Is Rider a synonym for perfection?

Is Rider a synonym for perfection?

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no, but saber is


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I genuinely do not like Rider. She's not a good character in the VN.

Hollow, and subsequent material did a lot to develop her, but the role she has, she's extremely shallow. Think about it. She's one of the main servants. Shirou - Saber, Rin - Archer, Sakura - Rider, but comparing her to those other two is an insult. She's yanked around as Shinji's servant in Fate, dies to a fucking school teacher in UBW, and HF, where theoretically she should get the most time to shine, she's mostly just there to be Sakura's silent body guard.

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And what's laughable is that she /survives/. HF True has her living. That's something only Saber (in UBW Good) and I guess Gil had the opportunity to experience.

It's like, for what?

Her not having much to her in FSN isnt really a reason to dislike her, it just means there isn't much reason to like her. Her scene in HA with Angra was definitely her best scene in the series overall and it was pretty good. Her sisters are better anyway. Also, Yuu turned 43 to day.

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superior rider

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Reminder that yesterday was Asakawa's birthday.

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What would a date with Medusa be like? I imagine she'd be a really fun drunk.

Asakawa is absolute perfection.

I guess "not like" is probably not the best phrasing. It's more like, I think she was wasted potential?

Most of her development and background felt like it ended up being cut content. HA had a surprising amount f material for her that I found really weird wasn't included in the base VN.

Lots of handholding

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Wormslut shouldn't have gotten a route

HF should be all Rider

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She's hot but has the mental capacity of a serial killer.

If you owned a strip club, she'd be perfection.

Many serial killers are very smart though

Shit Master gets shitty Servant.

a common misconception, smart ones are an exception to the rule

How many fate girls have

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I bet she has a nice bush.

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Most of her character in HA comes from SoL moments that wouldn't fit in S\N the only ones that would fit would be the part where she turns to Gorgon but reminds herself of Sakura and some of her backstory with Perseus.

Sakura couldn't even carry her route Rider would be a disaster with the character she has in Fate. I would way sooner give a chance to Ayako, Caster or Ilya (that actually carried HF for Sakura) instead of Rider.

The only thing she has in her favor is her looks and period even Sakura has better character and that's not saying much.

>purple bush
i want to see sabers flowing golden bush desu

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She easily had the best body. Everybody else looks like children compared to her.

Everyone else is a child.


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I agree, Rider is the most admirable!

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whos cock is he riding?

Mizuna Rei?

Wish Asa-nee would voice more h stuff

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Rider is best by default

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What's wrong with the HF route?

Pretty sure it is an alt timeline of waver velvet. Here is sauce if interested.

Someone of admirable quality has appeared!

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Which route had the best ending?

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Yes, she and Yuu Asakawa are good friends.

fate/zero and original fate/stay night are the only ones worth watching

Kill yourself, Zerobaby.

>original fate/stay night

Zero and KNK are the only things worth time in the entirety of nasuverse.
Fate in general is fucking shit, Zero only shines because its the Butcher's fanfic

>Zero shines

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>mental capacity of a serial killer.
Didn't the unabomber have like a 140IQ and graduate Harvard really young?

>Compares mental capacity and intelligence

Sasuga. Thought that shitter didnt use the term correctly, as serial killers made their decisions on their own thus having perfect mental capacity.

What do you have against Tigers?

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They are fuck buddies.

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>14 years of Fate
>Rider is still the best girl

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>a beautiful lightly muscled shota

I-I'm not gay, right?

>Rhinofag butthurt best girl Sakura is the canon heroine
Every time.