Will there ever be anything like it again?

Will there ever be anything like it again?

And don't say Franxx.

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Madoka is literally better. I can't believe that anyone still believes the messiness and inconsistencies in NGE aren't abundantly obvious.

Any 'inconsistencies' you think NGE contains are actually more likely you not understanding something.

Madoka has some shallow as fuck characters, it's nothing like evangelion


I ask myself the same question. I'm pretty sure civilization peaked in the 90s and it's tumbling down from there. The best song, anime, movie that exists now won't be topped in the future. The best book is at least hundreds of years old.

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Define "like it". What would be your criteria to consider something "like it".

Good Anime that shitted the bed by the end? Plenty


E7 did everything this awful series did better, and that was only the fucking exposition. A cultist pedophile ends the exposition. Imagine, your favorite series topped in an ironic exposition.

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Absolutely no anime today will ever be better than prime GAINAX. From NGE and FLCL to even TTGL. Everything today lacks heart and passion and it'll never be the same. Madoka was probably as close as it'll ever get, but even that wasn't even close.

Monogatari gives me a closer "vibe" in heart and exploration than Madoka. Like every other Urobutchi Gen story, Madoka'a characters are just outlines for his ideals

Nice rec thread, 10 tiles kun

>Madoka'a characters are just outlines for his ideals
Good. Psychological realism is garbage.

Top left definitely the best.

although i liked madoka, i do agree that the other characters aside from madoka are not nearly as fleshed out as they are in EVA

madoka and Gundam are better

thats sort of true but half of it is just boring exposition.

Fuck you satan, rebuild is shit and you know it.

It's acquired taste for Nisio writing. People who say they hate Monogatari cause the writing are people I can't argue against, even if I love it. Urobutchi's writing just doesn't flesh out characters in a way that make them memorable enough that I think about them and their journey after the story is over

Evangelion is a shitpile. A boring, pseudo-intellectual, bloated shitpile that takes itself too seriously, with an unlikeable little turd of an MC.

Prove me wrong evafags, you can't.

You want good Gainax? Watch FLCL, Panty and Stocking, Madoka, or TTGL. Fuck Evangelion.

Everything intellectual looks pseudointellectual to dumbasses.

Since when is Madoka Gainax? Since never. Watch more than 20 anime before posting on Sup Forums

Madoka is not even talked about anymore. Eva is 22 years old and gets 5 threads a day minimum.

And this is why nobody likes Evafags, even its creator.

Oh, you're that guy who posts this in every eva thread

Thank you zorome

By that logic, anyone whoever says "Eva can't be handled by brainlets" is also the same person. Sup Forums isn't one person.

>Watch more than 20 anime before posting on Sup Forums
make me

Everyone can tell you're the same person, it's super obvious. You post the same thing in every eva thread using the same words.

Last reply. Go get your attention some other way.

>people still believe that anno is an intellectual
this feels like angels egg all over again, with oshii publically claiming that the movie has no point, yet pseudo intellectual fans try very desperately to shoehorn meaning into every single frame. there must be a subconcious reason why A was drawn and colored the way it was, it cant possible be for aesthetic reasons alone. people have been fighitng the same pointless battle over EoE for two fucking decades now. he meant this, no he meant that, while anno himself openly states that he meant nothing. disagreement for the sake of disagreeing and because certain sequences are as vague as they are, they think that interpreting them based on some shoestring evidence or borderline non-existent connection, that they are incredibly smart and educated for doing so. wonder how many more decades it is gonna take for this farce to finally end.

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NGE > Manga > Death >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rebuild

this unironcally (even though technically it was first)

Anno himself praised Madoka and said that all the "symbolism" in Eva was just there to make the show stand out in its time period. It worked. But Evafags still insist their anime is "deep" and this is coming from someone who likes Evangelion for its psychological aspects. If Madoka fanbase is horrible, then the Eva fanbase is completely appalling.
The only thing that gets talked about Evangelion are the last episodes/EoE and things akin to "Asuka/Rei is my wife" (99% of the time).

Why do you keep samefagging over multiple threads like this?

This, I only just finished Madoka a month ago, threads are more coherent and much less shitposty than Evangelion threads.

>The only thing that gets talked about Evangelion are the last episodes/EoE and things akin to "Asuka/Rei is my wife" (99% of the time).

Just like this, Eva threads are god awful.

>aesthetic needs to mean something
The depth is in the characters

Those characters never really grow, Evangelion characters are just classical "show alot but don't tell" particularly with EoE's ending.


