Keijo thread

New chapter dump, proofreading welcome

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>...and you're not listening
There's something special about Keijo.

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lol wat

last page, next monday another chapter

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Can we call his special move " The World" its shorter and original


sounds good, a little bit of plagiarism but good

Feels like a year

>no matter how much speed techniques you try to perform on me...
no matter how many speed techniques you try on me...

>I have noticed it for a while now...
I have wondered for a while now...
>no matter how fast she is, how could she has been able to untie the string
She might be fast, but how was she able to untie the string
>but then
and then

>it hurts so
it hurt so
>try to blind
trying to blind

>you may have your power,
you may have such ability,

how meaningless.

>still trying despite the difference in strenght between got guts
Still trying despite the difference in level/ have guts

no, leave memes out

>I have wondered for a while now...
I have been wondering for a while now...

>no, leave memes out
Fuck you, this entire manga is already full of meme reference, or you already forgot gate of babylon

which we didn't change the name to "gate of babylon"

Thanks, such a shame Keijo got axed, it's a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air.

Thanks, I'll do the changes and upload later on mangadex

Is TL user ever coming back? I miss him

Thank you guys for the translation!

I miss Kawaii.

Imagine if these competitions were a part of the Olympic games and translated online.

nozomi is literally perfect

Based braapposter

Can I have sex reading this?

Thanks user, you are my hero.

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I think "crash time of nip" sounds better, i think that's what is used on the wiki as well.

Looking at what this user said
Maybe "Time of nip", "World of nip" or "Nipple time break" could work?


>World of nip

>Keijo is finally getting translated again

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Where do I read it?

Only watched the anime, didn't read because there wasn't enough translated

You read it in the same place you read other manga.