Darling in the FranXX

Explain to me how the latest episode was a bad episode. From my perspective, it was great, as we finally get some plot points and progression into the world of adults.

Seriously, I'm not seeing all the hate for this episode. Is it falseflagging or do people honestly believe it was a terrible episode?

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Most people are watching it for 02 and Hiro, so 02 being depressed and moody didn't help

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It was the first really good episode since 5, people are just shitposting FranXX like they were with Guilty Crown and Valvrave at this point.

i am conflicted. on one hand you just posted best girl and best boy, but on the other you think that franxx is anything but mediocre.


hahaha. nice joke

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We got this gem so it was a pretty good episode

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Whatever I'm just glad the show is flopping.

We didn't actually learn anything that hadn't already been implied, so it felt kinda pointless.

It was terrible, I dont give a shit for Zorome or obasan. What was explained certainly didnt need a full episode

Miku and 02 are the best girls.

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I still don't understand how all this nana posting exploded from just this one frame

We got to learn that the kids are probably splinter clones from adults. That's pretty huge.

Yeah, I feel like this would have been way better if 02 had infodumped the subtext in this episode in like a five minute monologue.
Oh wait, no I don't, that'd be a horrible way of revealing anything.

The reveal was predictable.

Episode 6 wasn't that bad, I honestly don't know what people were expecting. Did they think Hiro would die from dino AIDS and the show would switch to another MC or something?

There's still 14 episodes left

Calm down about the plot people

6 was good you cucks

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I thought it was one of the better ones, a good amount of world building and motivation for rebellion boiling.

Dunno about everyone else, but I expected the AIDS to be some kind of permanent side-effect for him piloting the Strelizia. Apparently it's healed and done with now, so it felt like they built fake tension in episode 5.

that is both lewd and hilarious

>first cour is world building and getting to know each character, and the drama between 02 and Hiro
>2nd cour is the rebellion and when shit gets real

>that pic

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would the time-travel-miku poster please either state his reasoning or just fucking die?
i'm gonna hunt you down niggahoolius.

your idea ain't shit

It took you 3 seconds to write the whole point of this episode.

I dropped it, I just come by to post about how bad every episode is, I wish it was actually entertaining like Guilty Crown.

I have a feeling the AIDS isn't quite done with yet and will return later in the series under different circumstances

I'm also dropping it every week, user.

We didn't learn anything crucial, it was another *hint* *hint* episode, this time without swimsuits or panty stealing humour. Of course some people are dissatisfied. I just hope the last two episodes of the first part of the show will deliver.

I have hope it will get better later, there has to be a be a limit on how much you can waste time in world building shit. Besides Saturdays are barren, there is nothing else to watch that day other than darlifra

next two episodes are 99% sure gonna be full 02 and Hiro drama. Episode 11 will be depressing as fuck as 02 gets more and more depressed while episode 12 Hiro finally does something about it and kissus her and power of love bullshittery, and ends the KISS OF DESS OP.

2nd cour I fully expect the rebellion to begin and the Nine's sent to destroy Squad 13 by APE

Guilty Crown was godawful, Franxx is just a letdown.

It wasn't bad, it's probably the most significant episode we've had up to now for lore and worldbuilding and it mixed that with Zorome's characterization very well. I really enjoy how they're sticking with the idea of showing us the world rather than telling us about it, not only does it give it an air of mystery but most importantly it avoids pitfalls like overexplaining and works nicely with how the vast majority of the show is seen from the parasites' perspective. It feels very natural to get world information either when characters get it or by drawing conclusions based on their behavior and expectations.

It also provided some payoff for all the fertility symbols which we've seen so far, it looks like they weren't just there because of the general sexual thematic, but because something is truly going on in regards to Adult fertility and/or method of reproduction. It also basically put the entire individual vs. society or individualism vs. conformity theme on overdrive.

This is what delivering looks like for this show. I seriously doubt you'll get an infodump telling you essential truths, instead it will show you those truths and let you understand by yourself, which this episode has started doing. If this style isn't your thing and you want a documentary infodump unequivocally telling you how things work, the show probably isn't for you since it's been consistent in its approach for 10 episodes and I doubt it will change at this point.

No fuck you. This is exactly the kinda attitude that always ruins 2 cour shows.
>"Hey, our new show is 24 episodes, should we structure it so that there's always interesting stuff happening and plenty of room for things to breathe?"
>"Nah, let's make the first 12 episodes boring shit where nothing happens and cram all the important stuff into the last 12."


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There's probably 10,000 anime you haven't seen yet, some of them have got to be better than Franxx. Stop watching shit just because it's new and try looking for something you'll actually enjoy.

