And you guys said Mai-Otome was not good

And you guys said Mai-Otome was not good.

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Only faggots say that.
Mai Otome > Mai Hime

What pushes Otome over Hime for you?

Is that going up her butt?

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Something did.

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Hime is better

S3 when Sunrise?

Hime was all over the place though, why the fuck did that Nun get pregnant with that creepy guy's baby after everything he did?

Chances are this year or next year when 15th anniversary takes place

Is ShizNat bigger than the franchise iself.

Yes, since the relationship is now canon. Everything from that pairing took yuri into highest heights even the franchise. If Sunrise made a spinoff series on ShizNat everyone would watch it in a heartbeat.

So what DID Shizuru do to Natsuki in the Teahouse?

Their relationship in Otome was in response to the following they got in Hime?

Whatever she did made Natsuki her women and her wife.

So you're saying Natsuki is the bottom? Isn't she too cool for that? Whereas Shizuru is the needy one.

Natsuki has always been in the bottom all her life. Shizuru is the princes while Natsuki is the princess/damsel in distress.

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But Natsuki is a badass though, The way she crashes her Bike through the Clssroom to confront Shizuru is one of my favourite parts.

Hime was only good the last few episodes, and then turned to shit the very last episode.
Otome was better.
Also, why is Shizuru's voice so erotic?

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>Natsuki has always been in the bottom
I understood that reference

Kyoto-ben is sexy, that's why. You want to live with a permanent erection, go to Kyoto, all the girls will sound like Shizuru.

Now you knowShizuru's seiyuu is a legit lesbian

Really? That's awesome, she must have been happy about ShizNat, good for her.

Like I said Natsuki will always be at the bottom

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>dat ass belongs to Shizuru now

They probably never leave that Futon in the teahouse.

I love her voice, but I can't find any other anime where she sounds like Shizuru.
I tried watcher her other roles, but none of them are as good.
Don't know if it is the accent she uses, or if she is just great at changing her voice.

>Don't know if it is the accent she uses

Koto-ben is distinctive for the reasons you fell in love with it. I dunno' if it's supposed to be the Japanese equivalent of a posh accent but man does it suit her.

Natsuki doesn't deserve Shizuru love for what she did to her. It's sick and disgusting for that bitch to mess up her life.

Shizuru has secretly been watching her back ever since she arrived at the 'school'. The only reason Shizuru joined the School Council was to gain the high access to the files on the system for Natsuki.

That Futon must be stained full of cum and piss from both girls.

I wish I was that Futon

So would you watch a Slice of Life series of Natsuki and Shizuru in Otome having adopted Arika as their cute daughteru who loves her two mums?

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>Slice of Life series of Natsuki and Shizuru in Otome

ShizNat series in Hime is better than this garbage, you expect to watch this shit you crazy.

But in that context they are both older, they are practically Arika's age in Hime. I'm not saying Otome is better as a series overall but for ShizNat you get alot more and more frequently.

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>Gay marriage is legalized in Kyoto
Sunrise could have benefited on having an movie for ShizNat to get married.

I'd probably tear up seeing them get married.

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Did Natsuki end up reciprocating though? Hime end was ambiguous

I'd say her embracing Shizuru as they both got nuked was one thing but, and Idunno if this is because I sawt he Director's Cut but there's at least two more (I may have missed some) scenes that basically show it. Shizuru would not hug Natsuki like this if she was still friendzoned.

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Same here, I would tear up too. I just want a full Mai Hime sequel leading up to an arc of ShizNat's wedding.

The thing that'll get me is Shizuru telling Natsuki exactly why she loves her so damn much. Natsuki being okay finally with kissing Shizuru in public and stuff.

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New Mai Hime series when?

>Also, why is Shizuru's voice so erotic?

>lowers voice


Natsuki is technically a main character, right? She gets IIRC only less screen time than Mai, andshe's in the OP with Mikoto and Mai.

If City Hunter got a movie then Mai Hime has an easy chance to get a movie and series like Code Geass.

Mai Hime has such an importance to Sunrise even anons here don't understand how much the Mai-franchise has done.

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Since when was she this much of a slut?

>Natsuki is technically a main character
She was everywhere HiME and had more screen time than Mikoto. In Otome, Natsuki had less, less screen time and fanservice.

since HiME

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>and then turned to shit the very last episode.

Notsaying you're wrong, but I thought Shizuru was hilarious in this part. She is such a troll I love it, I always pictured her early in the series just drinking tea while Shizuka(?) stressed about Student council shit.

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This, totally this.

Great moment in an overall shit conclusion. Not that most of us can hate too bad, I am glad ShizNat got a chance to be happy. Also, let's be real here, Shizuru only ended up doing what Nagi was forcing them to do anyway so I don't know why she gets so much shit for her actions. The Garbage Nun literally started everything by tricking everyone, getting Nao's eye taken out who in turn bought Shizuru's wrath all on herself. Kinda' pisses me off how much shit she gets.

Mezame is a fucking siiiiiiick track tho.

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