Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Chapter 34

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wtf, man

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Does anybody eat parsley?

I do sometimes. It's good in mashed potatoes.

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giant bolded is hard to read when it's italicized

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Holy fuck this autist.

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Today I learned that italian parsley and regular parsley are indeed different.

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Last page, leaving the little trailing white page out.

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this fucking nerd

That's it for tonight! Good night!

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Thanks, dood

my man

Interesting character design. I wonder if he plans to use her again.

It's going to be weird when the eventual porn of the anime adaptation comes out and it's not made by the author.

so much feminine appeal!


Chiomom is cute.

Doubt it'll get as fucked as the doujin where proto-Chio appears first in with Chapter 17's premise.
Though, i think it's mostly gonna be yuri or Yuki prostitution.


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Why is Chiyo still friends with Manana?

gomenesai, user

because Manana is the fucking best.

>spade = lewd
Wait, what? How does that follow? I think of a spade, I think of murder.

Manana is cute

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He's a rape doujin rapist.

Hes the evil dad from KND


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Oh yeah, I forgot to say, this chapter is fucking boring.

>anime pushed to July

c'mon, i need more chio

Anyone pleasantly surprised Chiaki Omigawa got Manana?

Chef coming to save Chio some money

>pubg written on apron
kawasaki the mad man

Well, that's what the next chapter is about

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a chink stall used to put lots of it in their meat paste dishes. Made me shit watery shit. It's toxic shit.

Much thanks.

please don't remind me of how far behind we are right now

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I used to think cilantro was parsley, does that count?

Page 2 and I can't believe Chio-chan is fucking dead!

They have very different tastes, how's that happen?

They look pretty similar, and I don't know what parsley tastes like.

>that squished up navel

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It's a habit at this point.

we Half-Life now

Only inbreeds hates parsley desu.

I use it dried in dishes. I've never thought about it, mom put it in a lot of dishes.

>That siloute
I have a suspicion that Chio-Dad looks a lot like Andou

As long as I get Chio/Andou size difference vanilla and some of the Kabadi gurl I'll be happy

am just happy both grand blue and this showing in the same month

Wasn't this getting an adaptation? I remember a pv with Chio on the bike.

with this kind of shit this manga pulls, im not sure if this is actually the hl logo or something ironic.

This manga is meta-ironic as fuck

How far behind are you now?

Thats the thing It's Chio, she such a massive westaboo autuist that she would genuinely put the Half-Life logo on an omelette.

I eat it raw sometimes.

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Because they are both scum

What's wrong with that user?

hmm i wonder

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partners in crime

I love chewing raw parsley. Putting it in dishes no

Sexual tension

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Has the author made any hentai with chio in it, or at least with character that look like chio?

>catches up on chapter 33 first
Those two fucking deserve each-other, in the worst way.

congrats on getting an anime

In ground beef seasoning.

There's some uses for it. Add it in marinades for beef or lamb, to salsas (verde in particular), when making garlic potatoes, sprinkle a little on tomato slices, or when making crab-cakes.

I like it on some soups or stews. Adds a bit of freshness.

>mind immediately goes to theft
Stop corrupting sweet Manana with your bad influence, Chio.

Yeah, Chio's... she's one of us. If she were real she'd probably be shitposting on 2ch right now.

more than just a little 'tisms in that brain.

In chimichurri


Blame video games.

Could be worse.
Could've thought of prostitution first.

I'm sure I've eaten the Italian variant. Never seen that puffy variant that was in this chapter

>still that picky with her food
Chio continues to show how immature she is compared to her far more mature friends.

It's appropriate for her age. Hell my oldest is in college and still won't touch onions. Neither does his father.
Everyone's got a few little bits of childhood keeping them alive.

We live in an hyper-infantilized society in which highschoolers are the kids of before.
Considering Chiyo is NEET/dropout material, she'll probably never grow up.