Toji no Miko

Sayaka wants you to stop doing horrible things.
Sayaka and Mai didn't die, right? They defeated Yomi, right?

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They won with the power of cookies.

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They were subsumed.

All will become one with the Bird. Resistance is futile.

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I think that Hiyori is the cutest Toji and the cutest Miko. Do you agree?

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I think you're thinking of Yume.

No, that would be Kanami

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I'd like you all to realize that Yume died because Yukari was too much of a cheap skate to provide proper health care for her elite guards.

Who needs healthcare when you have noro? You can slap it on any problem and it makes everything better. It's only Yume's fault that she refused to take her medicine properly.

Yomi is gonna get imouto'd by Mai, whether she likes it or not.

>long black hair
>fashionable outfit
>flat chest

She checks out.

Too bad Yomi won't get any Sayaka.

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>muh revenge for ded mom
She's got a little bit of edge.

>implying Mai won't adopt Yomi too

Just marathoned it from ep1 to 11, is Yume going to survive?

She's already confirmed dead.


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>0 proofs

You need edge to be a sword.

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How many times does this question need to be answered?

Do Yumefags just plain have shit instead of brains?

Hiyori-chan's sword is the sword that kills.

They're still in the denial stage. Give it time.

>it makes everything better

It just make junkies like you, Yomi.

This sounds like something Tsubasa would say.

>a little bit
It's not just the revenge part, but that fact that she instantly keeps trying to kill people when they get in her way. Like they just had that conversation to stop doing that and then Yomi comes along all horny and the only possible way to stop her must be a sword through the jugular. The girl only has toothpaste and murder on the brain.

>and then Yomi comes along all horny
I don't remember that part.

>The girl only has toothpaste and murder on the brain.
I think there's Kanami there too.

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This she wanted to kill Sayaka immediately and then Yomi

Hiyori is sexiest Toji, Suzuka is sexiest Miko.

There's no confirmation either way. Just ignore the Yume hating autist.

Stupid sexy Kanami

They could've killed Hiyori too.

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She tried killing Yukari-sama with literally 0 proof and a letter she didn't even know the sender of.


Yukari and Yume

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Yes. More reason to kill the innocent Hiyori

All the elite guards really like Yukari-sama
New OP and ED soon?

in 2 weeks

Is that the start of the second cour or the recap episode?

Is there a recap episode?

After episode 12 there is a recap, followed by the start of the second half the following week.

I want more hoodies.

I hate aradama.

I like milk.

I like toothpaste.

I like Hiyori-chan.

I like swords.

It's not like I like Kanami or anything.

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Why is Hyori baking in her underwear

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She's a very modest girl and is too embarrassed to bake in the nude

Yukina is my mom.


You shouldn't do naked apron until married

Hiyoyon's legs!

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But they are married.

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Between the three of them, I wonder who would be the dominant one in the relationship?

Kanami is already the dominant one in the relationship.

I hate how these characters are supposed to be 13-14 but they look and act like they're 17-18 at least


Mai is 13 and already lactates

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Some people, me included, thought Maki and Suzuka were 20 at least.


Sounds like you're new to anime and can't differentiate between art styles. Maki and Suzuka are very obviously older than Hiyori(who looks like the JC she is) and Kanami. The only weird ones are Mai and Sayaka

Any spoilers from the game? Apart from bait & switch in the opening.

Kids grow fast these days.

>Hiyori(who looks like the JC she is)
Girls are not the same as their cup size! Hiyori is fine just the way she is!

Yukari is yuusha. Akane sucks dragon dick. Yukina betrays Yukari and joins Akane. Everyone wants to rub swords with Mihono

Believable until that last part.

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Protect Yomi's smile.

Put Gomi in trashcan where she belongs.

You'd think she's suffering from a fatal stab wound with that much blood coming out.

Picking in birb won't make Yukari like you, Yukina

What are you talking about? She's just very bad at handling ketchup bottle.

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>people keeps making fun of Hiyori
>meanwhile Kaoru's are also pretty much non existent, on top of being supreme femlet
What's with this injustice?

The fun part is that Kaoru is the one calling her a flattie in the show.

Hiyoyon is just more bullyable along with Yomi.

So in order to not get bully is to be the bully yourself?

Hiyori is love. No one cares about Kaoru.

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I'm with the nips on this issue, it would have been better to have long a tournament arc and then have the yukari drama.

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>tournament arc
No thanks.

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You would get more of your pic with the tournament arc.
There's breaks in between and they all get to know each other.

People are still watching this garbage?

Yeah now people are watching this garbage and playing the kusoge

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Someone be nice to Yomi

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It's actually pretty good.

Yomi is cute and I want to give her lots of head pats.

Yomi is the type of girl I would feel comfortable introducing to my parents.

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>armor barely covers any vital areas
>areas that are covered can be stabbed right through
What is even the point

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>she promptly acquire nearby cutlery and to slash herself up infront of your parents to introduce her little aradamas

>long a tournament arc
No, fuck that.
Generic as fuck.

It's ok they have utsushi.

It boosts strength, it not a defensive armor.