do that. Big Boss doesn't need to know his granddaughter defected to a rival organization.


Is Rin going to have to kill her grandpa now?

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They got played like a damn fiddle!

you know what to do

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She has to if she wants to claim the title of "ShimaBoss".

>not "get in the fucking tent Nadeshiko"

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Translate pls

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Not until next winter. Fuck having to deal with bugs.

Super imagine

cold weather camping is GOAT


Will we have a similarly comfy show next season?

>ywn reach this level of comfy

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>tfw I thought onee-chan is taller than me

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Damn this is deep.

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That's a pretty normal adult size in Japan

I had a dream last night where I switched bodies with Nadeshiko. I felt really bad for her and her friends, and had a hard time meaningfully talking with anyone since I'm not too good at the nihongos. It also raised ethical questions of whether I was really her or not in legal terms.


Is this serie secret propaganda telling neets to stay indoors ?

Which Camp would you Yuru?

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I'm not worthy of any of them.

my wife sakura

The dog

This is interesting tell me more

There's not much to tell. I just kind of had to struggle through telling everyone what happened, but they seemed more confused than sad.


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>watch this show
>want to experience it
>too much /out/ for me
What to do?

Whats a good way to bring raw meat to a campsite? I want to try camp cooking during an few hour long hike, Is ice mule good for keeping food fresh or is there something better.

It won't spoil in couple of hours.

what if i want to do something multi day? are regular hard coolers the only way?

I want to crawl under Ena's blanket with her.

This is how you get food poison.
You don't want to keep using meat once you break it's cold chain, you take it, you cook it, and don't save something uncooked for tomorrow, you cook it all and then use the leftover for tomorrow cooking.
jfk, no wonder Abe posting it's been on the rise, you NEETs don't even know how to not poison yourselves

Freeze it, that would give you 6-8 hours in winter and about 2-4 hours in summer.

NEET are known to have poison resistance

And resistance to charm.

If you are going for a multi day camp, your get vacuum sealed/packed meat and keep it from the sun, preferably in a backpack and not outside in the shadow.

you can like.. not eat/bring easily perishable food too, do you really need to have meat?

Here take my thick meat.

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It's this week.

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N-not like this...

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I'll miss my wife

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Fuck right off.

but she'll always be my wife even after the season ends

what's the difference

Yes, I'll still go /out/. But thanks to this anime, not during fire season.

Jesus those look so soft...

If you're going to bear country, don't. And keep your food in the "bear boxes". If you're not in a designated campground, you'll want to hang it from a tree branch.

Is she really taken?

3DP magic doesn't work on us.


I'll miss these cute dorks

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