Name me a villain in ALL of anime better

name me a villain in ALL of anime better.

don't worry. i'll wait.

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Easy, M.D Geist.

Not a villain.

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Tough though, only the best of the best are better than Lord Freeza.

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Meh tier villain
OK tier villain (not enough of screentime with him overall)
Great tier villain, actually he is very well humanized, but still sort of evil


The one who was allowed to stay dead and be brought back again and again for a glorified fanfic.

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>died like a bitch
Yeah, nah.

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In terms of recognisability and impact, I don't think there are any.
Frieza's motivations are quite simplistic though. He's basically just evil and sadistic. There are better written villains, but Frieza was perfect for a shounen manga like Dragon Ball.

>Well written
The best anime are garbage compared to just decent books and above-average movies.

Z a m a s u


Get ready for Z Fighter Frieza when he gets wished back

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How about book adaptations?

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He was a great villain, till Super
At this point, even fat Buu is better than him

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Madara Uchiha. And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Madara Uchiha. I'm talking about Yami Madara Uchiha with all Millennium Items, summoning Holatice the Creator of Light while entrusting his fate to the heart of the cards.

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Explain why you believe the writing in Texhnolyze is garbage.

Genuinely the best adaptation of the book.


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>Explain why you believe the writing in Texhnolyze is garbage.
It's literally about how garbage is human's life and their search for trascendence

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Don't you mean how humans erroneously thought their lives were garbage but find out too late that maybe transcendence wasn't such a great idea after all.

In any case, well played.

I used to think this too until I realized all I had ever watched was shounen-shit based on manga intended to be milked for as long as possible.
Try moving away from battle shit and look towards experimental series, dramas and suspense.

Anime is less repetitive even than above average movies. Sure James Bond can be interesting but after 10 james bonds you get kinda tired.

Books are often better than all forms of visual and sound medium. That's why fate VN is better than fate animes.

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>saved almost everyone in the last season
doesn't compute

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>anime is less repetitive than above average movies

What does that even mean?
Even to use your example of James Bond, explain how the James Bond series is less repetitive than god knows how many episodes of Naruto or Bleach or something with a comparably stupid number of episodes.

>but after 10 james bonds you get kinda tired
Casino Royale is literally the best Bond film and it was the 20th film. Also the franchise was a series of books originally.

>Books are often better than all forms of visual and sound medium. That's why fate VN is better than fate animes.
>Visual Novel
>not a visual medium


Explain how it is more repetitive, rather.

We can argue anime versus movies, but there are extremes in both categories so it would be better to just compare the best.

Madara Uchia just wanted everyone to live in a Utopian world of their creation for eternity. He had to endure endless loss in a flawed world from his only real friend to his brother. His friend tried to convince him death was destined to happen and that the only response was to attempt to vest super weapons in every nation as a deterrent (which ultimately didn't work and led to even more war). He sought power not for its sake, but for the sake of the future he thought was possible. Madara did evil things in an attempt to end all evil for eternity.

And in the end all of the evil he committed was for nothing, as his ancestors had lied to him. The Uchia tablet he derived all of his knowledge from, the tablet from which he constructed his New World View was altered and turned into a lie. He fought furiously for a world that couldn't exist. His very existence is a tragedy. All he wanted was peace.

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Kek has spoken

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king bradley did nuffin wrong

>shonen battle villain
Back to your containment thread, Pablo.

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Geist is beyond hero and villain.

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fuck no

Well he is certainly cooler

>Not even posting a good shonen villain

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>he fell for the books are better meme
no art
no animation
no music
no voices
so much better


>It has the word "novel" in it so it's a book
>Fate is literature

Not having all those things mean you just have to be good at writing to make a good book. While with anime there are too many things that could go wrong and more often than not they do. And ironically the thing they screw more often is writing.

But that's the multiverses greatest hero.

Emperor Zule from God Mars comes to mind.

Soo-won from Akatsuki no Yona
That Heart of Darkness guy from Suisei no Gargantia

el hermano

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plenty of kino anime

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Hao Asakura

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>based on a book
That's cheating but they still screw last year adaptation.

do you have any idea how many godawful books there are?

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If he was that good why he died?
But seriously I miss him

95% of books are absolute garbage and always rely on gimmicky writting styles
Movies are restricted to 2-4 hours. Most movies only have time to portray the message it wants to tell, and they don't bother with characterization, world building etc. (like Tarkovsky and Kubrick)

El Grande Padre.

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Stop watching shonenshit and talk again faggot.

>No Meruem.

Typical, remain pleb Sup Forums Never change.

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He ain't a villian, little man.

>evil and sadistic
Don't forget cowardly, that's also one of his defining traits.

He's supposed to be the most powerful being in the universe, but he constantly hides behind his underlings. He's only a sadist to people who are too weak to fight back; he killed almost an entire race that posed no immediate threat to him, because he was pants-shittingly terrified at the thought of one day having to fight a super saiyan.

an unsung hero, based as fuck

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This guy was so smart, he somehow got a copy of his own manga's script beforehand so he could plan accordingly.

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