What is the opinion of Sup Forums on Terraformars? I personally like this very much. I think it is done pretty well

What is the opinion of Sup Forums on Terraformars? I personally like this very much. I think it is done pretty well.

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Good until they came back to earth.

My wife tells me that she has trouble taking the bugs seriously because they have googley eyes. They are pretty weird, but they cause massive tissue damage and death. I love manga like this where everything is dire and bleak and depressing. Also like Blame, Berserk, Knights of Sidonia, Attack on Titan, GANTZ (all time fav), and Akame ga Kill.

Oh forgot to mention MuvLuv series and Ergo Proxy those are also very good

Gore porn

Most people seem to joke about the bugs in various ways. Anyway the manga is returning from it's hiatus next month or we'll see how the story goes.

Very excited! Love the dramaticism and hopelessness. Adolph story arc was excellent.

Although I would argue that the 2nd Chinese invasion on Mars was the real point of decline. Either way, Earth killed any momentum the story had built up and shelved a number of characters we had gotten invested in, for new ones that are most likely going to job just to let the roaches look good.

I dropped the manga around the time it was revealed earth was already infested with the roaches. I can already predict the ending to this manga where humanity gets ROACH'd as there was a human/roach hybrid baby revealed around where I stopped reading. I felt nothing but despair seeing humans getting killed and then have their animal abilities stolen, maybe I got too heavily invested or I'm just a pussy.

user in a superb series such as this one, it is quite easy to become fully invested emotionally .

accurate portrayal of niggers


Another thing Earth lacked was fights that had sufficient buildup. We got maybe one fight on the plane between owlman and the savior roach, but Mars had built up a lot of good moments and stand-offs between the Humans and Roaches, and even the Humans vs Humans when that became a focus.

Komachi vs Joseph made the latter being a prick for so many chapters worth it just to see him lose to the power of Love, and 40 years of martial arts.

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Just another weird manga I’ve read but thought it was good 7 seeds. It’s emotionally heavy and filled with sorrow and death. I’m not sure why this is considered for young girls.

I've been looking for an opportunity to post to picture for so long

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Yeah I figure the groin kick would hurt the narcissist pervert

It is terrible. Bad animation designs, bad dialog, bad plot. Really bottom barrel everything.

Getting bisected also helped. Fuck Joseph though, I would have preferred it if he just jobbed to the roaches than turn out to be one of the main villains.

user I feel glad to give you the opportunity to post that image of savages

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Sorry but I've still never been satisfied by answer as to why Earth just didn't glass the entire surface of Mars.

Cause shit like "ancient Martian tech too valuable" is the answer than it ain't worth me undropping.

Correlation or causation user?

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Not even gook porn is safe from niggers now?
i want off this ride

We can't glass them because of a retrovirus the martians are spreading on earth so we have to at least gather research samples before we nuke the site from orbit. Problem was, the roaches had already invaded earth and were receiving aid from COSMOS who seeks to achieve some evolutionary perfection as well as gain access to whatever precursor technology is on mars.

Then we realize that Mars is a shitshow, everyone is betraying everyone except Japan, America, and surprisingly Germany. And we return to earth to fight the Martians that had been hiding under the radar and also being hidden by the Chinese.

I see DIO, I know he gets turned into a blood fountain. But the correlation or causation is going over my head and I feel like this is a physics pun now.

Going to be honest with you, it will never going to recover, at last in the west, is dead

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There are many jav where japanese girls get fucked by black men. Its what nips consider degradation porn.

Is like 10 years old, blacked is the 4th most popular genre in japan
not black

Man we had so much fun with the manga discussions back then before they returned to earth, then the manga turned into dbz and the threads became irredeemable

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Don't forget we got the most cancerous translator to ever force their insect fetish onto others.


Why this series gives me the impression that it has some underlying racial themes in the modern society of nowadays?

>not black
user, I ...

wtf i hate japan now
pretty fucking degrading
now what country am i supposed to like?

Well user considering this is not the real timeline it is to be expected. This is a throwaway timeline that needs to be destroyed be being in two places at once.

for the same distinct reason niggers shoot and rape people

I wonder why

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I watched it for the memes but it's literal cuck fantasy shit

The studio did a great job with it. Loved S2 directions and ost

That is pure coincidence, r-right?

7Seeds was awesome. I know someone translated all of the text for the last volumes but I hope the group doing the manga scans wraps it up this year.

>not black
la creatura...

Awesome. You don’t see too many ppl talking about that

It was fun when it was all animorphs and weird character bios.

meant directing* no idea how I messed that up

I'm sure it is

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It's total schlock, but I really love the roaches as antagonists.

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>blacked is the 4th most popular genre in japan


Why is the idol industry so racist

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I don't know if it's the terrible scanlations, that I'm dumb, or that it's just written terribly, but some of the latter chapters are pretty much gibbering to me. They keep talking about shit and plans and all sorts of stuff and I can't understand shit.

This isn't in reference to black though, it's a war anime so they just referenced the most recent major conflict.

Gorilla is a common term for a lot of large japanese southerners, even the word they use for gorilla the animal and in reference to person is different

why lie on the internet? are you trying to make others believe in your own delusions`? pathetic

I guess people of different races can't get along living in peaceful society ;_;

I liked the stupid anime censorship edits.

I think you have shit taste. It's a generic superhero battle shounen with boring, drawn-out, multi-episode fight arcs.

what anime is that?

I wish Hamasaki directed the second season.

>blacked is the 4th most popular genre in japan
Lol. It's not even in the top 10 in America

The manga is alright. The anime is terrible

so this is the sort of thing that is so wrong its funny right?

first maybe 50 chapters was fine, after that fucking garbage.

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Alright until the mess of retardation and shitty political intrigue when they went to Earth

Humanity are the antagonists, stupid.

Wait the actual Martians are alive?
For real?

I loved it to death, at least till the 581735891735 plot twist, and 551958130571 of those plot twists happened in the fight against Joseph, someone spoiler it to me, is he dead already? I'll pick up this series the day someone tell me Jospeh it's already dead.

Probably the dumbest manga I've read in years, but it's a really fun ride with great fights.
Xi best girl.

Manga turned to absolute shit when it went to Earth

Joseph got nearly killed by Komachi, but regenerated due to him stealing Eva's MO Base. Aismov died of exhaustion, Komachi is currently mind controlled by a fringe division of the Chinese government, and we have no idea if Liu is alive. Joseph also has 10 or so Eva clones he got from splitting her into parts.
Romania's government (including Joseph), small parts of China, and Johjs are all working together to some degree.

>Joseph got nearly killed by Komachi, but regenerated due to him stealing Eva's MO Base.
That's precisely where I stopped. I refuse to pick it up again till he's dead for good, oooor till someone already tell me what Rahab is.

They were building up to Rahab right before the manga went on hiatus. We'll probably get a proper explanation soon when it starts back up in April. Joseph looks like he'll be a near-final boss for Akari.

Dropped it after first season.
>heres a character
>we will show some flashbacks then kill it
>then we repeat it in every episode

First season was enjoyable, second season was garbage.

Fun fact: Asians are more racist than whites, they even hate other Asians too!


I found the video. The bad acting is giving me quite the chuckle.


It's like claymore but with men and aliums

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Boku no Pico

cool, dude. how do you know so much? are you an intellectual?

>that second season tone shift

who the fuck that was a good idea