Why is saber always considered 'the strongest servant'? I mean yeah, she can fuck me up good...

Why is saber always considered 'the strongest servant'? I mean yeah, she can fuck me up good, but why does everyone think she's stronger than everyone else? Where are people like Kerry and Rin getting their metrics? What even are their metrics?

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The strongest class, not the strongest servant.

She's King Arthur. Basically the only one with more of an attachment to the Holy Grail would be Jesus himself.

Okay, but says who?

>Jesus gets summoned for the war

reasonable success rate in the prior wars

Saber Class is boasted as the strongest class as it is the most versatile and can be matched well against each of the other classes. That does not necessarily mean that the Saber class Servant is guaranteed to be the strongest Servant summoned in a Grail War. This is evident with Gilgamesh, whom is objectively the most powerful Servant in the Nasuverse even though he's an Archer.

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Because "lol sword beam XD" is the strongest noble phantasm since you can't plor armor bullshit your way out of it by saying "fuck you i'm the protagonist" to the rules.

She could finish every fucking servant with it if she had the mana.

Excalibur is a weapon created by the planet itself to fight aliens, Avalon protects from everything, put them together and you’ve got both the ultimate offense and defense.

Watching the first fate and going in order, does shirou stop being a white knight faggot spamming SABER anytime soon?


Because she's the cutest. Cuteness = power.

Couldn't he be a Saber if he wanted

because she is the cutest servant

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She can't beat Hercules though


the ones who set the ritual up and rigged the entire thing

Because japan likes swords and beams and Saber does the sword beams so it prints money.
It's not rocket science.

>Watching the first fate and going in order

I want to stop being a filthy secondary guide

>Kara no Kyoukai (Boundary of Emptiness)

Kara no Kyoukai: the Garden of sinners

Kara no Kyoukai: the Garden of oblivion

>Tsukihime (Lunar Legend Moon Princess)

Tsukihime: Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air

Tsukihime Plus+Disc: Alliance of Illusionary Eyes

Tsukihime Fun Disc - Kagetsu Tohya: Twilight Grass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess

Shingetsutan Tsukihime manga (only covers Arc's route)


Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night Réalta Nua

Fate/hollow ataraxia


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I am able to read Fate SN cause there's voice acting but I cannot read more than 5 pages of Tsukihime VN without getting vored. Advice?

How did you survive getting eaten?

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Saber class contains most of the top tier heroes from mythology. Among this elite class, King Arthur is among the very best.

Arthur in Fate is even more exceptional due to basically being a dragon, possessing the Instinct/Intuition skill, and wielding Excalibur. Excalibur is one of a handful of weapons that can just fuck anyone and anything up without needing a special set-up.

With all that said, it's important to remember that every Servant is a hero who overcame the odds in their lifetime and accomplished the impossible. There's always a path for victory, even against King Arthur.

>Seibah is a dragon
Is this explained in the VN? There's no way such a cute girl could be a mean dragon

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Everything is explained in FSN and FHA

Yes. Saber is a dragon because Uther had Merlin perform a ritual to imbue his child with a dragon soul. So Saber produces extreme amounts of magical energy just by being alive. It's what lets her Mana Burst. Without her using Mana Burst and her Dragon Magic, Saber is no different from any other 14 year old Welsh girl.

True, but Saber Alter did beat every one in Singularity F, including Herc.

I can't remember how many lives Excaliblast will take from God Hand but from what I can remember, it takes a few of it or most of it(?)

Saber Alter had the power of the grail though, didn't she? That's alot of power to juice up her Excaliblast.

I'm not too sure how many lives a single blast takes away.

This game sounds poorly balanced if one class is so objectively best. Would leave negative steam review.

>Gets killed by Redman in a tons of bad endings in HA
Ummmmm Saber fags????

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Oh yeah I forgot about the Grail, even though she's somewhat like a Turtle, if she had the Grail buff then she'll definitely wreck all the Servants in the 5th.

Kiritsugu's origin bullet would kill saber, you can't prove me wrong

4th HGW Kiritsugu or Servant Kiritsugu?

