I woke up this morning and my Korbo was looking like this

I woke up this morning and my Korbo was looking like this.
Wat do Sup Forums?

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Give her apples and cider


Thank's /an/.

get some food

she needs vitamins, i would suggest a suppository dosage

Did she get into the chocolate?!?!

Release season 3

i'm sorry but it's too late, you ever see see old yeller?

Do you take your wolfgirl to the vet or the doctor?
Or are there specialized animal girl doctors like there are horse doctors?

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stick your dick in it


Get her some Menudo

My Korbo's shits have been explosive lately, wat do?

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I liked Spice and Wolf until I realized that you'd just die and she'd forget about you and move on.

I liked life until I realized that you just die and everyone forgets you and moves on.

A fucking leaf.

They had an immortal kid, it's the indirect way of making Holo never forget about Lawrence.


I didn't know she was immortal, works out in the end I suppose.

Wolf Children asked this exact question and we never got an answer.

She is human anatomy besides the tail and ears, so regular doctor.

How many ears?


Go to the local stock exchange and bet against the market today, due to the recent devaluation of currency.
Paleo-capitalist economies perk wolfgirls right. up.

While we're on the topic, would they have Estrous or Menstrual Cycles? I mean all mammals except for humans have estrous cycles, but what would demihumans have?

I raped her and my cum is poisonous

She'll be fine

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She's 98% human so I'd wager a doctor would be better.

Being a magical goddess is probably a bigger problem honestly.