Brace yourself, upcoming season is actual dogshit. multiple instances of - shows based on video games...

brace yourself, upcoming season is actual dogshit. multiple instances of - shows based on video games, CRUSTY old reboots&remakes, sequels & threequels & split cours, and good studios wasting their efforts on shoujo/fujoshit.

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>ass detective
didn't adult swim already do this?

Golden Kamui.

Your point is invalid.

>Cutey Honey Universe
It's already the best season if the year so far.

Unironically betting that Pretty Derby will save Spring for us.

>Horse girls
>Insanely stupid "JAPAAAAN" premise, just crazy enough to work
>Cute designs
>Horse girls
>PA works - if it's good it might be AOTY material. If it's bad, in this case we still have hot horse girls so it'll probably be entertaining-enough regardless

Persona 5 BABY!

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>Fist of the Blue Sky
>Golden Kamui
>Megalo Box
Nah senpai, your dumb.

-Gundam Build Divers
- Shokugeki

> Intrigued by
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Golden Kamui
Steins Gate 0
Persona 5
Lady Layton
Full Metal Panic
More than enough anime to make me interested, and I came into this season interested in Violet and Darling and ended up loving Violet, Sora Yo, and Yuru Camp, and Mitsuboshi Colors.


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heres your post

now go back to whatever faggot infested site you came from

>ass detective
unironically going to save the season

Guess I'll just be looking forward to Mahou Shoujo Site then.

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>not watching new lupin season

whats the matter, don't like sports anime?

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Thank god we have the prison guard BDSM soft-porn to look forward to.

Why aren’t you watching the other secret yuri anime next season, user?

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>tfw I don't give a shit since I won't be watching anime after this Saturday

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My Hero Academia season 3 hyle

Anyone else gonna be watching 3d kanojo? the manga was generic as hell and the 12 episode hoods adaptation is almost guaranteed to be shit but lol what the hell i guess we got nothing better to do

See you next week

Treasure it because season 4 never ever

This, I'm hyped as hell so I don't really care if nothing else looks good.

>all that faggot shit

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I want recreators season 53

>lol what the hell
Go back.

No thanks. As they say, you’re here forever haha

>edgy shit by some psychopath who hates little girls
Yeah, no, I won't even watch the edgy webms of that one.

Newfag cancer

t. 2014 "oldfag"

Oh fuck Franxx is 24 episodes. I'm not thrilled about learning that.

The manga is really bad though

Horses are disgusting animals. If I could kill every horse I'd do it.

This might be the best season in a while. Because I'll be watching backlog.

I was on board until I saw the girls' sizes.
Everyone's big, the only slightly lower than average adult height isn't nearly petite either. Not my cup of coffee.

There's a bit of a range to them though.

From the looks of it so far Vodka is by far best horse.

Exactly. No such thing as an awful season.

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Stream your suicide.

see you in ten months, spic.


Same, I was hoping for 4 cour.

When will you moefags die

>Spring 2018

And so begins my deep dive down the anime rabbit hole.

Fuck me I haven't watched an entire seasons worth of shows since 2013. When did production ramp up this much? Even I might struggle watching all of these.

How the fuck are they going to adapt Golden Kamuy

will this be a good opportunity to get into lupin III?

I want to go back and watch the others but they have 100+ episodes.

idk about you but I have a bad feeling about this

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Can you recognize anyone here besides Oberstein?

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>complaining about a season that includes a continuation of Full Metal Panic
OP would have been lynched for this posting opinion on Sup Forums a decade ago.

To be honest though, I agree this is a mediocre season - Megalo Box and the new Cutie Honey are the only other things I care about. I expect nothing good from the LoGH show (12 episodes? why even bother?).

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>12 episodes

What the fuck

Are they just adapting up to the Imperial frontier arc or something?

>Franxx ongoing
>Cardcaptor Yugioh ongoing
>Futaba Sakura The Animation
>Steins Gate the 3rd Remake
>Tokyo Edgelords
>My work realtionship is too cringe
>FMP The 10 year prequel
Is the season still shit?

>not wanting wotakoi's diabetes

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I liked the old FPA uniforms better

S;G0, Hinamatsuri, Masotan. Nothing else looks good

It's 12 episodes and three movies if I remember right, which is probably intended to cover everything up to Kircheis dying

Not really a problem for me. I've upgraded to only reading manga and not caring about anime.

>I've upgraded to only reading manga
Funny way to say you've gone back to being a casual.

The first Lupin series is just a normal 2-cour anime.

Watch it nigga

There is wixoss and Hoozuki, 2-3 potential great anime here and there, I want to believe.

I'll give it a watch, going in almost blind, but I have low hopes. Magical Girl Raising Project already took battle royale and used it to criticize smartphone games and users, let's see what this can do but I fear it will feel old and out of place.

It's interesting this and 3d kanojo are airing in the same season.

these niggers delayed chio-chan
get new pv

>Golden Kamuy
>Piano Forest
>L U P I N
>SAO Alternative
Looks pretty good, LOGH might also still be a fucking masterpiece despite the gaysketball designs

Lupin is almost entirely episodic, watch it whenever

Amanchu and BNHA is all I need.
Still haven't caught up with all the good stuff from this season anyway.

If they didn't go full bara gay like the later chapters of the manga it'll be good.

bretty gud
If you understood Japanese, you guys were shedding tears at this PV
It's great PV No1 イナズマイレブン

>brace yourself, upcoming season is actual dogshit.
Everyone says this about every season.

Wait, Megalobox will be a tv series?
I was almsot sure it was a movie.

Only one who is casual here is you.

I'm sure you based that off of a lot of facts.

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I'm going to watch wixoss for sure, so I only need 3 other shows to mix with the 3 winter leftovers I'll keep up with and this season will be good enough for me.

>isekai izakaya's description
Hey, this exact anime has been done before. This is my dark horse of the season now.

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FMP has loads of cgi shit and looks garbage from the PV. Kadokawa are going to ruin it. Fuck this world.

PA Works has made ONE good show. Everything else has been dogshit and I don't understand why people still have faith in them.

>amanchu and dxd
Sounds good enough for me, Persona adaptations are always fun to watch

IIRC Izakaya has more superior nippon cuisine folded a thousand times moments, so be prepared.

I still have to wonder how anyone finds READING about cooking adventures entertaining.
Not manga, not anime, but sol novels about cooking.

>gay shit
No thanks

OP and ED already confirmed to be some soft rock Jpop garbage.
I do not know how old you are but in Japan there are some legendary animations, this one
This is one of them

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Golden Kamui
Mahou Shoujo Ore
Bar Isekai
Akkun to kanojo
3 ep rule everything else

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>seasonal "it's shit" thread
At least try things you faggot.

>Definitely watching
Persona 5

>Might be cool
Isekai Bar
Megalo Box
Steins;Gate 0
Gun Gale Online spinoff

>tfw no body hype about Megalo Box

Who is this mister with no body, because I saw plenty people looking up to it.


Hm is that new Binan Koukou focusing on new characters or something? I don't recognise any of them.


>the title is "3D girl"
>it's a 2D cartoon

Is it femdom, femsub or omnipandering?