4th has no chance without Avalon and you know it.
Servant Kiritsugu is also unbeatable in 1v1 matches.

I meant to say "Almost" not "Also".

You can't summon real Jesus he's too busy with Akasha. You can summon the legend of Jesus but only if you really, REALLY fucked up.

The "game" was set up for two reasons:

1. As a nigerian prince scheme for the throne of heroes to send them obscenely dense sacrifices the mages could use to regain true magic.

2. As a way for the three main families to cheat a bunch of suckers into thinking they could get a wish when really they would get the shitty cavalry classes and be at an extreme disadvantage while the 3 main families try to cheat each other for their own personal agendas.

So yeah it was never ever intended to be balanced and if the Einzberns weren't absolute retards it would have worked out for them too.

By default its requirement is high stats meaning aside from cheaters like Nero you're at minimum getting a solid servant. Following that a lot of specific high quality heroes will fall under the class definition so you have a good chance at getting a solid pick. Lastly it's because you can try to rock the war with a gimmick servant that has indirect attacks or assassination techniques but at the end of the day if you can just level a city with a giant beam then what does it matter if you have stealth +5. Outside of that Knight Classes in general are considered your best shot at winning, I mean if you get Karna or Gil there's a good chance you're winning the war.

Saber herself seems weak but she's considered one of the top of the class and we get misled by her being held back in the two grail wars we've seen kind of like how Cu never lives up to his potential or Gil just jobs. Outside of the original works with the power display there she could have very well swept her wars except for Gil quite handily.

She has the strongest NP. The only reason why might seems weak is because Shirou is a shitty master who couldn't provide her with enough magical energy.

Jesus by default has the holy grail, THE holy grail, not some imitation.
Nasu himself said that Jesus would not answer the call if someone tried to summon him. Which makes sense because he is a man of peace.

The imitation can surpass the original
t. Shirou

What if you summon him for peace?

He's the son of God. Is not going to answer the call, and the only way you could see him would be that he chooses to appear, just like Buddha does. But you wouldn't be able to summon him.

EA is straight up stronger then Excaliber.

He means Avalon.

Buddha answered the call to show compassion and teach Twice that his mistakes would lead to more suffering, Jesus is slacking.

Avalon's pretty strong, but I wouldn't call it the strongest. It's just regeneration and shunting things into an alternate universe.

The first time she used it against Gil it jobbed. The only time in anime I saw it being used in all it's OP glory was against Zero Caster's Not-Cthulhu form. I dunno if she had a chance to do it during UBW or HF (although that would be Excalibur Morgan).

She uses it during the Fate route, against Medusa and Gil, and during UBW, against the Grail.

No. Shirou's main trait is that he'll never let anyone change his ways ever. He'll always white knight girls no matter their status, power level or consent. He cannot bear seeing a girl in battle even if it's fucking King Arthur.

"Art thou my master?"
"Dayummm girl, ain't seen many like you round Compton. That's some nice hair and shit, that a weave?"
"Zounds, thou art a Nubian! How came you from the dark continent?"
"Say what? Look atchoo, talkin' all like Shakeanbake and shit. That's coo', that's coo'. I hear that."
"This land be twixt foul and fair, who buildeth towers to peak through the blanket of clouds, yet the streets below Nubians unyolk'd runneth over."
"Aiiight, aiiight, I can tell you ain't from round here. You want me to show you round or somfin'? Me an my boys –"
"I'll away to find my master, only heeding his say shalt mine confusion repurpose."
"Aiyo, you leavin' already? Come on baby, come here ..."
"Hold! Hold! Fly from here, your bound's o'erstepped. Your eyes shall see not my keen blade afore it calls you to account."
"What is that, a sword? Aw come on baby, put it down fore you hurt choself ..."
"Fie! Away!"
"I ain't gon' do nothing you don't want me to ... let's get all this armor offa you, shorty."
"I bid you stay thine huge lips ..."
"Don't choo like this? I think you like this ..."
"Forsooth ..."
"Aww yeahhh ..."
"HARK! What pain through yonder hymen breaks?"
"Damn, you tight as hay-ell, bitch! This some tight-ass pussy!"
"Uh! Yeah! Yeah! Ugh!"
"O, thine lance be long ..."
"Uh! Uh! Uh!
"O Nubian! Nubian!"


