It's almost time for another disappointing episode.

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Animeonly pleb here

Who's Jeldabaoth?

good question

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Post-human utopia when? Humies are nothing but violent, overzealous, tribal apes.

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Shalltear couldn't and wouldn't want to live in a world without humans though

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Demiurge's evil twin brother. Momonga-san made him by accident back before the end of Yggdrasil. Hopefully Ainz-sama can beat him.

Then just keep some humans in zoos and force them to donate blood now and then. Sometimes even ascend one with a race change item if they prove worthy. At least until you develop artificial blood, then just castrate the zoo humans and let their generation be the last. Humans are so stupid they destroyed their planet, it's too dangerous to keep them around.

>another game collaboration
Just make an overlord game already, I want to roll for shalltear.

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one month and one week until Neia dies

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Post your best Isekai cuck fantasies

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Honestly Tsuare must still be well traumatized and generally fucked in the head even though she seems fine.

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I want to reincarnate as a cute, unaging maid with a huge appetite, serving a good lord.

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I never understood this picture why would Albedo want to have sex with a regular maid? she's loyal to Ainz

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I want to give Narbs a swollen belly to match her silly dress.

This doesn't bode well for nazarick

Yuri sex isn’t real sex, that’s why shalltear is still a virgin.

>you will never get to be a cute heteromorph and eat humans
Feels bad man.

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They're accessories who are around Ainz-sama all day, they merit some smelling at least.

If Ainz told Albedo women are allowed and don't count would she use fellow NPC's to quench her lust?

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>eat humans
Why not just have lab grown human flesh? Would you eat it? I would.

Renner is my favorite Overlord character because she's smart, pretty, nihilistic, has 90000 IQ, has a wicked sense of humor, loved by everyone, and is sociopathic; just like me!

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When does it air?

In 7 hours and 36 minutes.

oh boy!

I don't understand this picture

female on female isn't NTR? That means if I enjoy my woman being stolen by another woman I ain't a cuck?

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You're even worse than a straight cuck. You're so bad that your woman turned gay just to cheat on you.

LOL excellent joke my friend. Terrific kekery.
So bad that his woman turned GAY?? Just to cheat on him?? UNREAL. LEL
Your joke is causing hearty and boisterous guffaws from exiting my boilermaker. Keep up the good work!

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It's from before your time, kid.


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>tfw dropped the show last week
feels great

>dropped the show
>couldn't drop the thread
Gonna guess you didn't drop the show, either.

It's not nice to lie.


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Literally the only thing I wait for in this fucked up season is Entoma fight and her bug form.

Can't wait actually. They better have a fucking budget for it or I'll make more lame pepe poems.

That Albedo looks fucked up

>inner monologues by many characters absolutely central to LN narration
>completely left out except for Ainz who himself is largely left out of the season

what did they mean by this?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

It works in written literature because unless you suck at reading, you'll read through sentences faster than when a character voices out their thoughts. Most, if not all, book adaptations cut/shorten monologues because they know it only will drag a scene out.

I thought that was Renner in a maid outfit for a second.

This picture reminds me of that creepy Goofy cosplay. It's something about the nose and cheekbones

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Reading Volume 3 when suddenly

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There are more memes ahead.

Prepare for a wild ride

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Say it loud, say it proud.
Sasuga Nigel-sama

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I wanna lick Neia's sore butt to cure it.



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Wait, Jaldabaoth is pronounced with a "ya" sound, not a "ja"? What the fuck?


Dude, wait for a bit

You're in the middle of your LARP session when this qt3.14 vampire comes to you, slaps your spider's ass and ask you to marry her.
What do?

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I don't really get why humans are so trash tier
>Dark Elf has one of the best AOE nuke builds in Nazarick and is frankly one of the strongest guardians
>humans are trash, no sign of any good dwarf builds either
are Ygg devs really that fucking gay to make elves viable but force humans and dwarves to race change?

So since the episode is supposed to feature Jaldabaoth that means we'll get the entire Entoma fight this week, right? I wonder if the cliffhanger is going to be Jaldabaoth stepping in or Momon appearing.

We always knew it was ヤ, and Yaldabaoth is the more common Western spelling of the name anyway. It's just that Maruyama went with Jaldabaoth romaji in his books so translations stuck to it too.

Im waiting for the English dub

Ygg humies aren't shit, it's just NW humies who are. And even then that's mostly due to under-leveling and (possibly) level caps.

If there are human and dwarf players, they are probably on par with Momonga. Therefore, they will have NPC creations on the same level as Nazerick.
The normie humies you see aint nothin but a bunch of mooks playing checkers while Ainz-sama plays 3D chess.

What the fuck. Why is regular looking Ains and Shallchair there with bootleg Chinese Elbado?


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How did you know that I'm a spider?!

Teach her a lesson she will NEVER forget.
Come into MY house? Slap MY spider?
New definitions of pain and suffering will be added to her lexicon as I guff her tiny bazongas, smack her can, and grip her gams with a fiery rage that knows no bounds.

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There's no indication that YGGDRASIL humans were underpowered overall, they just had slightly lower base stats and got some cool stuff from having more class levels instead.

In the New World the main reasons the average ogre is much tougher than the average are basically:
1) The typical ogre has several levels in being a big, fat, tough ogre, while the typical human has several levels in being a fucking farmer.
2) The ogre probably has a few more levels overall since its savage way of life involves bashing the heads of other ogres, goblins, etc. on a daily basis
3) The gear that would mitigate the difference in base stats to a large extent is very scarce and expensive in the NW, whereas in YGGDRASIL you probably had regular upgrades and gear progression from the lowest levels. The relative difference between a 15 STR ogre and a 10 STR human gets smaller if they're both wearing +10 STR items.

