Mitsuboshi Colors

>TVアニメ「三ツ星カラーズ」キャラクターソングシリーズ01 結衣 - 01 結衣(CV.高田憂希) - わたしのCOLOR(S)

this song is amazing

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I just want to see Nono's panties...
Is that too much for a man to ask for?

Does the colors leader have autism?
The way she was screaming and how she runs makes me wonder.

Nono-chan is a treasure that I want to lock away and breed with for all eternity.

God please stop shitposting on Sup Forums and go smit California.

dead colors

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That song is old news.


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Is it unko?

very and kawai

I've been listening to hara hara harase for too long now

Based unko.


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>Hat bingo.

Both the OP and ED are probably the best this season. It's a shame the show is doing so poorly due to the huge density of loli shows all of a sudden.

As expected, Sat-chan is average

CGDCT animes are dime a dozen.

Don't you think Kotoha has way too many hats?

I've been listening to the song for hours now, send help

Does anyone else have the Colors in the god-tier of CDGCT? Yes there was a lot of QUALITY moments, but everything else is on par with something like Non Non Biyori

The OP and ED are average though, it's a character song that's good.

Stop posting Yui.

2nd column, 4th row is perfection


Yui's first song is really good.

YUI IS CUTE.....CUTE!!!!!!!!

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Was Kotoha's butt smash scene really necessary?

>Sacchan character song will be released
>Hikarinoakari got DMCA'd

Where can I download the album if it get released Sup Forums?

its ok, if the voice wasnt the character it would be good.


below average

It's pretty fucking good. The characters, especially the main three, are actually written so well and the humor is amazing. I'd put it just below NNB if it had more childhood sentimentality like what they did with most of Renge's episodes.

Wait Yui is the MC of this show???



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Why does she only have signature attacks?

Clearly Kotoha is the most powerful yet why doesn't any of her moves have a special name? are you telling me that punch to Nono is barely a scratch of her power level so is left unnamed?


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Kotoha can't be the stronger when she is afraid of Yui.

It's rock, paper, scissors:
Red beats Blue
Blue (literally)beats Yellow
Yellow beats Red

I like the character interaction better than NNB actually, mostly because there's no "muh senpai" around. NNB have better comfy atmosphere and tearjerking moment though.

nah they are different, nnb is nonbiri, this one is anything but nonbiri

Someone posted a page from latest volume and Kotoha did have hidden signature move, it's two eerie kanji combined to make another eerie kanji.
Meanwhile Yui's brain can't even make naming move more complicated than Yui attack.

no. she's just alone

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Yeah right. Show me her abs if you think she's ripped.

Can it be April 25 already

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Where does she get all these hats?

the hat store

the hat store

Why is she so cute?

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>Nonoka doesn't get a character album
My life will never be complete

IRL girl can`t be so comfy, soft and warm as Nono. I wish I could hug her.

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>Nono is judging this thread.

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How did a highschooler become the best girl in a show about lolis?


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Unironic slut.

It's always like that

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>Nono Judged that the anons in this thread are not worthy!

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So true

Hentai with Nono when?

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Is it just me or do the bells at the start seem REALLY fucking loud? It's a great fucking song but the bells hurt my ear.

Nono is starting to look so really fuckable lately.


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Thank fuck.

I noticed that too

To be honest, Nono is pretty fucking short.


I love Nonoka!


>suddenly Nonofags everywhere
What the hell happened?

Nonoka is pretty hot desu

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I felt so bad for Nonoka during that scene. Why does that fairly plain girl make me want to protect her so much?

I've been here this whole time.


Will she die if i take off her hat?

She deserves it for being a liar

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Why is the size difference here so sexy? The way Nono's thighs and legs are more plump while Kotoha's are still stick-like turns me on so fucking much.

Colors is a comedy. NNB is ""healing"".

They're both equally comedic and healing desu.

No way. Not to hate on NNB but its comedy is really flat. I like it for other reasons.

Completely wrong. Colors has very few iyashikei elements.

Renge alone is a goldmine of comedy.

Nah mate. The setting is very healing in nature. The way the town plays along with the Colors and how their bratty childish innocence is met with an equal amount of playfulness by Ueno is very feel good.

Time capsule episode hit way too hard as well.

Not really, she has comedic moments but the episodes aren't centered around making you laugh. They are different genres altogether with some crossover themes.

CGDCT is a shitty fucking term that encompasses way too many things.

No, because I don't consider it CGDCT, even if that's technically what it is.

I do think it's anime of the season though. Out of all the shows that aired this winter, this will be the one remembered the longest.

The hell are you even talking about? No one mentioned CGDCT. They're both SoLs and NNB has many skits that revolve around country life jokes.

The large majority of the series is comedy. The anime is a bit more iyashikei than the manga though. The Yakuza buying bananas scene was only a fourth of the page panel with no dialogue in the manga.

Is she bald?

She comes from a long line of oujo-samas who's age old tradition is to marry the first person who sees the top of their head. It's why she wears the hat all the time.

>its comedy is really flat
No way. NNB's comedic timing is like leagues beyond its genre. The director knew and showed how to make jokes without always having to rely on boke-tsukkomis, which most CDGCT still don't realize how to do.

I just realized that this show doesn't have a prominent straightman shtick as well.

>actually tackling a tree at full speed
Is Kotoha fucking insane?

>Hikarinoakari got DMCA'd
>it's true

Shit, that sucks.

They do daylight beatings, The Colours do not care anymore.

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I feel this would be the perfect show to make a kid watch. Too bad it's subbed most children wouldn't like to read text that much for shows.

mitsuboshi babygang delinquents colors
teach them japanese, grow them as Otaku, otherwise they'll turn into weebs and watch things like naruto

I'm surprised that Nono did not really seem angry at them at all.

The OP is too good.
My four year old niece once heard it a few weeks ago and she fucking loved the OP. Every time it gets played she dances a long and jumps around. And although she doesn't understand anything they say, she likes it when Sacchan does stupid shit. The Colors are so well-written that I think kids are just receptive to other kids.