In a meta level. Jesus would be an insta win, it makes sense he doesn't appear. In the context of the story, he is not going to participate in a conflict, and he will help others in his own way.

>Saber is the fucking Dohvahkiin

Just Fus Ro Dah my shit up, senpai.

Saver Class only descends when somebody will destroy the world without learning a valuable lesson from them.

I would've liked the series spending more time stablishing Artoria's strength before sending her in a one way trip to jobberdom.

Mordred got better treatment in that regard, she got to boss around like a mofo during first half of Apocrypha and for a moment she felt like a credible threat for her oponents. I never got that vibe from the King of Knights even when she is canonically stronger than the Knight of Treachery.

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Don't tell me you're not linking the definitive version of SN, being the RN updated version with voices and shit but with the h-scenes?

Disregard this.

She did not have the power of the Grail, she had master with infinite mana supply so she could go all out without having to worry about mana, something that Arturia could not. Saber Alter's Caliba is by default stronger than normal Caliba.

Pretty evident by how corrupted Herc got one shot by Shirou because he got stronger but less enduring instead.

Well the mistake in that case was summoning her as Saber instead of Lancer Alter, the matured King that holds nothing in reserve.

I think user is talking about Singularity F in the FGO mobage. There Saver Alter absorbed the power of the Grail, stomped every other Servant and corrupted then into her personal army. Caster Cu was the only one able to escape.

>Singularity F

Shirou would've died when he was killed if Artoria Lancer was summoned instead

>Singularity F

That makes Mashu stronger than Gilgamesh because she can tank Alturia and he cant tank Arturia so fuck that canon.

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It's the only canon where Arturia is finally shown to be as strong as everyone says she is so I like it.

>Watching the first fate
Oh shit nigger what are you doing
Everyone pretends DEEN's Fate doesn't exist for a reason

It's not that bad.

But he had Avalon inside him from before summoning.

Agree, its just too long for a vanilla love overcomes all series.

It really is, especially when compared to Ufotable's adaptations. The OST is its sole saving grace from how badly it butchers the story.

The animation is really bad. The fights are more like flashing lights than actual fights.

>implying Ufotable's adaptations don't butcher the story as well

Only the Sakura arc felt misplaced but otherwise it's a generally dry adaptation of the Fate route.

They're not perfect, but ufo's adaptations have been generally well-handled.

They aren't perfect, but they are nowhere near as bad as DEEN's abomination. They actually stick to the route they're adapting for starters.

How long until they animate FGO so I can see Saber Alter in Shinjuku and Saber Alter Lilly when?

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I'm not gonna pretend I liked ufotable UBW, but at the very least it looks pretty all the way through. Can't say that about DEEN.

Saber shouldn't be that well-endowed.

Takeuchi has been drawing her mid-size consistently for years now. She's sometimes drawn bigger than Rin even.

Yeah but it's not unanimous, there are people that say just watching it the order released is ok/better so I thought to form my own opinion.

Just that this mc drives me fucking insane so far each time he says say-bah or gets stabbed getting ambushed/failed rescue attempts

What's wrong with ufotable UBW?

Not much, I just wish the pacing would've been faster. We didn't need 2 episodes of Shirou vs Archer for instance.

Didnt need a whole episode of Shirou talking to Gil inside UBW either.

>watching it in release order
READING IT in release order. Everyone recommends one of these:
>Read F/SN VN > Watch Zero (what you should do)
>Watch Zero > Watch UBW (outdated now)
>Watch UBW > Watch HF > Watch Zero (what you should do if you can't even read a VN)
Please just drop that shitty adaptation right now, and honestly just go and read the VN. Shirou is fucking based and DEEN butchering his character as hard as it does is its worst sin.

1st, strongest class, not servant. Saber has good track record in the previous wars, always ending up top 3.

