Good fighting scenes

>good fighting scenes

They exist don't they? Lets have a threat about it.

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gg go to sleep user-kun

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>ending before it even starts

I'm sorry

Murata has the best fight scenes in the industry

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Right now? Yes.

Toriko was still the best for over the top action in recent years though.

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i'm still fond of Teppuu in this regard.

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Nah a lot of Toriko's action was drawn messy as hell

I wish Waku Waku was never invented.

>everything about this page

I don't see what's good about it desu

He seems to care more about large scale over the top action, then actual well depicted action.

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Murata's good at drawing not composing.

actually preempts the direction of the action so the flow is intuitive.

Could you give some example?

I'm curious to see how a guy like murata could improve.

Literally all of dragonball looks great, i know its streamlined but honestly the cell and buu arcs are better than watching the anime.

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I'm just basing it on the examples here. I do remember he did have some scenes that were like animation, but I'm not sure that's actually a good example.

In Toriyama's strip you can clearly see the movements have a lot of background to clearly see the direction they're always headed and where they come from. And there are clever things like Vegeta spending a LOT of time beneath Recoome, which is a cue that he's struggling upward against someone who's dominant. Even when he tries to get above Recoome he's quickly brought down. Even that panel on the 3rd page of the shot from behind Vegeta's back shows him in a lower position relative to Recoome in our eyes. And right next to it the tilted angle of them fighting to put Recoome above, even though they were almost even on the 2nd page.

Murata has some of establishing the spaces for the character's actions but when Suiryu's clearly the the one aggressively moving, like when he appears in the air above Saitama, it's just a shot of his face with speed lines and Saitama noticing he's gone on the ground. I think it might've been better to have Suiryui above him in that same panel where Saitama's looking down at the clouds to clearly establish where he went. It's not really a surprise either way. In general I feel like space could be better used, like Suiryu's arms just grabbing Saitama in a small panel, followed by a full page knee to the face. Feels like a weak setup for something that's going to take up an entire page.

>Literally all of dragonball looks great,

That's getting into preference instead of objectivity.

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Pretty much, Toriyama is overrated in terms of fight scenes but fanboys like to act like he's the only one good at it

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What do you think doesn't look great, user? Your opinion is totally valid, but you should really explain it.

This, are there other mangas that have good shoot out scenes like ajin?

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it was a weekly tho

>that disgusting digital motion blur
Murata is a fantastic illustrator of one-off poster-like pictures but as a comics artist there are problems

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There's nothing disgusting about it, that's just your autism.

I was sad to hear that Toriyama cared less and less about putting a lot of effort into his drawings over time, because he's far better than people give him credit for. What amazes me is that early Dragonball was so polished despite him having only one assistant.

That picture is a fantastic action scene.
>I'm curious to see how a guy like murata could improve.
More interesting paneling, less standard looking character designs, better use of gesture, more unique poses and expressions, no ugly photo backgrounds, no degenerate motion blur and airbrushing, less blandly executed shading

Above all else there is little that's iconic about the way he draws. The core appeal of OPM comes from ONE.

why smear your drawings with a photoshop tool like a faggot when you can just draw motion blur/smears by hand?

This those drawings probably look better without the blur anyways.


Pig disgusting capeshit.

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I'll say Tsugumomo.
Even the tournament arc is really good

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A lot of Kenichis fight scenes were pretty good and the masters had a few that were decent when they didn't go completely superhuman.

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mad bull 34 has some great over the top comical yet badass stuff though most of it involves guns so it's not really 'fighting'

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The other manga by that artist is really good too, Kiba no Tabishounin.

There were some good ones in Blade of the Immortal.

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I should really start reading the manga

It's up there

It still doesn't have an equal.
I have hope Hori will improve because he's really good with motion.
He sucks at action paneling though.

This post is great and if you're gonna be that way everything except anatomy and perspective is "subjective" and Alex Ross is the best comic book artist of all time.

That said I disagree about the shot where Saitama is looking down; Suiryu not being there is meant to make you feel just as surprised as Saitama. The rest is very valid though and the Toriyama example is fantastic.

I'm not a 'fanboy' of either and would list neither in my 'top 10 artists' list. There's just too much amazing manga art to be fair.

I wouldn't say that's the best example, but then I dunno what would be. Samura is insanely good.

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*would not list either, I mean

I dunno what my top list would be, but maybe...

Monkey Punch
Masashi Tanaka
Katsuhiro Otomo
Hiroaki Samura
Go Nagai
Ken Ishikawa
Shotaro Ishinomori
Noriyoshi Inoue
Eiichiro Oda
Osamu Tezuka

Maybe not but there's a lot of movement portrayed well in just a few panels.

>Above all else there is little that's iconic about the way he draws.
That's probably my biggest problem with Murata. His art is clean and crisp and he is ridiculously good at imitating other artists, however he doesn't really have a distinct style of his own. You can take a bunch of different illustrations done by him and never be able to tell they were done by the same guy because there is nothing about his art that can actually be linked back to him.