Would you befriend Tomoko?

Would you befriend Tomoko?

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If she would let me. I might eventually get sick of her shit though

Befriend such scumbag? Of course.

Next chapter when?

implying I wouldn't just force her into marriage

she has enough friends

I was a loser in high school too, but people left me alone. Grouping up with another loser might cause us both to become targets, so I'll pass. Besides, she's a girl, so she'll eventually get friends one or another with minimal effort.

Spoken like a true incel

i would deflower tomoko

What's that?

With hindsight of the full manga, no I wouldn't.

>being this new

Only if she gives the succ.

post the screencap about the burger
you know which one

I do not associate with casuals.

Tomoko's getting sick of Komi-something

I'd talk to her from time to time, but it wouldn't go further

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This one?

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no, the other one
you know which one

No. Not by special choice, she has more interesting friends or would be friends than me right now.

Because 2D ALWAYS wins.


Yes and I would try to become her boyfriend I love Tomoko so much.

Involuntary Celibate
If he only came to Sup Forums it is entirely possible he could have been here for a decade and not heard that. It only a year old and rarely used outside Sup Forums

Why is it 7 Dragon Ball threads up right now and the mod's not doing anything about it. Only thing it does is hurt threads like this.

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I'd do more than that.

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DBS is ongoing so people are really hype about it.
It'll pass.

Go over there an give them a piece of your mind.

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If we get a new anime please support it if it comes out. And don't do why the super fags did.

already befriended a Tomoko in my high school days. Easily one of the worst mistakes of my life. And even worse after fucking her once.

This is what they said.

I want to bully Tomoko.
Seriously though why isn't there more bullying of her she really deserves it.

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>not knowing stupid r9k/reddit meme word
Fuck off dumb crossboarder scum.

I would befriend her womb with my dick

Tomoko talk to komi ones an away.

I would like to take Hernández virginity away, then i would break her mind and turn her into my personal slave

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Tomoko got more cute.

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Since i'm actually a male Tomoko, sure, why not

You can't force the willing.

Go on.


Would that even be possible? You would start a conversation with her, she would just ignore you or die out of embarrassment. How much pain it is for her to speak to anyone. As much as she likes to fantasize about being the 'main character' I bet she would hate it.

True love.

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Authors imply they've had very shitty highschool experiences, and adamantly refuse to include it.

It would also undermine the point of Tomoko, where most of her miserableness is self-inflicted. Despite selling out from its original concept, one thing they've kept is that the normal people around her tend to be pretty nice, and that it is in a way Tomoko's fault that she's unpopular. If people actively went out of their way to bully her, the series would turn it into a depressing slog in which each chapter makes you wonder why nobody has reached out to her or at the very least put her out of her misery.

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>the series would turn it into a depressing slog in which each chapter makes you wonder why nobody has reached out to her or at the very least put her out of her misery.
Ahhh, just like real life then

Unironically no. Cute anime girl, fucking horrible person and would be beyond painful to be around for any amount of time.

Yeah nah, lit girl is where its at senpai.

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>t. Scumbag

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Guess it gets too real even for the authors too sometimes

Is this grown up cat lady tomoko?

I'd probably keep her around to increase my social status in the class. See, I'm a loser but I'm not as bad as Tomoko here.

Office lady Tomoko, a surprisingly recurring theme.

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Sure maybe, since she just speaks in nipponese I might not notice what a horrible person she is

Why is he so awful?

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incel is a "lefty pol" term. (I think it's from "weird twitter" and it gets used alot on Chapo Trap House and on chapo's subreddits. That spread it throughout reddit as chapo's cool) It is almost entirely unknown on pol. If used there it's invariably used by leftists to try insult the fash for being virgins but they don't know what the hell they are talking about.

Anyway what do you think her feet smell like?

>muh lefty Sup Forums boogeyman
You faggots always go on and on about how modern day men are feminized I wouldn’t put it past you lot to also insult people by calling them virgins.

I want her happy so yes.


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>we could have had a tall Tomoko

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>tfw Tomoko to shrink you, keep you as a pet and bully you with her feet

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I hope it never gets a second season. Adapting the harem arc would be terrible.

>Author promises no characters will come out of nowhere and start talking to Tomoko
>They also promise Tomoko's story will conclude with her being alone


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When did they promise anything like that?

Will tomoko ever be happy?

See The pastebin has an interview translated

To be fair, they wouldn't have known that the manga would go on for nearly as long as it has back then. And they didn't make any promises they just said they didn't have any plans for such things.

Guess people like the bittersweet "tomoko got her shit together but still can't make a friend" ending

i would like to be her boyfriend but she have high standards

Her having the proportions of a child adds to her shitty way of living

i would have wanted it to end if I knew it was going to be a shell of what it used to be.

Why is this allowed we need do something about it.

Yeah, tomoko needs more friends

I was talking about this.

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Depends on if shes gonna pretend to be a normie or reveal her power level. Need a qt anime gf

I was talking about the dragon ball super threads spammers. We should go after them like we did to the umarufags

She would try to pretend and completely fail at it.

Would she be herself if you told her you like her for being herself?

>ywn sniff Tomoko's arm pits and ass
life is suffering

it hurts

>Ywn Shit post cuddle-fuck with tomoko

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Probably, although at first I'm sure she'd still be really awkward until she slowly got more comfortable around you.

I didn't think it was possible to feel so embarrassed for a fictional character. The cringe is strong too

I don't know whyyyy I'm retardeeeed

I probably would break her heart, Im far too unrealible, but thats life

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Yes. I would become her husband and turn her into a beautiful woman.

But thr manga didn't even start to get good until it finally built up a nice large ensemble of characters to bounce off each other instead of just Tomoko sitting in a corner mumbling about how everyone else is a bitch for a dozen chapters in a row.

So she'd be like that tall stalker girl with the long black hair from the doujins? That's my fetish.

I think tomoko would get too clingy for you to drive her away

Come on dude, even she knows she'd make a terrible mother

no damnit i have enough problem children in my life

Yes,Just to get to Yuu chan

I would life coach the shit out of her for several years. I would not give up until she's completely unrecognizable.

She would probably try to resist the change dude, an introvert doesn't just become an extrovert and even then it would drain the fuck out of her

Yeah, but I'm very handsome and tenacious.


I would befriend Yuri. I would befriend Nemo. I would befriend Delinquent. I would befriend Dickchan. I would not befriend Emoji. I would not befriend Pineapple. I would not befriend Kotomi. I would not befriend Tomoko.

>Befriends nemo but not tomoko

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