Why didn't you tell me that this VEG was anime of the season?

Why didn't you tell me that this VEG was anime of the season?

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I'm guessing you're on episode 7.
Buckle up buddy.

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because it isnt

Cause it's not.

It's not franxx or Yorimoi either

Nearly halfway through 8 actually.

I feel like at least one person did mention that actually

>It's not Franxx

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Well then, have fun.
Get a tissue before sitting through episodes 9 and 10

>Darling in the flop


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That's true, it's actually Toji no Miko

Kyoani's Kiznaiver.

Oh christ, see you on the other side once you're caught up

not with those good sales

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Watching this episode makes me wish KyoAni would make a series about WWI. Life on the Western front during Verdun or the 100 days offensive.

You were meme'd by shitposters and crossboarders.

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I think it's alright. I wish we saw more of Violet and the gang back in whatever the fuck German name their town is called. I thought I was going to hate it by the first two episodes, but I came around to it.

Still think Takagi is the best thing this season. I'm not watching much really, Darling is okay, and I've only seen 1 episode of Slow Start.

>Toji no Miko
stfu this bait isnt even funny

why people keep calling her Bioretto-chan?

I take it you've never watched it


Learn basic katakana or hiragana. Then you'll understand.

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i watch it,why no one can spell her name correctly? Anne mom probably the only one who can do it...

>i watch it

No shit faggot

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>he hasn't seen ep10

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Samflam is unironically better and more intelligent than VEG


Because it isn’t. Though if it keeps episode 10’s level of quality for the rest of the season it’ll be 2nd best.

Japan refuses to speak properly.

It's not that they can't say it right, it's that they don't want to.


>OP gazed at her face. Ten episodes had taken for him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath her inexpressive features. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two salty-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Violet Evergarden.

Unironically the worst show airing right now. It’s humanly impossible to make something more boring than this.

I can’t remember the last time I had to fight this bad to not fall asleep during two episodes, I haven’t even managed to apply the 3 episodes rule and God knows i’ve tried.

Fuck. I just finished episode 10. I wasn't ready for that.

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I had a feeling that this season was going to tear Sup Forums apart right at the seams and so far I seem to be correct. Between VEG, Franxx, and Popotekic we are literally mem'ing ourselves to an early grave.

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I actually find impressive some of the stuff Poputepipic has pulled off, like those stop motion sequences.

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I liked PTE's hellshake yano and the memes and OC from FranXX are gold.

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What's it like being this much of a cum guzzler?
Vultures like you should not be allowed to voice a single opinion, the mere stink of your breath makes rats faint.

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What are you babbling about you balding lardass. Are you telling me this shit doesn’t have a snail’s pacing?

I'm telling you to refrain from speaking about things that are far beyond your reach.
Your kind belongs in DB threads where the lowest common denominator is welcome.

It's not.

Top kek you aren’t trying to think of yourself as smart for watching this shitstain anime aren’t you? Gas yourself kike, this anime belongs in the trash next time try not being so boring.

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Nah I think i’ll stay here. What are you going to do pedo freak? Go fap to your pillow and die shitheap, your beloved anime is boring dogshite.

Because it's dumb as fuck. It's very pretentious trying to be Deep while having no actual depth to it other than trying to pander to your emotions.

And the show makes the critical mistake of trying to assume you can relate to any of the characters. People who love you or care about you is basically the fantasy they're trying to sell.

How many people actually have parents or siblings or love ones or friends or Any desire for companionship. Give me a break is show is try to make you feel emotions based on contacts that Many people lack.

It’s melodramatic garbage

Because that would be a lie, and it's not nice to lie

Go shill in the other thread before making a new one.

Is this bait?

He's going through puberty, leave him alone.