*teleports behind you*
So, YOU're my enemy?
*kills you with vertical slash*
Ans another mission easily accomplished.

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*throws black bean bags at you*
Guess it was time to get serious, after all. tch.


>if they're both wearing +10 STR items
or cash shop crystals





If that pathetic slash maked you go serious, then you should know that you don't have a single chance against Momon.
*points you with the sword*

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You've uncovered some ancient records,I see. What a fierce battle, mayhaps an ancestor of mine partook in such a clash.
However, you know too much.

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Or that.

Anyway it's anyone's guess (in the end most talk of YGGDRASIL meta is purely speculative) where the balance lied throughout the levelling experience, whether the higher versatility & utility levels for humans trumped the base stat advantage for heteromorphs at low/mid/high levels or vice versa, how the lower effective job level cap for heteromorphs affected build viability, etc.

It would be a fun game to play. For once the VR bit is the least interesting, conceptually this sort of game could work without any fancy graphics stuff.

*it does nothing*
It's not for nothing they called me a "Heartless Beast" in the past.
*kills you*
Owari da.

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>that awkward applause at the end

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She could. She doesn't need to feed from them and she has all the toys that she wants in her room with endless spawning POP vampire brides. All NPCs in Nazarick consider the tomb a paradise with everything that they need to live.

notbothertoreadthelightnovel-fag here, any explanation the reason shaltear also want momon's D ?


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who wouldn't?

>It would be a fun game to play. For once the VR bit is the least interesting, conceptually this sort of game could work without any fancy graphics stuff.

What are the chances of something like a non-VR Yggdrasil cropping up as an indie game?

Why did Ainz give Neia a death sentence?

Humans were better in YGGDRASIL, that's why most people played humans. Because getting more skills is way better than having better stats. Also you didn't got any penalties from PKing heteromorphs, so they were rarely seen outside of their worlds while humans could adventure in any world.

Dude's up to his eyeballs in waifus and cute girls already. He can spare a few.

He didn't, he just gave her a 15% chance of dying.


>non-VR Yggdrasil cropping up as an indie game
0 because this generation of MMOs is all about sandbox bullshit with each player having access to everything
this doesn't bode well for people who pick one race and stick to it

This sucks so much.

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Things like MUDs do exist though.

>Be warrior, /fit/
>Roleplaying with D&D community
>Having a great time, suddenly out of nowhere fat mage appears
>Its the guy that always has to win
>Have to lose on purpose if not no more TTRPG buddies
>Starts contemplating skipping these live sessions

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then it's not even close to YGG since the whole point of the VRMMO is that people with faster reflexes had an advantage over people with higher levels

So I've started reading the LN, but haven't caught up to the anime yet. Should I watch tonights episode or wait until I've caught up with the LN?

A minor factor that only comes into play among top-tier melee class players is not "the whole point".

>abusing enemy FoV is a minor factor
>DPS that relies entirely on the speed of your brain is a minor factor
>specific skills that are used just to fool your enemy's vision are a minor factor
yeah you keep telling yourself that a 2D indie game is the same as a VRMMO

The middle one is a non-factor, spells have cast times and cooldowns. How fast you process information and take action based on that is not specific to VR games, it's a major factor in anything except turn-based systems. 1 and 3 can be simulated in non-VR games too.

Trial was shit compared to the LN. Probably today's will be as well.

>spells have cast times and cooldowns
gee user I didn't know your 2D indie game would only feature spellcasters
>How fast you process information and take action based on that is not specific to VR games
but only VR games require you to perform a minimal amount of movement to use something
hell, if we're talking about the same YGG, it was operated by the brain rather than their limbs
that means no macros and no tool assisted fuckery
>1 and 3 can be simulated in non-VR games too
yeah dude a limited FoV totally can't be circumvented by a spinning macro on top of a separate tool that keeps track of all nearby entities and alerts you of any sudden status changes like "false data: life" etc.

Wait, there's a saiki kusuo anime?

>but only VR games require you to perform a minimal amount of movement to use something
What? Button pressings, controller usage, muscle memory in general is very important in all sorts of real-time games.

>gee user I didn't know your 2D indie game would only feature spellcasters
It's explicitly said reflexes were not a deciding factor in normal play and was only important in PVP between top tier melee players, so you're wrong.

>that means no macros and no tool assisted fuckery
Yggdrasil explicitly had macros and they were used all the time.

Read the fucking LNs again, speedreader.

So from the threads I got that she's pretty strong, but is she on Shalltear level?

>Button pressings, controller usage, muscle memory in general is very important in all sorts of real-time games.
>comparing facerolling the keyboard to actual movements
>he doesn't realize that the keyboard favors the shitter with no mechanical skills
>It's explicitly said reflexes were not a deciding factor in normal play and was only important in PVP between top tier melee players
except no PvP matters except for the highest tier so why are you even bringing this up? to make yourself look worse?
>Yggdrasil explicitly had macros and they were used all the time.
>that means they will also be in every real life VRMMO
>also to make this comparison even more retarded, you compare VRMMO macros which omit chanting and some movements to MUD macros that make the game play itself
holy shit you could NOT make yourself look more retarded than you are right now
it's like I'm talking to a crossboarder who just got a whiff of Overlord thanks to /tg/ Dungeon Meshi threads

>the guy yhat always has to win
Surely you can talk about this with the person or the group. And make a movement of change that enhances the experience for everyone by moving the stories in interesting ways and also talk about how roleplaying is all about the exploration of different social interactions.