Is this an age-appropriate outfit?

Is this an age-appropriate outfit?

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Depends how old she is.

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Easier to have anal, so yes.

For anal

>he cares about age

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Listen, like, I'm seriously not trying to be an ass, but if you're bothered by this kind of thing you really should avoid Sup Forums. It's for you're own good.

It's bad, dude.

[spoilers]I'm unironically a lolicon too[/spoiler]

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Nigga what the fuck are you doing


>iori thread
>with that filename
>thinking hes serious

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Can you read?

Fuck did I get bamboozled again

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Alisa has the best fashion sense

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Yeah, 15-year-olds are practically old hags, and almost at the end of their idol careers. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to survive in the business.

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Fixed it

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Easy butt access.


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She's 18 though

Kill yourselves, please

No need to be so anal about a meme.

Jokes on you, that only makes me harder.

We know, mohammed

>Tfw no childhood trauma survivor Russian qt gf

Butt hurt much?