Name your favorite androids in anime

Name your favorite androids in anime.

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lacia onee-sama

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R. Dorothy


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What does Lulu's armpit smell like?


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As cute as Lulu is, I need to wait for the recency bias to wear off before I can say she's better than my all-time favorite android girl.

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I love Android 1i8!

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she's cute, does she turn good?

true one love

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She will eventually

>draw a girl
>call it a robot

why are these androids gay?

>"You're a louse, user."
What's the best response to this?

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Here's a sadly underappreciated one.
Nono is wonderful.

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Lulu is asexual.


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No will remember this android but she was goddamn amazing

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he must really want that boat

Good armpit

lol u r gay

How can piles of fleshes even compete?

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