Scanlators shove their credits page at the second file instead of the final one

>Scanlators shove their credits page at the second file instead of the final one

Why are their egos so high? These always get purged in my folders without fail.

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Why don't you just learn Japanese yourself you entitled fuckwit

Because they worked hard to get there. Learning japanese is a chore. Scanlating is a thankless job. The least they could do is get recognized for their work, good or bad.

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>getting something for free
>still complains

>scanlator rage quits and completely stops working on a relatively obscure finished manga that isn't getting any other translations because of the election and the fact that some people on Sup Forums are reading their scanlations

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When you buy a book from another country you won't find translators information after you fucking started reading it. It's either in the first couple info pages or at the very end, not after chapter 1. Doing after the first page is obnoxious as fuck and has no right being there, regardless if it is pirated shit or not.

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If anyone's willing to do everything else (cleaning, redrawing, typesetting, etc.), I might be willing to help translate Karakuri Circus under the name "Make America Great Again Scans"

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The publishers put their mark all over it. Have you ever read a book?

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The difference is that you pay for that book. What scanlator groups offer is a weekly, free release of a product you get to read and enjoy without giving nothing in return. The LEAST they can do is letting us know who's behind all the hard work that getting the manga, scanning it and translating it entails.
You're a stingy bastard.

What, a watermark on the bottom of the pages? That's not comparable at all.

When that comes at the expense of the reading experience then yes, I'll be stingy as fuck. I can find out quite well who they are if they make it the last page too. Funny thing is that hentai scanlators never pull this shit, explain that to me since they are doing for free too.

If anything, those pages are a service to me more than they are to them since it allows me to investigate them if I want to know if they're catching up on a manga I like or doing anything else I find interesting and it still doesn't cost me a cent

Nothing more frustrating than a scanlation just disappearing into limbo with no way to even contact the people who were scanlating it

Better than the gif shit that Japanzai did at some point, really.

Then let's see you do it when they stop scanlating it because you were being a whiny bitch.

>>When that comes at the expense of the reading experience then yes, I'll be stingy as fuck
for something you're not even giving money to? go get a CR account or pay for a VIZ membership then if it bothers you so damn munch. Also hentai usually doesn't have dedicated groups to scanlation, it's a combined effort mainly by annonymous people but you bet your ass they put their names all over the place when they scan and translate the whole thing from the get go.

Cool. Just put your translator's page at the end so I can delete it like everyone else's, ok?

You're missing my point. I don't mind credit pages, I mind they shoving them in after the story has started.

Cool, a motivation for me to study more until a better group replaces your egotistical ass.

>Also hentai usually doesn't have dedicated groups to scanlation

What? As in for a specific series? That's not true at all, some groups always translate stuff from the same artists and there are TONS of groups out there, with credit pages I might add. But they all fucking understand that interrupting the fap with a credit pages is not something anyone wants to fucking see.

>reddit spacing
Please end your life

>meme argument

>When they attach shittily done deviantart tier fan art for a few pages before the actual fucking chapter

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Why do you go out of your way to make it known that you're an entitled little shit?

I'm glad you'll eventually be able to understand why this is so important, actually. I actually would prefer groups put it at the end, I'm just pissed at you being so whiny about it.

lurk for 10 years and then come back you mongoloid.

>The group is slow as fuck and LITERALLY months behind current release but none other dares because muh scanlator honor
>It's a semi-popular manga too

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I know it. I actually use credits pages so I can track groups in RSS feeds and shit instead of relying on the goddess or other conglomerates. But credits pages in the second page is bullshit and I'm going to say it. I rather not have to delete anything.

This too.

It could be just as annoying in a compilation if the credits were placed at the end of each chapter, though. A lot of old or semi-old releases have a credit pages per chapter in them.

True, but that isn't done in bad faith.

Fucking niggastream.

Banning /djt/ was a mistake.
Here OP, start learning maybe you'll understand an iota of the amount of work they had to do to scanlate:

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I'm in contact with some hentai scanlators so I'm well aware, thank you. They are just more humble than you.

