Legalization of Anime?

I’ve been into anime for a long time now and I’m surprised it has hasn’t been banned yet.

So much of the shows (not even the hentai) are almost even porn.

Characters are all under 18 and there is nudity, panty shots, etc.

What gives?

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best girl

Last time the UN tried to get Japan to ban anime Japan collectively laughed at them.



theyre just cartoons

Roach? She cucked Komura.

They could ban it outside of Japan.


Different culture plus they're drawings. That's why anime hasn't been banned yet.

It's a grey area nobody wants to talk about. I assume you're from America, your politicians could ruin their public image/political career if they ever caught on tape even talking about sexuality in anime. Most people aren't aware of the prevalence so if you make a big stink about it you'd basically be outing yourself as someone who knows a lot about it and that just opens up a lot of questions.

>I’ve been into anime for a long time now

I’d like to know how old you are, you sound like an underage faggot

I can draw a stick figure with boobs just like all the kids used to do in fourth grade. Now, if I put the words "Age: 18" above her, everything will be fine, but if I put the words "Age: 17", I could get arrested under these laws. This is the logic of banning what amounts to movements of a pencil on paper.

ELS-kun, please go and stay go.

Because that's not how child porn or obscenity laws work

freedom of speech, nigga

What? Japan mostly does not care, and your average western normie is too busy watching the next rape or murder scene in game of thrones to ever care about childish japanese "cartoons" for lonely losers.

your fault for voting for leftists for 50 years straight

have fun getting murdered by "child migrants"

technically america is the only country on the planet that has freedom of speech as a codified and enforced reality

feels good

but then have dipshits like trump who wants to ban violent video games
i know. OP said he was from the US

yeah I don't think it'll last long though

if you say something offensive and get attacked, you no longer have the right to defend yourself

that means people can just attack you

if niggers don't get shot to death for trying to kill people there is no longer free speech

That's really not how that works

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not sure the mental illness you have to bring that up after I mention legalised terrorists flooding into every country

I literally don't fucking care about video games. if you do, enough to be upset, you've got a fucking mental illness

Luckily there's a bill that's currently going through that will remove that right.

Because in itself is an artistic expression and censoring that will lead to all sorts of fucked up draconian laws regarding free expression.

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I like how Britan just Straight up outlawed free speech.

self defense has been pushed from 'legal' to 'gray territory'

this is a fact. people invent causes to merit pre-emptively attacking caucasian people daily

if you can be attacked in the streets, it is tenable to say you don't actually have free speech

look at the post you replied to, what we're talking about in this thread, and make the connection.
if anything you have the mental illness

you enjoy dipping dicks in your ass thats what

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Most people are fine with master peices like boku no pico if animated child porn is fine why wouldn't normal anime be . Besides most government officials jack off to rape Hentai.

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I always wonder, do you write such shitty posts on purpose or are you actually incapable of putting together a succinct rebuttal?

I'd certainly fillette her, if you know what I mean.

All the important people in the world are into anime.

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I think the legality of anime is an interesting subject. I feel bad for Canada and wonder where else has the same issue.

As an Australian, my states age of consent is 16.

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Is that what your post was about?

Like who?

This is a good thread.

This is a bad thread.

This is a meh thread.

This thread is cancer. All you retards who keep bumping this should be ashamed of yourselves.

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>I feel bad for Canada
You talk as though barriers exist to consuming anime in Canada. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

loli gets you jail time there

Better that than the TPP taking everything from us

Explain further.

why doesn't japan ban anime?
because it's full of fucking weirdos and anime itself was never meant to be aired or sold outside their shit island. you're watching anime because some fuck is illegally distributing the anime, it's all fucking illegal, son and anime is not a worldwide phenomenon but as niche as niche can get.

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If I traveled to Canada with my Prisma Illya BD set from walmart in hand, you mean I won't go to jail?

>This is what Americcuks believe.

He might be right, I'm not sure. Is there another country that has it built into their constitution?

>mplying FoS carries over to internet trolling.

japan does.

we have something called the first amendment

Nice. We gave them some good shit when we rebuilt their country. Stupid shit, too, but the good definitely outweighed the bad

>dude it's okay haha if she resembles an actual child, it's just a drawing
You can at least bullshit liking teens, but lolicon is strictly a pedophilic business.

banning it wouldnt stop people from watching it in the same way banning drugs doesnt stop people from doing drugs and also in the same way that OP's mom eating healthy prenatally doesn't stop her from having an autistic child

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It's not porn if you slap some pixels and tiny black bars on it.

