Was he autistic?

Was he autistic?

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A little

Five (5) cute facts about Towa:

1. She is a cute!
2. She is mai Kisekifu!
3. I love her!
4. Towa!

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You can't just call anyone that has any issues with communication autistic, user. He definitely was not if you ask me. Just depressed.

Estelle a shit.
Tita a BEST

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What would you rather have, a Tokyo Xanadu OVA series or a CS1 OVA series?

Keep in mind it would be absolutely terrible either way.

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CS1 but just animate the fights, almost all of the TX fights were against random big monsters.
I wish the games could at least get a ufo animated op.


Yeah. Most trans girls are.

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Need more Sora crew confirmations for Sen IV, Renne isn't enough.

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Schera will probably be there, i want Richard and Arios.

>oh btw schera is drinking with sara at the other side of the town, which you can't access
I hate falcom so much

Now that her boyfriend is possibly dead she'll probably show up.
Estelle and Joshua might show up as well considering Renne is here.

While admittedly hilarious, this webm will never not make me angry.

agate is a good character but he's too old for tita.

being trained as an assasin from youth might stunt you emotionally

>CS1 but just animate the fights
Honestly, seeing some S breaks animated alone would be rad

What the fuck, I'm playing SC right now.
There are never Trails threads on Sup Forums. This is freaking me out.

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>I'm playing SC right now
I hope you're having a fun time user

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They're infrequent, let dependable. We will just never figure out if Joshua was autistic or not.

Enjoy the ride and take it easy, user.

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To be fair, the most Sup Forums related parts are mostly supplemental materials.

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Holy shit, i only fell for the meme of playing these games and that's where this webm came from.

I just started FC on nightmare thinking I'll be fine after playing CS2 NG on nightmare but this first few random encounter fights is destroying me.

I was not prepared for this.

I guess CS2 was just holding back

>That feel when Xseed hasn't translated Azure and Zero

Made me smile user

Is there a collage of holding back dialogues for CS2? I saw the CS1 already.

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Hopefully NISA or Aksys do them instead. I want the original audio.

Decent fan translations will come eventually

Make Olivier great again, Kondom

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I havent seen one anyway. I wish i'd kept an eye out for them during my PC playthrough, they have some all time classics

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New Falcom Gakuen
Why isn't Emma shipping Crow/Rean though

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Tried watching OVA, it was as awful as I thought it would be.

Remember not to drop the soap agate

How long until someone takes their hand in marriage

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>See trails threads
>Wish to participate in discussion because I played all the ports of the Trails in the Sky trilogy last year and just finished up Cold Steel 2 recently

I'm afraid of spoilers for Crossbell arc and Cold Steel 3, but fuck it, I love these games.

But user, how can she be best when Anelace exists?

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The only thing that you should know is that the Nu-Class VII is unironically miles better and more fun than the Rean's old class.

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I am certainly looking forward to them, they all seem like interesting characters. Especially pinkie, because tonfas are cool.

It'd be a struggle to pick up the pieces though.

Juna is just some dumb bimbo
Ash and Altina are the true MVPs of Nu-Class VII
Kurt is a cool dude
Dad Rean is best Rean
I want to fuck Musse

>I want to fuck Musse


Altina didn't really impress me in CS2. Still, it's gonna be interesting to see Rean being the team dad instead of the team leader. How's that gonna work, actually? Is he just going to be involved in all of their fights, or will there be sections where Rean isn't in the party?

>will there be sections where Rean isn't in the party?

Also Altina is #1 daughterfu.

Having a smaller main cast lets them develop better. Altina especially benefits from it and ends up being a much better character in 3 compared to 2. The dad roll works a lot better for Rean too.

I doubt she could be better than Millium, user. Millium's pretty great. That said I'm not looking forward to going up against her, assuming you do fight the Ironbloods in 3.

Yeah, I can definitely see Rean in an instructor role, he's always seemed the type. CS1 managed to make me care about the entire class. Even Alisa, who I really disliked at first, grew on me in chapter 3. So with more time to focus on the smaller cast I'm sure by the end of the game I'll care about Nu-Class VII a fuckton.

Music-wise, I hope they've got a track that's on the same level as The Decisive Collision/Blue Destination.

Every time I see this thread, I always tell myself to finish SC and CS but I never do.

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Finish 'em, fucker.

Fie has a cute tummy. Needs to be licked and loved.

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But their scene in chapter 6 was top notch.

The leaked beta fan translation of Zero is decent, sometimes there are awkward sentences where you have to think for a second to understand what they actually mean. The translation is currently being edited at 60% done with a ~10% progression every two months or so. The Ao translation is currently done and being edited at a much faster pace than Zero from another team.

I'd say it's almost certain that Schera, Estelle, and Joshua all show up. All three were stated to be in the country/trying to get into the country in Sen III.

Schera will probably be shown pretty early in the last game if I had to guess. Joshua and Estelle will probably show up as typical last second saviors for some forced drama fight with the excuse that Joshua had to get them around border patrol or whatever.

