A reminder that a man who tried to kill all of your friends and enslave your planet is more attractive then a man who...

A reminder that a man who tried to kill all of your friends and enslave your planet is more attractive then a man who tried to protect you from that happening.

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vegetal short

frieza thinks yamcha is attractive though

Vegeta settled for used good and now has to watch and cheer for the guy who is cucking him out of the wish and also killed his entire race and family.

Even Goku respects Frieza more than Vegeta

they broke up before Red Ribbon arc becuase Yamahcha was a cheater, why dont you try actually reading the manga

What the fuck are you talking about. Do you mean in super Goku respects Frieza more?
Stop saying lies you fucking spastic.

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Actually what's worse, dating a cheater or someone who was going to kill you and all your friends?

Bulma dumped Yamcha because he was sleeping around once he got rid of his gynophobia. Altough she and vegeta hooking up was toriyama being a hack.

i honestly chalked that one up to a one night stand that ended up as a relationship later

No, just a plot point for gril fans of the manga.

what the fuck are you on about, yamacha didnt want her so why would the date.

I wanted her

>in denial


>Was toriyama being a hack
But it's completely realistic of women.

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When Vegeta came to Earth, he was a genocidal maniac that no one liked. Bulma only took a liking to Vegeta after he showed vulnerability. Yamcha was still more attractive, but his personality didn't gell with Bulma as much as calm Vegeta did. Also he cheated on her.

Thanks doc

Reminder that Piccolo killed Goku, Chiaotzu, Master Roshi, Shenlong himself, and entire nations of civilians and now he's Goku's goddamn babysitter.

Current Piccolo is also part Kami

But he not only asked Kami to be the dominant personality but he still acknowledges himself as King Piccolo.

He did just fine raising Gohan without Kami.

Reminder that Bulma is a canon slut.

He was a good friend.

He can't call himself Kami now that Dende is guardian.
Yes, but it's all factored in as Piccolo over all redeeming his past sins. Look back and understand that the evil King Piccolo was really just Kami's mistake, a concentrated vessel of evil he split from himself.

It still makes more sense than Friezy pop becoming friends with Goku.

King Piccolo was able to find some good in the world immediately after he split so he wasn't just 100% evil anyway by the time he died. They simply wished away Piccolo's sins with the Dragon Balls, what would stop them from doing it with Frieza? They wouldn't even need the Super Dragon Balls for that.

I think you underestimate Freezy Pops. If you had given King Piccolo the level of power Frieza had, his crimes would have been even greater. Frieza's only real crime was a sense of entitlement due to his supreme inborn talents and whether he realizes it or not, his desire for revenge against Goku has caused him to learn about humility and respect for the first time ever.

This just look at sweden and you'll see countless rape sympathisers as well as women thinking they can integrate terrorists by fucking them.

I thought it was pretty cool when Vegeta fucking trounced King Vegeta and told him he'll never be as strong as him because he blew up Earth and never obtained inner peace with Bulma.

Yup women are dopes
Men are stupid
Welcome to life

A villain from every single arc has been redeemed since the start of Z except frieza
>??? (Frieza soon)
>Androids 16 through 18
>Fat Buu, Kid Buu as Uub

Onlys only right we get a frieza bro.

Not completely wrong

I doubt it'll happen, if only because of how wildly out of character it would be for Freiza to not want to kill Goku and how out of character Vegeta would be for accepting and for giving freiza for what he's done.

I want some of that inner peace inside Bulma's vagina.

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Vegeta's a good guy now, he'll definitely forgive best villain

Literally being in denial. No one cares about Vegeta, not even his wife. Everyone has always cared about Goku more. Yes, everyone has always cared about a retard more than about Vegeta.

>What's worse, dating a guy that is indiscriminate with their love or a murderer?

Gee, I don't know senpai.

>It was all about personality and Vegeta being more attractive
>also yamcha cheated on her

It sounds like, by what you are saying, that Bulma wanted Yamchad but since he was too much of a slut she had to settle for Vegetlet

So Tori is a hack for that, but he's not a hack for pulling that bullshit with Yamcha, who showed no inclination toward that type of behavior, all to make Bulma look better even though she's always been the one flirting with every good looking man she's ever met? Don't give me that. He had no good reason to assassinate Yamcha's character like that, especially since the behavior in question is never shown. That's what made him a fucking hack

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The Virgin desert raider vs the Chad Prince

vegeta is chad. tf you expect OP?

Yamcha cheated on her many times, she was not going to choose him after that.
Vegeta is canonically faithful.

>tfw Bulma has higher expectations with Goku than Vegeta
Poor Vegeta, always second fiddle to Goku

They didn't date. They had a one night stand that resulted in a baby. And bulma always lusted after goku so she settled for second best Saiyan...

Yamcha was a fucking bandit. Bulma always goes after psychotic degenerates. But it turns out vegeta was the superior choice to father children
>second most powerful man on planet
>willing to be cucked by kakarot

What he's saying is Yamcha was a weak faggot that kept dying whereas vegeta could actually protect her and her children she wanted.

Yamucha cheated on her numerous times and it was clear that he wasn't committed to their relationship.

Frieza was a manchild who didn't have any challenges to his authority and power. Goku being a rival has given him growth

>vegetas a cuck now, he'll definitely forgive best villian for stealing his wish, his rival and fucking his wife
Fixed that for you

One eight of all Chinese are descended from Ghengis Khan.
Because women put out for, and even fall in love with, whichever man is strongest, even if they murdered their entire village beforehand.
Because they'd only end up killed themselves if they didn't.
It's not different from how female lions will go out and hunt for whichever male lions ate all of their cubs last.
Survival of the cowardly.

uh no to be fair Bulma gave Yamcha every chance in the world, HE dumped HER so he could keep on chasing other girls, Bulma only went to Vegeta when he came crawling back like a sadsack trying to get her back