I'd only feel a bit upset if it was some sort of masterpiece that doesn't include title pages at the start of the chapter or in the second page, so an in-between page would ruin the immersion given the heavy dialogue/appreciation of the art you are supposed to have from panel to panel. There are way worse things in 00s scanlations that were definitely not done in bad faith that no one will ever care to address given most subgroups didn't know better or where limited by their own resources and knowledge.

Oh yeah? I have something worse than that

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You are like little baby

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>scanlators make a page commemorating their "group" "party"

Why is this allowed? Anyone who would host this garbage should be banned from the internet.

I liked when niggastream would would make editor's pages for shounenjump and then add their comments too.

Show something that can top this. I'll wait.

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I have nothing against terminally mothers

We put our credits at the bottom of a page, out of the way.

>buy official book
>credits are before the contents
Stop acting like this shit is new, doofus.

How sick is your mother?

Fucking millenials

Indeed, and not in the middle of the contents, which "second page" implies.

I can't remember the name, but that one manga about a demon that climbs up to the human realm had the biggest watermark I've ever seen.

She's fine. Old, but fine.

>second file

still no Jin translations...

Don't be pedantic. The point is that the first page is the first actual page of the chapter, and the second being a credits page, interrupting the flow. Regular artbooks or official releases don't do this, their credits are either before the content or after it, not in the middle in a way that it interrupts the flow.

>scanlators add a 'support the official release' page to appease publishers and discourage takedown notices
>it's at the end of the chapter, behind a recruiting page and several bits of fanart where almost no one is going to see it because if people actually supported the official release they'd lose their ad clicks

>Don't be pedantic
Second file is not the same as second page and your comment makes zero sense in the context of a second file rather than a second page. You're an idiot, congratulations.
>The point is that the first page is the first actual page of the chapter
The first page is the title page.
>Regular artbooks or official releases don't do this
It is very common to have a title page, with the credits/copyright page following. Get smart.

It's the same fucking shit, jesus christ. Here is an example if you can't wrap your head around it. Instead of naming their credits 99 they do 01c so you are forced to go through it after you started from 01.

A 00 would be better but no, gotta make sure the readers will go through it after they start from 01, forcing them to read your shit and interrupting the flow.

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I cringe everytime. Were the scans slow too? Did KC delay on it while taking on even more projects?

>Show something that can top this. I'll wait.
>pic related is the 4th page of the chapter
I tried.

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Who the hell cares? Niggers who watermark the pages are infinitely worse.

>japanese book has a page before the title page (or at the end) with publication and copyright info
>english release replaces it with relevant info for that version
>this is the same as having to click past obnoxious scanlator credits as the second page of each chapter

Missing the point this hard can only be deliberate facetiousness.

One bad problem doesn't absolve the other. Forgiving the lighter stuff is how things get progressively worse.

Honestly it's the scanlators who are acting entitled. You don't deserve that level of credit for converting moonrunes into real words. Any professional translator worth his salt doesn't want his name anywhere prominent; his goal is to make it seem like the work was originally published in the language he translated it to. Scanlators who do credit page inserts are like fansubbers who insert credits to themselves alongside the credits to the people who actually made the work. It is the height of egoism.

If the credits page is the first or last image, with no other extra images, besides a TL note/reference page, I really don't care.

>Then let's see you do it when they stop scanlating it because you were being a whiny bitch.
Honestly I'd just go back to doing other shit. I don't *need* scanlated manga. I'd just read western works.

Except it isn't a problem. OP is the first person I've ever seen complain about this. But if you really want an answer, they don't put the credit page at the end because 90% of all readers stop reading on the last page.

This is just inexcusable

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What's wrong with that? Dude just wants to show off his new tattoo

>OP is the first person I've ever seen complain about this.
What a load of shit. You're either flat out lying or willfully blind. You might as well just say, "Oh, so you're a hater?"

Tough shit, most people leave the movie theaters before the credits roll too, but that's just how it is. If you are effecting the original work in any way then yes, it is a problem.

Then don't read it. Pretty simple.