Except it gets better with every new release instead of worse.

Dude, fucking this. Shinji is a fucking whiny little fag who somehow managed to be even more annoying than Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki. Asuka is a generic tsundere and Rei is your shy girl trope. Only character worth anything in that heap is Misato.

Do you think Episode 1 Shinji would have masturbated to Asuka's comatose body? Do you think that episode 8 Asuka would have tried to kill herself? Do you think episode 1 Shinji would have gotten in the EVA unit one last time in EoE?

>Becomes increasingly unbearable as episodes go on
L-Look everyone, this is a good thing!

>complains about having to risk his life 17 times and be around people who are mentally unstable
>characters never really grow
>be shown character growth

Evangelion was surpassed by K-On!! in 2010

Shinji is the most mentally unstable character in the entire show you moron. His dad literally gave him the opportunity to have a meaning to his gay life, gave him a variety of women, and even would end up leaving Shinji to run NERV later in life. But here we see Shinji screaming woe is me like the pansy twink he is. What a trainwreck of a character and a show.

FranXX is the Neon Genesis Evangelion of our generation

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My favorite poster in eva threads is that one guy who posts "Anno hates his fanbase, eva is for pseudointellectuals, madoka is better!" every thread

May be true, but at least Franxx is written well.

Top left is the only one where it looks like she's actually forcing a smile, which is how that scene should be.

Shinji tried to run away several times, Asuka's character arc was hinted at since her talk at the spa with Misato.

By grow, I mean Asuka and Shinji never resolve their issues in a satisfying conclusion. Its left to the viewer "oh, they might have worked it out" or "maybe they killed each other after One More Final"

He is mentally unstable, but the blind cannot lead the blind.
>gave him a variety of women
>an attention-seeking, self-conscious, somwhat narcissistic bitch
>a robot
>a woman who thinks all men want from her is sex and can't have healthy relationships with men because of it
A slightly reductive view of Rei, but still mostly true.
Shinji was two when he left, and his mom brought him to the place where she was killed to become EVA unit 1 to emotionally manipulate him into serving them.

If you only watched it once, you didn't even get 5% of the information. Evangelion is a series that needs many many rewatchings to be understood.

My favorite poster in Eva threads is that one guy that complains about others but never offers a rebuttal to arguments, and does nothing but shitpost.

Sounds like I hurt your feelings, little guy.

He rejected insturmentality. That was obvious. Early-mid-late Shinji would not have left a place like that.
Hinted at, but not really made until later.

This. Anime died when Gainax died

We dont know this yet.

>you are not allowed to interpret art for yourself
Of course someone who can't even capitalize would be so absolutely retarded. Guess what, Angel's Egg and its imagery isn't original, and the symbolism, especially the religious and neo-gothic imagery, stretches back millennium. As such, there's inherent meaning behind it that speaks volumes even without intention. For Oshii to depict it is meaning in and of itself, as it means he was influenced and captivated by it beyond words, on an inherent level.

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Just wait for my novel to get animated
I'll make it happen before I die

I doubt it.

They don't work out their relationship, period. Everything after it is pure speculation.

I'm steps away from getting patents for new diagnostic tools for a few pretty common diseases, so I will probably have the funds
And I'm autistic about detail of even the most minute character dynamics so the bigger problem will be getting the entire story line finished
I'll make it happen
Otherwise there's a loaded gun waiting for me

>They don't work out their relationship, period.

Really good argument man, I'm convinced.
Just curious: do you hold some position of petty authority IRL (like: police officer, teacher, etc.) and you're used to people just accepting what you say?

see, the problem isnt that you interpret something, but that you try to sell your interpretation as fact. if a director says that a work has no meaning, then you claiming for it to have just means that youre unable to listen. art can be created for purely aesthetic reasons, and youd be well served to accept that.

>if a director says that a work has no meaning

Anno has never, ever said that Evangelion has no meaning. He has never said anything remotely like that. He said that the name was chosen because it sounds cool.

Why do you lie like this? Do you have some kind of personality disorder?

wasnt aware that oshii directed nge.

I think a lot of writers are afraid to go to the lengths Anno did because you have to put tons of yourself into the writing, and at some point it becomes a loss of privacy.

For example, the masturbation scene was probably created because Anno jerked off to Asuka and felt guilty about it.

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If you're not talking about NGE then what is the point of your post? Fuck off and stop playing dumb.

>stop playing dumb
at least i am in a position to play dumb. you quite clearly suffer from a mental disorder, so playing dumb isnt even an option.

