The only good version

The only good version
> Mastered SSB vegeta
> SSJ3 vs 17
> All forms vs toppo
> actual tolerable drawings
> fixed vegito vs zamasu
> blood

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Looks like fodder is knocking off fodder. At least Toyo knows that most of these fighters don't deserve screentime
Not to mention Freeza's keikaku in eliminating a universe and Frost. At the sacrifice of their 2 weakest links, Freeza managed to do so much more. Manga truly has the strategy aspect pinned down way better then the anime

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I honestly feel that manga discussion threads are safespaces from the autism produced in the anime threads. It's a little reminiscent of a time where Dragonball was not so cancerous (aka pre TOP arc)
But that much is expected if they can gobble up shit like Jiren Uchiha. This is what Jiren should be

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i wonder how will toyoGOD save jirenĀ“s backstory and motivations

Jiren's backstory is probably shared between both Manga and Anime, but I'd like to believe that rather then pushing him to become the ultimate edgy being, the Manga will have a more mature telling of the slaughtering of his village, and how it pushes him towards the path of justice.

by not having a backstory and letting jiren not have a tantrum

forgot to mention
> all GoDs fighting

>fixed vegito vs zamasu

>. It's a little reminiscent of a time where Dragonball was not so cancerous (aka pre TOP arc)
I've never seen a single DB thread that was not full of shitposting and spicposting even during the 6U vs 7U tournament arc

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it's probably the same but told in a way that is not basic shit
Jiren so far is distant but heroic in the manga, and very proactive, unlike anime Jiren who was completely indifferent and didn't care about ending the tournament as fast as possible.
God, the anime makes me so mad just thinking about it.

made vegito into the cocky powerhouse we know he is
made zamasu not hulk out and humiliated him beautifully
made the climax of vegito unfusing better
I still prefer Goku Black personality better in the anime though, but everything else was fixed

Is there anyone that can even touch AL ESPECIALISTA?

I was there during Zamasu arc, so take it with a grain of salt. Spicposting is obviously going to be a staple, but when Sup Forums and Sup Forums joined along there was no saving threads.

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if you take the entirety of super, there are less than 10 episodes worth keeping
the baseball filler
goku vs black (only because the manga didn't do it and there were a few decent shots)
vegeto blue vs fused zamasu (manga still makes it better)
the 1 hour special of goku vs jiren
the episode goku goes ssg vs the lesbians
migatte no gokui goku vs kefla
vegeta vs god toppo
some parts of goku vs jiren and the entire last episode

the super anime is fucking garbage. the least they could do is remake the hit, black and top sagas to follow the manga and have decent quality before continuing super. but i'm sure they won't

Include episode 126, that episode was pretty good with how Toppo was wrecking shit

Why is the anime so shit and the manga so good.
They're both working on the same outline, how is Toei fucking it up

>vegeta vs god toppo
It's shit, drop and replace it at least one of: GoD Toppo vs Freeza; the first episode of Goku vs Hit; and/or the filler apisode with sick Goku, Piccolo and Pan.

Why are mangafags this delusional?

because they deeply want dragon ball super to be better than it is

Oh, so they're in that state where they think someone will hear them?
That's too bad.

>no new chapter

Manga seems rushed

yes because generic superman good guy is better than autistic power is everything jiren.

It's better than edgelord Jiren. It's someone who's actually good, who actually wants peace and to protect his universe. Jiren in the anime is an asshole who never once acts like he fights for justice.