Another one to cross off the list. What's next?

Another one to cross off the list. What's next?

>Watanabe Project (Kids on the Slope)
>Vinland Saga
>Pokemon Origins OVAs
>Persona 4
>Full Metal Panic next season
>Phoenix Wright
>Mysterious Girlfriend X
>Deadman Wonderland

And if you want to count Kizumonogatari releasing in place of Bakemono being cancelled.

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jojo part 5 when

Berserk 2016 shouldn't count.

you may not like it, but it counts

Cuckland Saga sucks anyways. So you're indeed well for crossing it of your list.

Add Persona 3 to that list though. And what is Pop Team Epic still doing on that list OP?

Give me a Chen anime. Seeing how popular Pop Team Epic is it shouldn't be hard.

I could see Nadesico getting a second season.

>Biscuit Hammer
>Vinland Saga
>Onani Master Kurosawa

This is bait, right?

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>Phoenix wright
>Baccano s2
>SEL ripoff
Yeah it's probably bait

Bait for what? Look at the date at the top.

Unless you mean
>implying anyone wants these adapted
then go fuck yourself. Biscuit Hammer by old Gainax would be AOTY.

Good luck convincing ZUN

It's more for my significant other, they love Chen.

>Counting for PokeSpe

Give me this and a full length YKK and I could die happy.

Nothing counts until RS arc gets animated, honestly.

Also I can't believe there was actually demand for the Deadman Wonderland anime. People here must have cried when they announced Manglobe would do it.

>baccano 2

Why not?

I don't know.
Meanwhile Durarara gets 5 times as many episodes and I couldn't be happier

Fun ride. I love what the anime did with the storylines.

>baccano 2
is this real?

I want to see alice in jails, the cruise ship arc, or the lotto valentino backstory arcs

t. Brainlet

>alice in jails,
Was the street side of that story that takes place in chicago ever translated?

Wait, is there really a kamen rider spirits anime happening.

okay it's time to stop pretending to be retarded

Every time i think about this I wanna cry.

holy shit! Chiaki Konaka actually replied to my tweet about despera guys

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Why bother with hope when everything's going to fail again

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>Konaka: But I and ABe and other staff are going to meet tomorrow.
Maybe there will be something to push the project.

Also when is this getting a fucking Brotherhood? Raiku has 30k twitter followers and Bandai is still selling merchandise and fujos/fanartists keep making new material for the series. Fuck the audience exists, just do it assholes.

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It's been a couple of years since I read through all the translated material, so I don't know if anyone ever got around to it

As cool as that would be, I'm more invested in seeing Raiku writing again. He totally fumbled his last work, and even gave up on it, and since then we haven't heard about plans for a new manga or anything

And people say 2010's Sup Forums was the golden era of Sup Forums

>Well known troll chart for years.
>Long since out of date.
>Still manages to fool some people in the thread.

This warms my heart.

Literally no one saids that.