ITT: Characters that deserved better

ITT: Characters that deserved better

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If he really was so good at his job his universe's mortal level would have been in the top half.

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This. Pennywise had a hard life.

She's a far eastern asian though

He was trying something revolutionary. He was making his universe entirely self sufficient so that the justicefags could do his job instead while he relaxed and honked his nose.

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Black and Zamasu. Entertaining as fuck villains trapped in one of the worst anime I've ever seen.

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One of the last movies.

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This but including Jiren as well.

>Easily won the tournament if he just made Jiren and Toppo whack everyone asap.
>Instead lets Goku grind exp
He deserves to be erased

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I'd say me, but I know me and no I don't.

Basically this.

He literally told jiren to do it several times but jiren ignored him

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best written character in db universe that we'll never see again. His Arc was a shit show but honestly one of my favorite villains. Watching it with Sup Forums was fun

Beta attractor field Rintarou experienced unimaginable suffering
>the universe forces him to kill his own girlfriend as punishment for playing with space and time
>World War III kills 5.7 billion and only he can save them
>can't share his pain with his friends, have to bear it all himself
>in the future he gets tortured by StratFor
>will never reunite with his true love

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>best written character in db universe

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It was in the top half, he ranked fifth out of twelve. Only the top third were exempt.

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>One of the best members of Dance Class
>Wins a trip to L.A
>Trains a lot
>Comes back to Nippon
>Leaves again
>Trains around the world
>Comes back to Nippon
>Still can't become Dance Class' S4

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who is better written than he is?

Fucking Rest In Peace

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He's gonna win it. If U7 was gonna win it they would have in 130.
Ayy lmao will win it and wish everyone back after seeing the error of his ways.

Any character Zamasu and Black are fanfic tier shit.

>dies in the novel

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pure kino

>I hate ningens but I need the ningen monkey body since it's clearly superior
him and rosefags are a fucking joke