>Did they think Hiro would die from dino AIDS and the show would switch to another MC or something?
What the first arc was about flew over their heads entirely, so they latched on to the only clearly visible thing they could and assumed that it was the central point all along. Episode 6 made it clear that they were wrong, but it didn't directly tell them what the arc was really about (though it got very, very close). The result was asspain.

The shots for the P26 battle were also legitimately poorly chosen and made it seem stupid or nonsensical.

Everyone did that for Valvrave. It was too stupid to drop.

Good taste, friend.

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I unironically think this is going to be the twist. They tried to mimic Okada with all the love triangle shit, now it's only natural they'll go Urobuchi.


Doesn't really explain why you thought the episode was bad.

it did some decent world building and setup for future episodes, but im only here for 1 reason

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That's not possible, the manga already spoiled it. Klaxosaurs came before FranXX or parasites, therefore parasites cannot be klaxosaurs since klaxosaurs already existed beforehand.

No new content = bad

There was plenty of new content. You're a speedwatcher aren't you?

Сonsidering how well manga is selling and the fact that Yabuki-sensei already kinda diverged from the anime, could it be that manga may go in the entirely different fully shounen way?

Isn't Code 000 (i.e. the team making the franchise) the manga author with Yabuki as the artist? Manga is basically tits + simplified plot, I doubt it will diverge significantly unless they're doing it intentionally for some meta-purpose.

Next episode will be Milkman and glasses episode, than episode 12 the end of 1st cour is when few of them die and shit gets real. This episode gave off the impression that shit’s gonna eventually get edgy

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Unacceptable. Your understanding denies both you existence and mine. This additional information does not warrant a cessation of the klaxosaurs' annihilation. The klaxosaurs threaten to drive mankind to extinction. Preventing that is my only dream. Papa's influences on me have been cut off. What I have said was a conclusion drawn from my own analysis of the available data.

Mankind and the klaxosaurs will never come to an understanding. This is because they have rejected love itself. If mankind possessed bodies as tough and powerful as those of the klaxosaurs, there would have been no need to develop relationships.

My individuality is the product of mankind's intercourse. However, I am necessary to mankind in order to evolve its stagnant society. It can be surmised that mankind deepened their emotions and made love in order to overcome their own necessities.

Love itself is proof that mankind stands at the apex of all creation. However, the klaxosaurs have abandoned their human forms, along with their bodily necessities. To merely pursue and satisfy one's well-being and desires as a technological creature, a higher level of emotion is not necessarily required. Relationships are the only means for mankind to surpass itself. We are the result of pure intercourse given birth by love. The klaxosaurs abandoned that very same intercourse and thus became the culmination of technological beings. You must therefore fight with me for the dignity of mankind. In a conflict between creatures that are fundamentally the same, defeat is equivalent to annihilation. One pursues love, and the other abandons it. The war between the parasites and the klaxosaurs is a confilct between two irreconciliable survival strategies. The vanquished will fall prey to natural selection. As long as you wish to survive, you have no choice.

I am but a male body that directs and controls the piloting of pistils.

I exist solely to set you up for happiness.

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Imagine Miku sitting her little brat ass down on your face and making a huge brap.

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It's sad that the adults hold them in contempt while they would be dead without the parasites.

I am mainly watching for them, but I thought this episode was one of the best, it had nice worldbuilding and developed Zorome. We even got Hiro being incredibly empathetic and build up for 02's problems, how could it not be great for pretty much everyone?

anons are just shitposting to shitpost
episode was great

i want to milk nana

Behead those who insult Darling.

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she wasnt smiling, so it was shit

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Fuck off and play with your goddamn puppets.

Hey. Hey!

Look, you can shit talk Urobuchi all you want. Say all his shows are stupid and gay. Say he's a huge edgelord. I don't give a shit.

But don't you dare talk like that about the puppets.

I will fuck you up, you hear.

>inb4 we were the real parasites all along speech

I'm fully expecting such a trite development.

>there has to be a be a limit on how much you can waste time in world building shit

If you do it right, worldbuilding piggybacks on other stuff. If characters are discussing a plan to accomplish some goal, the methods they discuss to manipulate the systems of the world to achieve their end goal can also reveal details about those systems to the audience. A conversation necessary to develop characters can be set against a backdrop that visually displays some aspect of the setting's industry or economy. Exploring the political ramifications of a character's action can also provide insight into the political state of a world. That sort of thing.

For the record, I think the biggest problem with Franxx is that the information density in the worldbuilding is too low. The ruins could have shown us something about the end of normal society, or maybe one of the characters found a fragment of newspaper with a headline proclaiming MAGMA ENERGY TOO CHEAP TO METER or AUTONOMOUS POPULATION ENGINEERING SUPPORTS UNVEIL ARCOLOGY. That sort of thing. We could have seen much more about the city than we did, but it was still one of the better episodes in this respect.