I should probably get around to playing 3rd one of these days.

Same here

She needs more art

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Absolutely. She was a mainstay of my party in the 3rd, and I think she's underappreciated.

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Just finished the Liberl arc and I loved it to death, and now I'm on Zero. Am I the only one who thinks it's much worse? The music isn't as good, the characters aren't as good, and Lloyd is so boring compared to Estelle.

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>reading the manga now
What a nice discovery. Wish there were more chapters, though.

At the very least, I loved Zero a bit more than I enjoyed FC. I imagine Ao will fulfill a lot of the arcs that started in Zero much like how SC compliments a lot of the stuff in FC.
Plus I might be gay for Randy.

I will however give you the music part, I can only remember around 5-6 tracks from Zero that I really liked while I can remember a bevy of tunes from Liberl.

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Wait, there's a manga?

Are these games worth seeing through?
Played about 15 hours of the first and I think it's one of the most "okay" game I've ever played. Combat, characters, quests and music are all decent and I don't mind playing it at all, but so far I don't feel like it really excels enough in any department that it's drawing me in.

What chapter are you on? I felt the same way about the game until I hit the third town and I sucked into it and went off to play the rest of the series afterwards.

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, also yes.

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Just finished chapter 1, so I guess that's only the second major town I've gone through.

Yeah, I can admit to not feeling too strongly about the game that far in, I'd say keep going for a bit longer.

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Guess I'll keep going for at least another chapter and see how it goes. Thanks.

I was conflicted between Towa and Sara during Cold Steel 1 and I ultimately picked Towa, but CS2 convinced me to switch to Sara. She truly is best girl.

Zeiss was a fun time. I remember spending an afternoon just blitzing through Chapter 3. You got to it in an interesting way, Tita's always adorable, there was the whole thing at Leiston, and it's the centre of orbment research for Liberl.

Aside from the whole Jenis Academy part, Ruan was amazing for me. I fell in love with the game there, cliffside-sea paths are a weakness of mine.

It's a slow, slow burner. You're right in that it doesn't really excel at anything in particular (everything being at least alright, though I really liked the music after a while), but it has a way of sucking you into its world and story, plus the characters (even though they start off quite archetypal) really grow through the two games.
I think I was just about finishing chapter 2 of FC when I realized that I'm actually enjoying the cheesy dialogue and quests. Also, FC serves mostly to set up the setting and characters through innocuous questing, which lets SC really unfold the grand plot without being bogged down.

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Oh yeah, Bose to Ruan is where the game really picks up, I think. Bose is a kind of generic rocky mountainous region and you don't really delve deep into the region while you're there in FC. But when you're coming down from the Krone Trail and you see that cutscene where Estelle sees the ocean for the first time, that's where it starts getting magical.

Falcom's done more to endear me to settings and characters than any other developer, I think.

How do Ao and Zero handle Orbments? 'cause I remember being a bit miffed that Cold Steel changed the orbment system from Sky so that instead of setting enough elemental quartz in to cast spells, the spells themselves are a type of orbment. I feel like Lines became less meaningful that way.

Haven't gotten to Ao yet but the orbment line and orbment count system still exists, although the EP count in Zero is so low that I mostly relied on crafts and general stat boosting quartz instead of using too many spells.

all tita did was to sisterzoned along with elise.

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All of the younger girls in Trails either get sisterzoned or have a tragic past. I'd say Tita's lucky.

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Give back Crossbell

Everything in trails is leading up to SC where shit hits the fan multiple times, starting from the last few moments of FC. And it's honestly, worth it, people don't make games like Trails anymore where the story is long enough to flesh out the first half, then go rails off in the second. Dont get me wrong though, I enjoyed FC plenty watching Joshua and Estelle's comfy adventure and their budding relationship.

Just do yourself a favor and remember to patch it the evo voice tracks if you're playing on PC, it really adds to the game

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Did he deserve it?

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Should we tell him anons?

the few seconds animated in the CS3 op looked pretty good, so the later.

Please don't tell me anything major, I'm ever so looking forward to finding out for myself and wrecking Osborne's shit.

I've never been madder than when I found out he was playing us for an entire fucking game.

I honestly didn't like the animated opening. OP2 however, that I did like.

Emma dies and Machias is the grand master

There's absolutely no fucking way any more members of Class VII are traitors, user, don't think you can deceive me. Machias is too bro for that.

>they animate magical girl alisa instead

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Yeah, he deserves Rean.

Alisa is fucking cute, no complaints here.

Obviously he's wrong except for the fact that a ton of named characters die and a few end up being traitors. I think CS3 has the highest named character body count so far. Oh and there is a CS4.

Juna pls, you clearly want the Vander currency deposited in your IBC.

Rean just wants a headpat from him.

that's so erebonian.

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Kondo: *laughs*

Do you dread his laugh anons?

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But Alisa is worst girl though.

who cares when you have explosive fishing?

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Every enforcer is on the spectrum

Really? Walter and Luciola never seemed that off-kilter.

walter is a fighting autist, got nothing on luciola.