Ginko Sora

This is a thread for Sora Ginko and other mature girls from Ryuuou no Oshigoto. Lolifags and especially blue aifags need not apply, you have three threads all for you, I know it won't be as fun without us replying to you, but this is for the better.
Discuss best tsundere of all time

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Ginko a shit

>unironically liking shitko

How many Ginkos does it takes to change a lightbulb?
It doesn't matter, because ginko a shit!

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Literally the worst girl in 2018

You never disappoint me Sup Forums

Fourth thread? Holy shit the discord shitposting group is going overdrive today.

Why is Ginko so hot

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What do you expect when OP is literally inviting lolifags to the thread?

I love blue and red Ai and I also love Ginko.

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>implying hagfags would even be Ginkofags
>implying many Ginkofags wouldn't naturally be lolifags by extension
>claiming best tsundere of all time
This is the most obvious false flagging thread I've seen in a while.

Cool. Another ironic shitposting thread created by our resident autist to circlejerk his hatred and make a scene. It's just what we needed. Thank you so much.

One legit Ginkofag here. Please disregard OP because he's obviously THK.

Same ginkotard doing damage control.

>implying they aren't right about your obvious af falseflagging
You fucked up when you implied Ginkofags would see Ginko a hag. As if her fans think that instead of JC loli.

>hurr durr same person boogeyman
Neck yourself ginkotard

>can't argue against that
Kill yourself, raging shitter.

But you're the one raging here, coming two hours late to a dead thread to spew your delusional bullshit to do damage control as a retarded Ginkotard.

>said the falseflagging shitposter returned two hours later to defend himself

>delusional ginkotard still clinging to his delusional bullshit

>retarded shitposter still raging and being mad as fuck so he has spam Sup Forums with these threads to make a scene
Go back shitposting in the other thread.

>retarded Ginkoshitter thinking it's all one big bad boogeyman when in reality he's the samefagging shitter
Go fuck yourself

Not fooling anyone. You fucked up.

Not fooling anyone, you fucked up

>resorts to parroting

I have terminal autism
Please let me sleep


Last for Ginko a best.