What the fuck are we supposed to expect in this?

What the fuck are we supposed to expect in this?

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Dumpster fire

Depends on what new Ultraman Anno likes the most.
Probably expect this youtu.be/q-AiuqW6yio

Time loop or another reboot.
>3.0 + 1.0
Shit isn't even subtle but Anno still thinks he's a genius

Didn't he name it 3.0+1.0 because "4" in Japanese is し and "death" is 死ぬ and he specifically DIDN'T want people to get the idea that the title was a play on words between "4" and "death"?

>after that, and the end
>not, and anti
What did he mean by this?

It's not actually possible to create something people will accept at this point.

It's right here

That's just stupid.

It's going to be complete garbage, just like 3.0 was. Anno is so far past his prime it's not even funny.

Top tier subversion. Almost Rian-tier.

This is the half-life3 of anime

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When the fuck are we supposed to expect this?

No. This will actually come out.

i don't care anymore how shit is it going to be, just give me the trash it will be and i will swallow it, i just need to end this fucking cicle for fucks sakes

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Fucking this. If Anno was to direct a SW movie, it wouldnt be too different from whatever Rian does.


that's despera.

When the fuck is it even supposed to come out? Didn't Anno actually start working on it after doing Shin Godzilla?

Probably late 2018.

you be dreaming.

They even skip floor 4 in buldings because of it though.

You just had to remind me

just let it die user,
it's not worth it.

This. Honestly who the fuck cares anymore. It'll come out whenever it has to, we'll all watch it and then all talk about how shit it was. We all know its gonna be shit. 3.0 cemented that.

Not to mention the hype died back in 2016

That's when it's slated to come out, but there will probably be delays.

The fundamental problem is that it's a reboot.

Nothing Ano did could have worked, people would always like the original series more than anything he did.

Is there a more pretentious chuunishit title?

Why even bother when 3.0 was a massive trainwreck?

Weeaboos were loving the hell of 2.0 because muh pokapoka and lel shinji has balls now XD and unironically proclaiming rebuild was superior to NGE in every way but 3.0 was too divisive except for the fujos