So its basically confirmed shes back right?

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We knew it for pretty much 2 months already.

someone drop a fella the yt channel link

but at what price? ;_;


Honestly, it was a complete steal.

Ninja sensei.

Granny said she can fix flutechan. Dunno how tho.

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Wait, so he's going to have tsundere flute and teasing obi together?

Damn this manga will get good again.

>that kazuya ass

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He looks exactly like his mom here.

I can't remember, was he able to do the full body muscle-enhancing weave before?

Before Kiriha got REKT he could manage 3 fake weaves+OG Kiriha at max. Her mom could manage the full 8 weaves.
Probably the training with flutechan helped him to manage his curse energy in a more proficient way, allowing to create more weaves.


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>you fall in love with a boy and train with him to pull off sound battles
>his slutty ex comes back and all you achieved was to make him more compatible with her

>Also, you die

she can get fixed
but she can't get uncucked

She was just begging to be cucked. She tried to fill the main girl's shoes.

>speedreader who thinks Kiriha won't share

it's a joke you dip

It fucking hurts. Kyouka-chan did nothing wrong.

>did nothing wrong

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just kidding

Crowtits was boring as fuck.