Why did this scene aroused me sexually, Sup Forums? Is there something wrong with me?

Why did this scene aroused me sexually, Sup Forums? Is there something wrong with me?

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I too enjoy emotionally harming women

Ginko a shit

We all love Ginko.

Ginko a best.

>too autistic and self-absorbed over shogi
>rejected tapping that tight pussy comparable to a loli's
MC is faggot of the week.

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You are (not) alone. Doujin worthy scene writing itself.

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Nice try you dusty old hag.

unironically what are some anime's where the MC heavy-handedly BTFO's stupid anime thots like this

one i remember is in Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat where the MC spelunks a haughty tsundere by verbally laying her out (like a pancake) about how she's as flat as a pancake and shuts her down so hard she becomes a submissive waif

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We need webm of last week's episode too.

Ginko was a mistake.

based lolicon king
ginko worst girl


This scene made me angry. No one is this dense, not even the Japanese loser of the week.

Watching that made me feel sick.

It's called menstruation you fossil.

So I don't watch this show but is he just distressed and acting emotional or is he just actually acting rational and doing what he thinks is the best for her?


Tsundere abuse is a respectable fetish.

Fuck, meant to reply to

Well she acts like a bitch,smack him and mow she act soft while he is fucked up? Well this is how he react



what anime?


There's no come back my friend.

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Fuck this nigger MC

Worst MC since Sakurasou.

Damn son, I haven't watched the new episode yet. Will Ginko recover from this?