Witch Hat Atelier/Tongari Boushi no Atelier

The people scanlating WHA finally decided to release a couple more chapters. Gonna dump them here since I know a few people on here like this series too.

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based, thanks

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I like this manga. But the Brim Hats did absolutely nothing wrong, the main characters reasoning is retarded. I hope it goes like Magi on which the mc ends up agreeing with the villains viewpoint.

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>casting magic to harm people and in general trying to return the world back to a constant state of war due to magic isn't bad
Maybe we'll get something from their point of view later but right now the villain guy is kind of dick.

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Also I hate this trend of scanlators erasing and redrawing sound effects.

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According to the ones who have rewritten everyones memories.

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>those who knock will be cursed
>solution is to enter without knocking
this girl has talent as a magical white hat tester.

Yeah, the "good guys" seem kind of dickish too but as far as we know they're doing it for the greater good.

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>Yeah, the "good guys" seem kind of dickish too but as far as we know THEY SAY they're doing it for the greater good.

Forbidding progress is retarded. Laws should be created about it and punishments be granted to illegal human experimentation, but thats it. The secrecy of magic when it seems to be as natural as breathing in that context is extremely stupid. The Brim Hats might have shitty methods, sure, but their point is still valid compared to Muh Magic Sekrit Club

Eh, having a twist where "the good guys are actually the bad guys!" is kind of boring. I'd rather they just both be dicks for their own reasons.

Yeah I see that.

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Starting chapter 10

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There's more "we can't let normies learn about magic" in that last page.

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The artstyle of this manga is so nice.

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Literal water cutting sword coming through.

Yeah, I love it.

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>Eh, having a twist where "the good guys are actually the bad guys!" is kind of boring. I'd rather they just both be dicks for their own reasons.
Maybe it's not black-and-white?

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God damn, that is one sexy sword.

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Oh I can see that post-timeskip villain being formed.

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There's more interesting stuff like that in a few pages.

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Anne Frank's turning to the dark side eventually isn't she?

More supervillain backstory for Agete

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And that's it for chapters 9 and 10. Hopefully they go a bit faster than they've been being released.

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Thanks user.

I didnĀ“t know this existed, thanks user.

Cool motherfucking incoming. Thank you user.

Actually that whole flashback sounds more like they are setting up a character arc and her incoming redemption, but who knows. Having her as an anti-Coco would be fun too.

>Also I hate this trend of scanlators erasing and redrawing sound effects.

Amen brother. They just look gooofy as shit and western onomatopeia are not as nuanced as the japanese ones.

Does anyone really like the redrawn sfx?
It just seems to be a lot of hard work for nothing.

>Does anyone really like the redrawn sfx?
I do.
It's just really weird to see Japanese mixed with English on the same page. If I read a translated manga I want everything in it to be translated, onomatopoeia are no different from speech bubbles.

I don't care so much about the translation as much as they just require a lot of redrawing that could be avoided just with a note like they did on this page . As little redrawing as possible should be done.

Well I understand that not everyone wants to put that kind of effort into scanlating. If it were me I wouldn't do it.
It's more something that I expect from professional translations, but even there it's not that common.
So in this case I really appreciate the effort.

As for notes, I think they're fine if they're outside of the panel and not part of the actual drawing.

Even a small note next to the sound effect in panel is less intrusive than completely erasing that entire section of artwork and redrawing it. And for unofficial scanlations it just takes up time that could be better used actually releasing a chapter.

A couple as in two?

... Yep, a couple as in two. Still nice.

But if I want the page to be unaltered I can just look at raws. I'm not going to complain that a translation is translating things, and I don't mind waiting.

While I'm here I'm going to post some stuff from an artbook I found while looking for raws.

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Who loves his lolis more?

This Witch Hat guy?

Or Made in Abyss guy?

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>pink/blue/white hair
Is this their canon colors? I just assumed they were blonde with the European setting and all.

I mean WHA isn't violent or anything really but it is about an adult wizard with a harem of young female "students".

Coco's hair is a yellow-ish green on the cover of the first volume so probably. Only her, Agete, and Quiffry have been on volume covers so far.

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