Why does she have antlers if she is a girl?

Why does she have antlers if she is a girl?

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Can you prove she's a girl?

she's a boy (girl (boy))

just like lion

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Their forms are affected by the cultural sphere they manifest in via sandstar, ie they take influence based on what's most iconic for the animal in that region
That's why you have wile e coyote version of coyote and why american eagle is a walking/flying freedom meme

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That one is so fucking good.

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I never watched KF, but I fapped to this doujin 3 times already.

All Friends are girls doesn't matter the gender of the original animal.

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I think Moose is the most beautiful Friend. I love her long dark voluminous hair. She's got me looking out for it in real life.

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For totsugeki.


it's good

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I think Hippo is the most attractive.

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For me, Kaban is the most beautiful.

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Why is Jaguar so beautiful?

I will always admire the Japanese for their creativity



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life finds a way

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the doujin responsible for killing kemono friends

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I want them to bully me with their abs

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Best Pairing

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It is quite good.

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Serval is dead!

Everyone is dead.

>took less than 20 minutes
I'm proud of you anons. Best KF doujin out there.

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It was only a year ago that this question was asked and answered. Somuch has changed in so little time.

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Because Moose is a strong breeder!


anyone else mad at the names of the penguins when they announced their album
also how long untill its up on youtube

The antlers are actually her hairs.

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She used to be a male before being hit by Sandstar. Lion and Emperor penguin were males as well.

Why does she is so fucking kind if she is a fucking jaguar?

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>The antlers are actually her hairs.

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Gap moe.

I miss Serval.

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What is happening there?

Reminder that wolves can kill moose, and Jaguars can kill wolves so Jag is stronger than Moose

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Moose is taking advantage of Jag's naivety.

Why is she so naive?
Why is she so hot?

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You answered the second question with the first.

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Jaguars literally make the entire jungle biome their bitch. God tier on land, god tier in water, god tier in trees.

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>That feel when no Jaguar tribal waife

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>Sexy Jaguar with tit implants dakimakura but no sexy Moose dakimakura

Japan you disappoint me

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Ooh boy

Aren't there like only two darker skinned Friends?

Moose (male)

Why does she have a backpack if she's a hat?

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We see her leaving without the hat in the last episode.

That's her form of reproduction.

>>If a bull moose is castrated, he will shed his current set of antlers and grow new, deformed and misshapen antlers which will never be shed again. These antlers are often called "devil's antlers" and are the source of several Native American myths. In rare cases, cow moose may grow antlers due to a hormone imbalance.

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Cutest couple right here

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what species would their offspring be?
implying they could mate, that is

Tell me about Atlantic Puffin. Why does she eat the chips? I don't get the nature significance with having her eat chips since real puffins don't eat chips.

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forced foody friend moe maybe
she a cute

>wolves can kill moose

Is Jaguar strong enough to defeat the dick?

Wolves hunt in packs, arisen.

i dont even remember the last time we've had a KF thread on Sup Forums

do you think we'll ever have one again in the future?

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What about a pack of Wolves vs a Jaguar?

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>All this love for Moose, Jaguar, and Lion
>Black Bear almost never gets any
It isn't fair

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We can have them everyday starting today from now on if we want too.

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Literally who

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Black Bear is used goods

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Please. You know why we can't do that.

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Don't talk about the Japari park oneesan that way

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Im pretty sure a jaguar could fight a pack of wolves. Moose go into water to deter wolves from attacking but jaguars are effective in water and also have sharper teeth and claws that dogs don't have. Wolves can't really swipe at range and do damage like a jaguar can.

Jaguar may wakaran, but she also wakaROCKS.

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The mods didn't kill us. We kept making threads even after they were deleting them. No, the threads stopped because we couldn't love the show anymore because of what was going on at the time. The threads will return as our love for KF returns.

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The mods didn't kill us. But after what happened we're practically dead
Too many bitter memories, it's better we show our love only once in awhile, to remember the good times.

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She's a fat piggy from all her child rearing!

To hold onto her better.


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Prairie beaver.

Now I'm actually thinking what a prairie beaver animal would be like.

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I'm skeptical, but I want to hear your reasoning

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Will we ever see her again, Sup Forums?

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Fucking Cougars can't stand a fight vs 3 wolves. I know Jaguars are stronger fighters but a pack it's just too much for even bisons.

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Jaguars have been making all the biomes they were in their bitch since the Ice age according to fossil records.

That is why jaguars are the best feline, or one of the best, with house cats, which domesticate themselves for easy rodent food when humans started doing agriculture.

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This, really. That one mod was just beating a dead horse with a stick, and if anything, kept the threads around longer since we kept making them just to spite the faggot. No, we were dead after the whole fiasco. Even Tatsuki moved on. Also while I'm on the subject of Tatsuki, since when was he a she?

Oh, you're still around?
He's either the guy that scanned it, or the guy that posted his dick here right after. Or maybe both. Either way, you'll always see him bring out the "monkey paw" argument whenever anyone blames that doujin for killing the franchise.

i don't really have a response I was just shitposting and its a well made doujin imo

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I wish I had watched this with Sup Forums when it was airing.

mama bear gonna take good care of you

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Its a meme because after weeks of waiting for it, it was scanned and dumped the day before tatsukis tweet. We were punished for our lust.

Disregard this. I’m a friend who’s not good at reading comprehension

I guess Moose's buddy is an extinct Friend now

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That's no puffy vulva.

On one hand, it's their own damned fault for being an unfit species, on the other hand I know that it's because of a specific kind of people that these rhinos were hunted to extinction. Unlike the passenger pigeon though, rhinos are a really unsuccessful species even without human intervention.


There's a southern variety as well.
But also this.
Fuck species that literally have difficulty mating.

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So her eyes get's updated?


Why does MMD amateurs make better OPs than the hack who got fired?


Let's see them make 12 episodes with the budget of a ham sandwich in 2 weeks.

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