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Are you serious? I'm an Onifag too, but at the end of a show I like to think back on what the characters have gone through, and seeing them happy after experiencing some sad stuff feels way better. I want to see Hiro and Oni together after suffering, loving each other more than ever.

Best girl

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shouldnt you be trying to ruin another kamen rider

I wonder if her ahoge twitches during sex.

There's gonna be bad shit happening to them, strelitzia (and marriage in general, of course) is about being together in the good times but also overcoming hardship.

I get what you're saying, though I only really have problems with episodes 8 and 9 in that regard. Episode 7 gave us plenty, which is now extra-interesting with the information about how old Adults can be.

You misunderstand me. Urobuchi decided he wants to play with puppets, fine. That's all well and good. But he needs to wrap that up at some point. Then he goes off to fuck around with CGI Godzilla (inb4 >kaiju were humans all along). He needs to go back to finish Madoka.

Don't be bitching if the ahoge is a twitching.

im shit posting of course, i thought the episode did some decent world building and clearly the plot is actually going to start doing something and were getting away from SoL antics, i just hope the depression stage doesnt last too long seeing 02's smile is what got me to start watching in the first place though

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The sole Hirofag reporting in.

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They're literally wasting runtime. 24 episodes isn't nearly enough for the painfully slow pace the past 4 episodes have had. I mean what new stuff have we REALLY learned/seen in the past 4 episodes? Lets recap.

>Episode 7
The ep showed us the setting is post-apoc earth but this was already obvious by episode 6 and the man already spelled it out much earlier. Only other significant event was setting up Kokoro's obsession with becoming a mother.
>Episode 8
Just about the boys learning to appreciate the girls. Something they they've been shown doing anyway. Even Zorome hugged Miku and showed concern for her in episode fucking 3. Absolutely no progress with the main plot or any world building at all.
>Episode 9
This is the only episode I'm willing to give a pass since it actually changed the dynamic between some main characters. Still no world building or answering any of the main questions the plot has set up.
>episode 10
Vague hints about the children being infected. It answered some questions about the city but it mostly brought up even more questions than it answered. Personally I think the way they did this episode was just boring on top of not adding much substance.

So basically we wasted 17% of the show's run either confirming things we already knew or bringing up more questions and plot points for the show to procrastinate on.

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Her ahoge intertwines with Zorome's ahoge when they have sex.

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Forced memeing

when will we get an official 02 daki

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>darfranxx thread get so quiet since episode 6

it's nature's way

what do you think is the chance characters will actually fuck?

i know they are teens and such, but, still.....

Something tells me 002 would have no problem with that...

shut up migu

He seems a little sad puppy

He is sad because his girlfriend is sad.

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From my perspective, you are evil, and the episode was bad.

>They still have 14 eps left
>They still have 10 eps left
>They still have 4 eps left
>M-Maybe the ending will be good

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Not soon enough.

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Darling is cute and concerned Darling is really cute.

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A good husbando.

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I really gotta take a moment to once again appreciate that this series has the "main girl" and the MC together from pretty much the start and "going out". Its so rare to get that shit.

They even have small personal moments together and talk things out, its great.

It does mean that they are shifting the focus away from them and onto the other characters more which is half good half bad. Half good because we get to see the other character´s relationships develop.
Half bad because 02 and Darling getting together shouldn't be a peak of their relationship but the starting point and you could have so many dramatic narrative from it that never really gets seen in any fiction much.

I cant really complain too mush as they have advanced more in less than half a season than most anime and manga have for YEARS.

I look forward to seeing the relationships mature and develop.

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I mean they still have to move to a place of mutual trust where 02 isn't just spouting cryptic bullshit but Im fine with the pace at which she is dropping morsels of information on Hiro.

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just look at those milkers, user

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miku cannot into huge braps
her braps are cute and girlish

I was thinking about this a lot recently as well. It's pretty refreshing to see them together because even though Hiro doesn't understand love his actions still convey the same feeling. My favorite part is when he tells her she can talk to him and that he wants to get to know her better because it's so raw and straightforward. Many couples have fallouts because they don't communicate well but these two are very open with eachother and can afford to be shameless with words because they don't have a full understanding of the concept of love which is why his confession in episode 4 was nice. I just hope 02 will tear down her walls and show him her vulnerable side.

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Is there a compendium for this art yet?

She has shown him part of her vulnerable side when she thought he had died.

Thought I do get what you mean. Relationships are give-and-take on some levels and for their relationship to move forward both 02 and Hiro may need to get more into the mindset of mutual support as it feel like Hiro has been making all the effort from the audience´s perspective.

Maybe we will get more scenes from 02's perspective to show how shes making efforts in the relationship or we will see02 open up.

In general though I really enjoy these two together.

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