Foreign character

>foreign character
>blonde and rich
Why is this so common?

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you aren't moving to japan if you're poor

Poor people can't afford to move their families to japan user.

why would any sane person who isnt rich want to move to japan.

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Damn, he's fast!

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Because actual foreigners in Japan are either Brazilian or Peruvian.

Being rich is rude in Japan

Japan has shitloads of poor Korean immigrants.

Korea is very close to Japan tho

So they can stand out among all the Japs with dark/brown hair and dead end jobs

to have characters with hair colors other than brown or black without just depending on suspension of disbelief
and they're rich cause of the stereotype


like 1% of the population

>he thinks the census is accurate

I love my wife Tsumugi!

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There is plenty of anime characters with blonde hair but are ethnically Japanese, usually it doesn't mean anything. They just decided to make Mugi European for some reason.

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Uhh, are you NOT blonde and rich? You sure you're really a westerner?

>mugi is meant to be European
then explain this!

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I know, I said WITHOUT suspension of disbelief, there aint no blonde Japanese

Mugi is mixed

Its referenced her family has ties to Finland for some reason, hint that she may be at least partially European/white and Japanese.

Yeah, its just a style.

Because they're attractive to a certain demographic.

Yes, I'm black

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Fuck off. I'm not black and I love my blonde waifu.

Because it's true

Speaking as a non-american

That's fine. I'm sure we love them more, though. Love me some pale skin blondies.

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