Why does Type-Moon keeps milking Fate?

Why does Type-Moon keeps milking Fate?

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Why do you think?


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It's their most profitable franchise, so they push it as hard as they can.

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I dont think its even reached its peak yet

It's the reason why I hate Fate after CCC. Nasu said that he won't write anymore after it, but then FGO came along and shit on everything TM-related which implicitly a scam to make money instead of good writing.

Fatefags will buy whatever they shit out. I hate fatefags so much.

It's easy cash in which they don't have to try hard to make anymore. With FGO they made plenty too the point they can retire peacefully even after Fate dies down by killing itself with over-supply.

I don't see it growing any further after people get completely get bored with the franchise. FGO already brought the greatest amount of money and newcomers Type-Moon could hope for that anything else at this point is just a bonus on trying to keep the franchise inevitable decline alive.

Even F/E was lame, they couldn't make something new and relied on a various TM-fanservice, which looked stupid in new setting, but still it was enough to sold this crap. CCC was overall better as a game, but it's still same shit. They couldn't abandon old characters.

why bother comming up with anything good, if secondaries buy your shitty garbage anyways

How many servants does FGO feature at this point? Did they reach 100 yet?

I don’t know... Why does Sup Forums keep making daily fucking threads of it?

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>They couldn't abandon old characters.

Why not?

Why do kids these days actually complain when they get a sequel?? I hate Fateshit, but good on the retards who like this trash for having a never ending stream of content to enjoy.

Most likely because they weren't confident that the game would sell well if they didn't re-use old characters. Nero looking like Saber from FSN seem to be because they thought no would buy the game if they didn't have Saber in it.

The appeal of the newer content is intended for an entirely different audience than those who enjoyed Nasu's old works.
The only crossovers is brainlets who unironically used to read Type-Moon for fap bait and power levels shit.

It seems like it's all the same shit to me.
Hi Sup Forums

Because quality of those works dropped significantly. It's more and more shittier than you even expectet.

It's literally on track to make 1.1 billion dollars from FGO.