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Most lolis do not resemble actual children.

they're aliens with big eyes, exaggerated shapes, and glowing pink hair. they don't look like any child I've ever seen.

Seriously, its just 2d. Its fake. NOT REAL. It be like making magic illegal or santa clause.

Most of the western world pussied out in codifying it because that would be surrendering power, UK is a great example.

But if we funded programs to take out the sources of anime, the supply would eventually run dry.

Of fucking course it's a burger.
I had not problem with you guys but you are always acting like retarded prudes. Anime already has enough restrictions, stop.

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this was true once

Plenty of then does but here is the rub, the so called "freedom of speech" only covers state so if you upload something on YT and Google decides they dont like it, it goes taken down and since its a private owned company ... no infringement, this is why the hard push for the "minimal state" not because they would abuse it but rather that allows private companies to pretty much control the market and silence any opposition.

Also I am pretty sure if you accuse some public figure of being say a "crook" they can sue you for defamation of character and you have to prove it, the reason that doesnt happen is because the control of the media makes it very easy to kill stories, I remember old Bill escapades back when he was a Gov and how those stories just died, a lot due to good old Hillary.

The best way to keep the sheep controlled is to make then believe they arent in a flock.

>some people in this thread trying to turn this into a left/right issue
Let's not even try to pretend unironic nerds and geeks have allies anywhere, they are a convenient tool to be used and thrown away when they become a burden, which makes sense when they are the lower class of society.
Both sides of the political spectrum have tried for years to ban fictional things they don't like, or bastardize it into something more digestible for their moral sensibilities, and both sides have likewise tried to appeal with empty promises when it's convenient to do so.

Americans should be banned from consuming anime.

There's nothing wrong with letting companies decide what gets published on their site, though. If you forced them to keep it up you would be compelling speech on their part. They aren't stopping you from saying what you want, they're just stopping you from using their site to do it.

Censorship laws for sexual content come from the right typically. When they don't, they come from soccer moms who tend to avoid easy left or right classification and trend towards NIMBY and protect the children policies. NIMBY is of course the cancer killing civilization, and protect the children is an excuse behind a lot of terrible legislation.


Why do you want to ban shit? You are what's wrong with the country. Kill yourself.

i dont think theres any rational defense for making any art illegal.

Cartoons don't have ages

>But if we funded programs to take out the sources of anime, the supply would eventually run dry.

we tried using two fuckin nukes my dude

Art is a broad term. If we're including photography, real child porn is a pretty obvious problem

It is a worldwide phenomenon. Has been for years.
It's like the comic book industry. everybody knows who batman and superman is, but most can't be fucked to pick up an actual issue or have any knowledge of it besides the basics that they got through social osmosis. now apply this with most anime.
normalfags know how perverted and weird anime is, it's no secret, they just don't realize how far down the rabbit hole is, and I hope they never do.

Thats not the point, the point is the state cannot censor you but if companies that are owned by lobbyists that control the government can.

How do you think the Daily Stromer got taken out? I am not going to say it was the government or even defending that site but this just points out people in the US are completely willing to take censorship as long its not the "big old Government" that does it and there is more and more centralization of power, at one point most of the worst will be controlled by 1000 families.

literally everyone in japan hates anime because it's decreasing their birth rates and creating too many permavirgins who will end up killing themselves due to depression and increasing the suicide rate.

what a cycle lmao

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Leftcucks always bitch about how anime is racist and doesn't force niggers into the main cast.
They also chimp out if women are used for fanservice.

You probably say this as you download Horriblesubs releases.

Reminder that clear and obvious lewd pictures of lolis should be banned in all countries, and you should be ashamed if you defend them

I am fine with censorship as long as it isn't backed by violence, because I can always find other ways to make my voice heard. It's not a problem until there are guns enforcing it.

Look, we have a Japan expert over here!

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>comparing batman and superman popularity to fucking anime
you'd have better luck asking anyone about goku instead of kobayashi.

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Libel laws are designed to prevent companies from competing through mass disinformation and lying, They can't typically be pulled on an individual who's announcing criticism of them.

The whole google thing is bad but we live in a time where the internet stands between a necessary social utility and just an amalgamation of various corporate interests. You can't claim that America "doesn't have free speech" simply because companies are invoking private ownership rights to suppress information.

Why? They don't harm anyone.

why do you defend the gooks? they don't even like you.

Why are people so afraid of sex? It's cheap smut but that's not a crime.

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I fail to see the problem. Just don't watch it and you will be ok.

Why would how much someone likes me determine if I defend them?

I'm not defending them, I'm just laughing at you.

They normalize the sexualization of children


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