Oh, I must have missed the scene where Asuka apologizes to Shinji for treating him like a dog and Shinji apologizes for fapping to her. Must have been in some super special edition of End of Evangelion.

Why do you think either of those things are prerequisites for them having made up?

You don't need any more proof than the place they're at once all's said and done.

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Are you genuinely retarded? Take your faux apathy tumblr-grammar and go kill yourself, you teenaged worm.

>le 2 deep 4 u cartoon

Because there is still alot of bitterness felt even in their final scene together.

>if a director says that a work has no meaning
Give me the quote where he said that. Maybe the narrative as a whole doesn't have conclusive meaning, but the symbolism itself has inherent meaning even if just copypasted into film (which I doubt).
>art can be created for purely aesthetic reasons
Which would be meaning. Take a film shot of a landscape, taken purely to show the aesthetics and beauty of it: that's the meaning. Etc, etc. Your definition of meaning here appears to pertain purely to narrative coherency, while falsely claiming symbolic imagery is meaningless.
>. if
>. art
Fuck you if you don't even have the decency to try for a minimum level of quality discourse. Don't reply to me again with this low-effort ESL spew.

>Are you genuinely retarded?
he asked, after showing his inability to follow to simple response chain.

Repeating what the other person said but saying it in a dumb tone isn't an argument.

Sorry, my anti-intellectual friend, but some things really will be too deep for you, assuming you're the 90 IQ retail worker your posts paint you as.

>all things need to be fixed between characters

>Because there is still alot of bitterness felt even in their final scene together.

There isn't. You can only see it that way if you haven't rewatched much and don't know all of the facts.

What do you consider to be bitter? Yes, Shinji choked her, and the right panel of explains it had nothing to do with bitterness.

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i'm non-ironically the 143iq PhD in neurobiology and neural networking student who has read more books in his life than you've seen in yours, and NGE is a pile of pseudo-intellectual garbage that you can't recognize as such because you think anything vague that uses symbolism is deep and lack knowledge of works of art that truly are deep.

Oh my god

This thread just keeps getting funnier.

Madoka would probably be superior if it was longer than 12 episodes.

Other than that no, all of the Eva-esque mecha that followed up were boring, forgettable shite apart from Eureka Seven maybe.

>Give me the quote where he said that
imagine being this much of a philistine to not even know the most basic facts about the works you like.
>Which would be meaning. Take a film shot of a landscape, taken purely to show the aesthetics and beauty of it: that's the meaning.
if thats what you truly believe then theres no reason for discourse. what are you gonna interpret? the fact that the artist considered something to be pretty or aesthetically pleasing? no point in arguing that since otherwise the work wouldnt have been created in the first place.
>while falsely claiming
youre doing it again, user. personal interpretation =/ fact.

I'm a 500 IQ Ph.D in fucking your mom, tyke. Time for you to go to bed so I can write my next thesis... in sign language.

I don't think the thing that surpasses Eva will be a mecha anime. Eva pretty much killed the potential of mecha shows.

The next Eva-tier anime will probably be entirely different. It could even be a slice of life or something like that.

I wish we could have eva threads without shitposting but its not possible.

>boring, forgettable shite
very substantial approach to evaluating art. the protag isnt yelling? damn, i am falling asleep over here.

There's one or two super-dedicated individuals who treat shitting on Evangelion threads like it's their life's work. Kaworu spammer is the big one, and there might be another

It's actually crazy to see how many hours they put into it, I post in eva threads every day and I almost never see one without the same recycled shitposts

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Don't think I've seen Madoka mentioned once on Sup Forums in the past months except for people posting 'Madoka is better!" in the hundreds of eva threads

please dont forget the yuyuyu threads

it flatters me that my reality is so far above yours that from your pov it can only be an exaggerated lie.

Uh, I was telling the truth too, squirt. Your mom says hi by the way.

keep going

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I've never seen the "I-I AM A 143 IQ PHD" gambit used unironically before. Very exciting to see one in the wild.

They don't necessarily to have everything fixed, but cutting off seconds after Shinji choked her and Asuka saying he is disgusting, is intentional for the mystery aspect. Asuka and Shinji having reconciliation would require too much effort and another movie. Which is unfortunate 4.0 wont do this.

Considering she calls him disgusting for masturbating to her and he tried to kill her, its bitter. It cuts off before showing any more.

it's ok user, i don't feel superior to you or anyone here. it was just a jab at your "iq 90 retailer" remark. i still like you, no need to be salty

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