It's common as shit for artbooks to have a piece of artwork on the very first page, then the table of contents/title page/publisher and staff information on the page 2-3 spread, you dumb fuck.

If you get this triggered by it then why not translate your own things? You won't have to put or read any credits at all.

Oh yeah, the one where the guy climbs down mount rushmore, the group plastered a rant in every single page after the scraper sites took all of their views.

This. The goal of professional translators is to provide the work to a new audience with as little interference as possible with the original authorial intent.
Shit like is about as bad as it can get, using the audience of people who like a particular work to solicit for donations.

The difference is the author put that there. The scanlator is some fag that nobody cares about and nobody SHOULD care about. Using someone else's work to brag about your own is about as classless as you can get.

ITT: Complaining about petty shit and stolen goods

It's interrupting though. It's like an ad, I don't watch it but it is still in the way.

On both sides desu.

See as to why your point isn't remotely relevant to what this thread is about.

If the artbook was translated from another language, you bet your ass the name of the translator is listed there alongside everyone else involved with the release. Not just "the author".

>/ak/ dropped all the webnovel adaptations

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It is quite literally one page which you'll look at for like two seconds before going to the next and reading the story, holy shit get a life

>digitalpleb trying to whine
It is very common for ads to be placed between pages in the magazines they debut in. Dumbass.

Isn't that between chapters? Even if it isn't, that's really the bottom of the barrel of a standard since those are ads and not fucking credits.

I've got a few physical issues of Jump and the only time you'll see an ad in the middle of the chapter is if it's part of the colour insert, and even then it's not that common. In all other cases they go between the chapters, fucknuts.

i cant believe there is an idiot that has the audacity to compare manga TL's with hentai TL's. did your mother cheated on you father with some kind of nigger? anyone who has read enough of both should know from the dialogue in an average h-manga that it's not a valid comparison. please kill yourself.

So you think that because the dialogue in average is more difficult the translator has the right to interrupt? What about poem books which are extremely hard to translate, should there be a credits page between every poem because it is just that much harder?

Point I was making is that both are comparable since they are doing something that requires effort for free. The language can be easier but the editing can be just as challenging if not more if they decensor stuff, yet they aren't pulling the bullshit you are defending.

>someone is even doing it for less so everyone must follow suit
this is how entitled you are. you dont like it, dont read it.

You should be purged from the face of the earth.

Sometimes they have funny shit in those pages, like that girl that did the redrawing of some Tate no Yuusha scenes because she loved the MC to death.

>he has a few issues of a single magazine label
>still admits that was right
Watch out!

Remember that one time an user removed garbage watermarks from a manga and the scanlators got buttblasted?
good times.

Tough shit, you can't filter me out. But I will point out your bullshit.

>someone is even doing it for less so everyone must follow suit

The fact that you interpreted my post this ways tells me that you must have a pretty warped view on the issue if you think book translators aren't getting their dues in the current system.

>he's not entirely wrong but based on my experience he's exaggerating
>give an insult, get an insult, as is the culture here
Ooh scary!

It's pretty easy to delete those, I only get annoyed by random pages of shitty fanart or t/n notes that don't intend to clarify the translation, just their opinion on the events of the series. Fucking infuriates me that they think anyone wants to read their annoying little comments, they really do have an ego and use their position to attention seek in an extremely obnoxious way.

Fuck this guy. I've read Helck and dealt with this shit. Then some time later I read Arachnid and about in the middle of it HE picked it up and I had to deal with this again. Cringed like hell every time.

Itt: swiping past a page is super laborious

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iip: a break of pace and flow is meaningless.

I don't ether, but if you have a terminally ill mother to provide for there are much better and more lucrative stay at home jobs than begging for donations through pirated manga.

dumb phone reader

>bullying a poor cake over a little message asking you to consider helping her and her mother for translating your favorite mangos
>a message so small that doesn't detract your reading experience in any way

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This was probably some twisted prank but.

>broken incomprehensible english
>some fucking color filter on all pages
>chapter is missing half of pages


Yes it fucking does, do you not feel emotions while reading? Must be great reading about someones dying mom in a comedic manga, for example.

Keep that shit in the last page.