Kimetsu no Yaiba 102

Dying of Japanese cold edition

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Thanks, TS user.

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Ganbatte TS-kun!

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So Haganezuka is actually a tsunyandere?

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>W O K E

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I dunno if it's okay to put the little note for the doll's name, let me know if I should do something different.

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>Yorichi v1.0
Isn't it Yori v1.0?

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true, oops

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Man I hate that Tanjirou gets ridiculized by the pillars almost everytime he finds one

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Thank you so much!

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That’s that pillar’s little bro right? Staying in touch is a very Tanjirou-like thing to do.

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His name is Senjurou, I think it was a typo in the raws because it appears to be missing a letter where the ゅ should be


>That pillar
How dare you forget motherfucking Rengoku Kyojurou's name, yeah, that's his little brother Senjurou

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>It's appearance
Its appearance

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Crow spinoff when

i blame the cold

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Kakushi ft. Crows spinoff when

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That Santa is so cute, I wish it could have been a themed color page of the cast

too lazy to look for the previously done version

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The second one is from 2017, not 2018.

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I can't remember this one ever being translated, where is it from? The magazine?

Are you sure this one was translated because I really don't remember this

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When you upload be sure to make this page come after this page


I got no idea, some people said it was, some people said it wasn't.

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Which one would help Crocodile out more, buying them all physically or digitally or are the royalties the same for her either way?

From a special print-out for Children's day that unfortunately didn't have any digital versions.

fixed some white spots, renumbered pages

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Oh, you're right, I found's pretty old so I highly doubt it was ever translated if this is its first digital appearance

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>I hate how main character gets ridicule by his superior after he tried to judge his misbehavior despite not being higher rank than the said pillar

Is like telling your boss to go fuck himself and not expecting him to punish you.

I think people just got deja vu from having the "tanjirou is tone deaf" omake gag so many times

I like how manga portray of ancient karakuri doll is on par with the level of future robot even though its mechanism only allows the doll to do certain thing.

>Why did you forget what it's like to be human, Muzan?

Man, I had Internet outage for two weeks but I feel like this series went from 500 posts a thread to almost nobody, did I miss something?

Oh you finished. Okay, let’s see.

user, this is the same setting as magically color changing sword blades, literal magic demons, not!magic breathing techniques, and trained communication crows. Who knows how they actually made the doll in this series.

It had a short-lived popularity burst here around the chapter 100 that quickly died out.

We're pretty much back to business as usual, it seems

I see, I was surprised how it suddenly got so popular but I guess it's just such a comfy series not that many people want to discuss it unless there's all those demon reveals

Reading this series has been one of the biggest highlights of my every week for well over a year now, I was happy to see so many other people seemed to be liking it

Most pillars are dicks, but fuck this guy with thst broken mechanical doll in particular.

We should be glad that they're just dicks and not negligent, or corrupt or anything. There could just as easily have been a bunch of infighting bullshit, but every single one of these guys keeps their eyes on the prize, that's pretty good for this type of group in a shonen


I spent 40 minutes combing this over and didn't find much.

pan 3 side (missing): Woooow!!

They’re dicks but at least they show their cool sides too

I'm pretty sure they can be explained by science, so that means they are not really magic but some sort of eldritch technology.

Love how the bird of Inosuke and Zenitsu are just as crazy as the real ones. One feel suprior and isnt joining and the other is totally incompetent.

Dunno if you want to translate the singing omake

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Wow its late. I mean, I can if I actually didn't

I think it was a combination of being close to/hitting chapter 100, translations being delayed, plot developments/new characters reveals, and old fashioned necroposting. I'm fine with tiny threads because forcing them to stay alive just pisses people off.

We were all excited about the Upper Moons but now it's just back to the Tanjirou show.

nobody cares that taisho nip had functioning battle robot?

like vacuum tube and circuitry

this mist pillar SUCKS

can't wait until he turns BASED

up to you, i don't remember if it was done or not

Apparently it's never been available digitally until this, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't ever translated (following this thing since the beginning, I certainly don't remember it)

Now let's sing

Today's Children's Day! Let's sing!
[side] Yeaah
You know a song Inosuke!?
Of course I do! I'll kill you!!

Let's light up the lanterrn
And give some peach flowers to everyonee

No, that's for the Hina Festival.
And you're super tone deaf!
I have this habit of raising my voice at the end.

You're supposed to sing the carp banner song.
Carp banner!? A demon!?
No no. It goes like this.

Haiiighh up on the rouuuffhh
Is the caarp
Banneerrghhhh [Please, if someone can make this more lyric-ish]

You're tone deaf too?
[Bottom] Serialized in Jump Comics Super extra special!! Kid's Jump!! (2017)

I will assume I didn't because I don't remember shit.

It's 3am im gonna lie down and collapse now

Thanks for everything!

He certainly had the most plain design, I wonder which Pillars will get killed when the upper moons attack

Good night

good night

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Put them up when you're done. Imma night night now

Unless anyone else sees mistakes of course

>it's just back to the Tanjiro show

Nothing wronf with that mate

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Do you know who's talking in the last bubble for the first strip? It looks like it's pointing to Zenitsu, but it looks like it's talking about Inosuke?

Might be too tired to tell, but I think it's Inosuke because no angry marks on bubbles. Though maybe it's Zenitsu, in which case
>You seem to have a habit of raising your voice at the end there!