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What do you want out of the upcoming movie?

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More cute Tanya

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Amen to that

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Moar duck tales


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big shirts

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Victory for the Empire!

Where can I purchase the manga/LN?

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Your local big chain book store. Volume 1 and 2 of the LN are out, as is volume 1 of the manga.

Cute commander

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Eh? Is LN volume 2 out already? I thought it was only 1 so far.

It's just a recap movie . I assume even asking for tanya to look like he does in the poster is asking for too much.

As a manga reader, I have bad news.

That said, the manga and anime are pretty different. I heard that the light novel is pretty different from both of those. I also heard Visha isn't even in the original web novel. So maybe the empire wins in one of those.

What is going on here?

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I asked this in a previous thread, but didn't get an answer, so I'll ask again.

How did this (from chapter 16) happen?
Did the 203rd just put decoys of themselves between the Francois Republic and Legadonia Entente Alliance mages? That doesn't seem like it'd be enough. Then again, I have been fortunate enough to not have first hand experience on what it takes for fog of war to start mucking things up.

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Triple miscommunication. Visha thinks that Tanya thought she was with a man, We as the reader might think that Visha knows about Tanyas past, Tanya actually thought that Visha knew about her secret chocolate stash.

What does Tanya's advice mean though?

If you suspect something of someone say "I know about THAT" and if they waver they're guilty of something. Tanya wavers because she's guilty of hoarding chocolate

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That was the chapter following the "I know about that" part. She had just gotten the news about being moved to the rhine

There were 2 I know about that parts. was in chapter 25. The second was in 26 (pic related). is from chapter 27

Do you guys think the "I know about that" in pic related is Tanya's voice or Visha's voice?

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Any chance Mary will join the war by the end of the movie?

It has to be Visha, there's no "I read that somewhere" follow up. The spy most likely caught the tail end of the conversation.

There is still dialogue after Visha's "I know about that", but there is a silent panel in-between that and the next dialogue if we disregard the untranslated stuff. But your case does make sense.

Why was that even in the orb in the first place? Was it basically a voice memo butt dial?

Possible mole among them?

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The worthless memo was stolen from Visha's orb.

I heard that Tanya does bro stuff with not-Rommel in Africa. I really hope for a good amount of Afrika Korps Action.

An S2 announcement at the end, ideally

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Rommel was a commander in WWI too. Don't remember if he went to Africa in that war though.

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We should just lend our prayers to the Lord, surely He will hear us and bless this movie with His grace.

Why can Overlord get a second season of lizard fuckin, old men picking up trash and giving abortions while this gets none ?

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I want the Norwegian girl, Mary, to btfo Tanya.

Good luck angry duck

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Arstotzka welcomes you. May I see your papers?

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The empire doesn't win in any of them. The manga has less elements of the historian investigating the rumors of an Empire super mage unit decades after their defeat than the LN does.

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I want to see her take advantage of war prisoners by raping them.

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So did the Empire really lost the war or did it only look and sound like they lost but didn't?


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amazon closest to you

Bookwalker has them in electronic format.

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>What do you want out of the upcoming movie?
I hope it's not another recap movie where they cut together a bunch of scenes from the anime, but that's what it's going to be, isn't it?

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Still baffles me how they made anime Tanya ugly and it backfired with some lewd stuff but instead the manga Tanya is so overtly gorgeous that I never have lewd thoughts about her even though they showed her partly naked several times.

fuck off, adaptation was great, and more expressive Tanya have its charm, while also maintaining her cuteness

I would have to disagree, the manga design seems perfectly fit for the descriptions the ln, while the anime made the two mc girls literal blob and literally every side characters from the military looks old

NUT has said in interviews it will be a continuation.

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i could agree only on Visha's case, they overdid her too much if you take her original look into account, but i can understand the intentions i think, to show contrast between cruelty of military regime and wartimes and her naive personality that is so unfitting for circumstances she was involved into.

Tanya's character is very distinctive and self confident, she is an officer and have to maintain subordination while also being like someone's little daughter, i cant imagine how doll like manga character would yell and threaten enemies and comrades in motion like she usually do, they had to make her more expressive to maintain her strong-willed personality, and i cant agree that she is ugly, she is super cute when caught unguard or calm Because they put so much into realism and details of interiors, caricatured chain of command in those cabinets and interiors would look too unfitting

and it makes sense for higher chain of command officers to look old, because they usually are

when will rerugen get tanya out of the army the only way he can? by knocking her up and marrying her

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He's too scared of her and the fatherland is still on the losing side all the time so Tanya is needed on the frontlines as much as it disgusts the high command.

>ywn see Tanya be a doting puritan mother

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>mfw there could possibly be 3 separate canons for this series.

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That would imply she lost the bet with Being X and it seems more likely she'd just rather die of old age and give him a middle finger of last resistance.

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what went wrong?

Nothing went wrong, they all look good in their own right. Except for LN Visha

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I keep hearing that Tanya's growth is fucked due to too much combat drugs. When are we actually seeing her use them then?

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it's not combat drugs.
it's traditional Latvian cuisine

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I just want Tanya to be happy is that to much to ask for?

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