Why would anno allow something like this?

why would anno allow something like this?

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>Rebuilds are trash
Conceptualize my electrocution

Anno realized 2.0 was garbage and stopped giving a fuck in 3.0.

Maybe it's a meta commentary or it's just Anno being a hack

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Tfw both of those have an equal chance of being correct.

>that fucking chin

oh my fucking god, is there more of this???

>serves no purpose outside of keeping character designs the same
it's obviously some meta shit again about manchildren and not getting over evangelion.

Or they're trying to sell more figures
Could go either way, really.

If you decide to check out the rest of the photographer’s gallery, beware of furry shit

tfw I have to make an account to see the good stuff

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>having the reading comprehension of a 5-year-old

She’s ugly bro, that’s like 1 of 5 good looking pics.

Damn, that fucking horse face mang, ty anyways for the deliver bro.

>still not realizing that Rebuild is Anno taking the piss at fans

What's the lore behind the chins?

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the sharpest chin wins

The most powerful chin gets to remake the world.

>serves no purpose outside of keeping character designs the same

Did that user miss the part of the story where the Eva units only sync with teenagers? Or the part where the souls of the pilot's parents are bonded with the Eva, allowing them to sync?

he's talking about the rebuilds dumbass

I hate to break it to you, but the fucking Rebuilds don't cancel out how the Evas operate.

Its just some bullshit explanation on why they can keep the cast forever 14 or whatever. Can't have Asuka and Shinji looking all grown up.

Well if you approach it from that direction, wouldn't it make more sense to age the Children up? That way, you'd have new character designs, and new excuses to sell new figures.

Curse of Eva is the literal curse that the series inflicted on the industry and ushering in the era of trash. Everything that was shitty about 3.0 was a reflection of the flawed creative process underlying shows nowadays.

To set up the reveal that Mari is older than Misato and was working for Yui and Gendo the whole time.

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Why bother making new moulds for the models when you can just slap a stupid hat and an eyepatch on them?

>mari is asuka's mother reincarnation

Otaku would rage if their cute waifu turned into an old hag. He only got death threats letters in EoE.

But is she still a virgin?

they were teenagers during the original setting, because they were born around the time of the second impact

>never mentioned before
That's because you never got to see them age in the original. Everything was over when they were 14.

>never explained
It was long-term exposure to LCL.

>serves no purpose outside of keeping character designs the same
They wouldn't have been able to pilot Eva if they got older, dumbass.

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Also, keep in mind, there are issues with Rebuild, but characters not aging isn't one of them.

who is responsible for this?

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Say the line.

They shouldn't be able to then. It's a dumb fucking plothole cover, made up just so they can do time skip.

I have heard that the Dead Space franchise has been intentionally murdered by creators to avoid becoming the new Assassin's Creed cancer by intentionally removing everything goo from it and replacing it all with cancer as well as putting the eding of the series into a DLC as a cherry on top.

Now that I think about it it feels like Anno is doing the same to Evangelion.
the 3.33 was so bad it's like the people at Khara were sweating it to make it the worst and 3+1 reveal trailer with literal Franstenstein's abomination EVA was intended to sed the message
>there's nothing good there, just get out of here and go watch soething new


Anno is at that stage in his career where he's surrounded by wage-slaves who don't have the balls to say "NO!" to his bad ideas.

i.e. people are most creative when they have a little bit of restraint.

I've never seen someone write themselves into a corner like what has happened with 3.0. What the fuck were they thinking? What's 4.0 going to be about? Is it even still coming out?

So, the rebuilds are the special editions?
Huh. We lucked out with George just making aesthetic changes to the original trilogy.

Holy shit I forgot that the rebuilds were a thing and that 4.0 hasn't even come out yet

larger chin = stronger AT field

Explain Mari riding 02 and Asuka test driving 03


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There was a line in Ideon about how the ide energy is a curse, the Curse of Ideon if you will.
You know full well by this point that everything Anno makes is a ripoff of some better anime, so you shouldn't be surprised by this kind of thing anymore. Unless you're a newfriend who hasn't lurked before posting of course.

Or he straight up doesn't give a fuck about Evangelion and uses it as a cynical money making scheme since EoE while stablishing producing power through his new studio/the Godzilla project.

Rebuild 1 was obvious about this, come on; the least 4.0 should do to be good is to be so crazy it basically insults the moeshit audience once and for all (because the original ending and EoE just wasn't enough, as seen).