Why do the Mitsudomoes look like chipmunks?

Why do the Mitsudomoes look like chipmunks?

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easier to stuff nuts in their mouths

to stop people from jerking off to them

it's not working


This hasn't stopped anyone.

I fixed Mitsudomoe for you, OP.

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i'm going to marry mitsuba when she grows up, and make her my wife!

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k-on sucks artwise

That leaves the best one for me.

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>one of the most beautifully animated cute-girl shows

Too old.

That way it's easy to fuck them

I'm going to marry her before she grows up and then discard her when she comes of age.

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>the skindentation of her fat thighs
my seed writhes

Be gone, perverts

You better at least leave her with a few babies before you leave

bad art

No you.

I wish we got a third season.

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The first time I saw these characters was in THAT Chikiko's doujin.
Now I don't thing I could ever approach the anime without that in my mind.

very sexy chipmunks

The better question is what exactly was Hitoha reading.

[to the tune of the simpsons intro] the mitsudomooeees

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>Not like adult hamster with pubes

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This is nice.

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>beautifully animated

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the animation is fantastic m8

I can't watch shows like it but I'll defend its animation to the death (your death because I am immortal)

Why are the hamsters so fat?

To make people masturbate to them.

I wonder where the chipmunk mouths were first used

here they are drawn by Ikegami in the first chapter of Sanctuary in 1990

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It made me do it more.

Sunfish if you're somehow reading this I really think you shouldn't take the views of anything expressed on Sup Forums seriously, they're mostly just perverts and social outcasts.

Anyone reading Norio-sensei's new manga Rororo?

Season 1's OP was really good

did rororo end seems she has a new series
Boku no Kokoro no Yabai yatsu

>marry mitsuba when she grows up
Go home.

This fatty is quite erotic.

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Worked for me. Such an ugly artstyle.

If anything this artstyle just gave me a babyfat fetish.

You should get that checked out.

the recent Yoshioka gargoyle chapter
is it implied her dad is a paedophile or that her mother's over sensitive?