Boku no My Hero Academia

So how do you think Deku is going to silently resolve the Gentle situation next chapter?

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>Boku no My Hero Academia

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This picture disturbs me deeply.
Also, Mirio is my sunshine.

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>Boku no My Hero Academia

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>not My Boku No Hero: The Academia

>that pic
>Boku no my
Please, actually delete this

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Funnily I actually got the pics from one of the previous threads last year,

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>Boku no My Hero Academia
>no little scar
You need to leave.

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>Thread crashed and burned before the engine was even started

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Reminder that Momo is as smart as All for One.

What a garbage OP.

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new thread?

Just cough up with the manga. The Yakuza arc was fucking amazing, really loved Deku's power up and and Eri's power have such great potential for the series. Imagine All Might at top from again. Chisaki was also fucking badass, one of the best villains this mangaka has produced.

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>9 IPs
>All complaining about the OP, the thread name, the filename, or the MISSING SCAR

She’s more likely to rewind All Might into nothing than healing him to top form though


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I've never seen so many lies in one post.

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>Sir Gibson Mcfuckyourfloor

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Can someone explain the "O MY ___" meme?

>Boku no my Hero Academia
not Academia: no hero my boku

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Don't bully him further he got mugged by a manchild and a magician that's humiliating enough.

>gentlefag is the one user who hates Eri
God. No wonder your taste is so shit.

You’re looking for Hunter thread

This is a Mei and Toga free zone. Post Ochacos!

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>not thinking this shit is cringe
Also the arc jumped the shark by showing Deku at 100%
Overhaul having so much difficulty fighting deku when he only needs the slightest touch to turn him to dust is retarded, since even the best of the yakuza didn't stand a chance against him

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But quirkless Mirio did.

okay user!

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Then why is she so useless?

Because she's a woman.

I hope something cool happens next issue. Gentle and La Brava better not end up a joke.

imagine jirou smugly sitting in the back of the class and whipping out her cock and teasing momo with it with momo profusely sweating and blushing but trying not to get jirou caught so she lies and tells her worried classmates that she's sick when actually she's in heat


>Finally, he's all mine!

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Sorry Ochako fag

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You're projecting user. The obvious bait post never mentioned Eri's character but Eri and Deku's quirks being a great battle tactic.
I actually don't mind Eri as long as she is interacting with Mirio.

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C'mon we all know her endgame is being todoroki's cumdumpster.

Because All For One is dumb as a fucking brick

Everyone in their right mind hates Eri. This regression complex has nothing to be loved for.

because you got so thoroughly cucked last thread

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His intelligence is 6/5 as stated in the official artbook.

Stop. Eri is for love and gentle pats.

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This is now a Toga and Mei thread

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I thought Eri was for apples and happiness


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>I actually don't mind Eri as long as she is interacting with Mirio.

You do you, user.

I don't even like toga, but I can help you togafags humiliate Ochako for one last job

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Eri is for healing and love.

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She's a boring absolutely nothing character the only good thing she offers is seeing Mirio trying hard to cheer her up.

>cucked out of his own thread
That's an Ochakofag alright.

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>My Hero Academia: Midoriya can be seen during the final battle.
This boy made it into a shitty steven spielberg movie, say something nice about him!

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We've had enough of this boytheft bullshit! Toga will probably be killed by Ochako herself!

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Sure thing user. I love this cutey.

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>ywn go for burgers with Toga
>ywn pull the cliche "you have sauce on your lips" thing

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Oh please, we all know that this is a Midnight thread.

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what the fuck is this

I like where this thread is going

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roast beef

>attention whore likes waifufaggotry and cuck jokes

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It isn't theft since she stopped perusing Deku cold turkey. He's free game.

Deku also tries y'know

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Every girl in this series exists to be a cumdumpster.

Screenshot or bogus

MC dick is not for sharing

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This pic is bullshit:
>Toga uses a blood based quirk
>Mei doesn't show up to battle in a T-51b

I want to impregnate Momo and not take responsibility,


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Honestly, Toga can just take Deku, as long as she keeps him in one piece.

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imagine jirou slowly sneaking one or both of her earphone jacks into momo's pussy from across the classroom and seeing how long she can last without squealing or until she squirts all over the floor

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Niggers aren't allowed here

Call me what you want, but at some point the threads do get comical with all the randomness that occurs. Also how's everyone doing tonight, good?

Friendly reminder that Ryukyu will win the Dekubowl.

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who said i'm a nigger?

Dat's ma fetish.

But you don't own his dick. Did you forget that you cucked yourself or has it been so long since you've had meaningful character development that you forgot?

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You did

Mom where's dad?

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Ochako and Mei look like Yui and Ritsu

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There's a Final Solution for that, user

No I didn't.

Shut your acid-drooling whore mouth, Deku's dick isn't the drive-thru experience your pussy is, he's still goddamn reserved.

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Remeber when drawfags posted here?

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Nice, yet another thread derailed by waifu fags. Not that there's much quaility to Hero threads anyway.

*bass line plays
Mommyyyyyyyyyy.........???? Where's Daddddddddyyyyyyyy???

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imagine jirou sounding herself with one of her jacks and cumming all over it and then stretching her semen-covered jack into momo's pussy effectively impregnating her in front of everyone from across the classroom


What would Alice Cooper's quirk be?

They still do from time to time, but less so since the autism in these threads seem to be growing at an exponential rate.

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Don't you have kangaroos to fight?

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Seems to happen every season doesn't it? Ochako fag was from season 2, I don't know if a new Toga fag will appear, so just pray that the season 3 newfags come at a minimum.

Awwww, are you upset that you don't have a boy that values you as much as you want him to? Don't worry I'm sure Mineta is willing to care for you as much as you want.

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>Kirishima is Venipede
>not Geodude

Deku unironically loves Ochako

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>not Metapod