2. Its Rin's opinion

Why not?

I'm too much of a retard to put it into real words, but the general gist of it is that I don't think the anime format did Shirou's character justice. In the VN we've heard him bitching all throughout Fate and he's been having monologue after monologue in both routes, but it just doesn't translate the same way in the adaptation. I came out loving Shirou & Redman, but when it aired I noticed some friends of mine who didn't read the VN couldn't really understand Shirou.

>Shirou is fucking based and DEEN butchering his character as hard as it does is its worst sin.

How did DEEN and UFO butcher Shirou?

Are the animated adaptions of Fate that bad?

Saber is a horrible container for him. He sacrifice a very high rank into Independent Action for the bare minimum handout given by the Saber class container (E rank Riding/Magic Resistance).

DEEN: Saber is main character, fuck the ginger retard

Ufo: Fanservice fanservice fanservice. Important monologue? Fuck it, lets add more fanservice instead.

Because you have an autist talking to himself and king of jobbers apparently just stood there and listened to it all patiently.

>Saber is a horrible container for him

Zasshu, ProtoGil has bested ProtoArthur in a melee combat.

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>Are the animated adaptions of Fate that bad?
Pretty much. Fate/stay night as a story just doesn't work in anime format, no matter how hard they try. Fate/Zero is the only Fate adaptation that was done well, and even it fucked up near the end.
There's a reason why we have these "read the fucking VN" arguments all day every day, and the few that actually do follow the advice end up almost always agreeing with it.

Not him but a large part of the VN is spent on Shirou having inner conflicts/monologues. In UBW/HF especially the monologues are really important because you get to see Shirou questioning his ideals constantly.

ProtoGil is Arhcer too, your point?
If ProtoGil is already good enough as Archer in close combat to beat Arthur, why nerf his great parts to make him barely better at it for no reason?

She's Galahad though, it turned a power level matchup into a conceptual matchup where she has a pretty big advantage. She has a skill that operate suspiciously similar to Avalon

>Following how it is called "hazy," the target temporarily shifts out of the time axis to avoid an attack.
>If the rank was higher, attacks from a higher order dimension could also be ignored. That principle is close to a certain defensive self-targeted Noble Phantasm.

The point is that he gains literally 0 benefit from switching container to Saber, because he simply doesn't make use of the class skill. His magic resistance is E as an Archer, the bare minimum handout given for the class, switching to Saber, its still going to be E. Riding as well, he doesn't have any legend regarding riding mythical beasts or the like, that's why he doesn't have Riding as an Archer, switching to Saber, its going to be the absolute minimum handout rank of E again. Meanwhile, he's sacrificing IA which gets boosted by the Archer class container

What fan-service are you talking that is in the Ufo version?

Fortunately this seems to exclusively apply to Fate/Stay Night. Other works best for the Fate franchise seem to do better as anime. Apocrypha triggers purists but as a regular anime is decently done and is enjoyable.

Wasnt she protecting Guda with the Lord Chaldea though, unless you imply here that anything in the radius of the Lord Chaldea gets shifted out of the time axis to avoid an attack or the attack itself gets shifted out of the time axis when present inside Lord Chaldea.

Mashu's shield is as strong as Avalon. It literally cannot be broken as long as she has the willpower.
The servant she's fused with is also among the strongest, and beats 7 servants at once (including Saber Alter) by himself in the Lostroom OVA.
The problem with Apocrypha is that the source material is so bad that the anime couldn't possibly make it worse. It was a pretty bad adaptation at points (it especially butchered Karna), but no one cares because it's Apo.

Also by playing the VN you get to see the bad endings/different reactions/tiger dojo which shed more into the characters and their motives/personality.

I really don't want to sound like an elitist but by ignoring the VN you're always getting an incomplete experience.

In Extella, Artoria is as powerful as you'd expect. Final battle is beating down Gilgamesh and Iskander at the same time. Granted it's because Gil just stands there and calls you a mongrel for half of it and never uses Ea.

Shirou is still a tribly hat white knight regardless of the context given via inner monologue. That's enough to turn people off from him.