Precure Time

I'm so sure, she just carries around a vid of the commercial to asspain herself at will.

So what are y'all's thoughts on the new season thus far?

Also, do not bukkake the fairies, please, or take Himelda's pancakes.

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I could swear that Hana's dorkyass bangs are Dumb & Dumber inspired

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CL's movie is really fun.

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Freaking love this bgm

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I want to fuck this leek.

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>announcing their weaknesses to them
bloody brilliant

>muh boyfriend

So Lulu is the fourth cure, right?

It's a pretty good season for haglovers.

We have leeks already?

Oh, that reminds me. Thanks.

>android Cure

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Fuck off.

Oh sorry. "It's a pretty good season for those who love mature girls/women".
There you go, sorry I offended your fragile soul.
Also avoid it if you like little girls, needless to say.

>being unkronically this autistic over the taxi skank

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I am beginning episode 7 and I see Saaya doing the intro. How come she doesn't blatantly blurt out her fresh, pure, underage age like Hana does? That's my favorite part!

I'm just answering that person honestly, while giving him a fair warning.

Hana's stupidity is already established

Is there any particular reason why the cures are almost all middle school age, when the target demographic is more around the younger half of grade school?

You mean it wasn't always like that?

Because little kids look up to middle and high schoolers. They're supposed to be aspirational figures.

Look at the top of her head!

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By wearing lewd costumes?

Smug girls should be cherished, not fucked.

I completely forgot to go to the movie.

Macherie is confirmed to be younger.





Why not both?

I want to be Nao's dad.

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Is this proto Harry? it might be a coincidence but I doubt it, he looks way too similar.

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>So what are y'all's thoughts on the new season thus far?
Hell of a lot better than the last two, that's for damn sure.

Hugtto is pretty good so far, but the monster designs are too large for my taste.
I prefer it when they are more humanoid.

I think it's on purpose to make them feel more oppressive and claustrophobic, to fit better with the narrative of ruined dreams the generals represent.

Hi guys. We need more magical lesbians! Please come to these links. Thank you!

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Holy shit, fuck off.

It's time to stop.

Ya damn waifu traitor, do you even watch precure?

Cute toy.

They're zakenna from futari wa.

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Proto-harry appears again here. Do people know if he's from a previous movie/series? I checked on the precure wiki but I can't find it but he has to be, he's there with minor characters from other seasons and movies.

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I don't remember that fairy at all, was dx2 it's first appearance?

It's from the second movie of Max Heart.

Ah yes, you are right. Muta he is.

Bathing with my sperg daughter

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damn, he's ugly

Shiho is not for lewd

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Would you live like this?

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>wake up in my Precure room
>put on Precure diapers
>eat Precure curry for breakfast
The life I want to live.

not with that comforter, rug, or hello kitty lamp

The bushes outside the window look like giant cauliflower.

I hadn't thought of that - what ruined dreams do the generals represent?
I was guessing that they might represent the deadly sins, aside from the android. First slacker was Sloth, the current skank would be Vanity.

>doesnt hace sex with her brother

That's doki

Failures of various era of modern Japan. Lulu is the future, Papple is the bubble of the late 80s, Charaleet is early 00s.

She did and Saaya is their daughter.

Is Hana autistic?

But Saaya's parents dont look anything like CL and Pikario

Oh, I thought you were talking about the other incestuous precure.

Has leek girl not been in any other acting roles since that commercial years ago which she holds on to like some kind of moment of fame?
Has Saaya's mom been in any other acting roles other than a commercial?
Can you even become famous by being in a commercial?
Everyone was talking like she was some kind of hotshot actress, but all they talked about and showed were commercials. If she'd been in some budget TV show I'd understand but who the hell recognizes actors by the commercials they've been in?

don't bully the lovable little derp

Can anyone post a screencap of Rhythm calling out Hibiki's name in the movie when latter got knocked down hard? I need it for reasons.

>Has leek girl not been in any other acting roles since that commercial years ago which she holds on to like some kind of moment of fame?
We don't know, but probably not. I say this because if she was a one-shot child actor she would not bother having a rivalry with Saaya.

>Has Saaya's mom been in any other acting roles other than a commercial?
Probably yes, or she is a model. See pic.

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Also, maybe they talked about that ad specifically because it was recent and popular.

>like some kind of moment of fame?
It's not "like one", IT IS one.

This is Toei, good chance they'll bork this whole ordeal somehow.

Not very recent if she's a wee loli in it, lad.

There was this movie ad with her mom. Probably, for young girls it's just easier to recongnize her from recent commercial, than from grown-up dramas.

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A background role as a leek in a short tv advert, is not what I would call a shining moment in someone's acting career.

Oops, was thinking about Saaya

Was it autism.

Are you talking about
the ad Saaya was in, or the one with her mum?

Leek girl had other roles unless she was lying.

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Saaya's mum is too beautiful to be hot.

She's just an energetic child.

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I'm the edgiest.

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Ghosts aren't real

So far doki ain't as bad as I thought it'd be,aside from the some of introduction episodes being boring it's been okay (granted I've only seen 10 episodes so far).

I want to take HMR to Moscow!

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Doki was not bad, just a bit too easy to forget and a bit too much Mana-wanking-

I want to raze Moscow to the ground with HMR Khan!

Then we shall go to war. HMR will be the new Helen of Troy.

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"I'll be having your virginity."

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I like cartoons that are full of pink girly things.

>too much Mana-wanking
No such thing exists

*hugs you*

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Is one of these characters really going to be a precure otaku

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Why is Parfait represented by rainbows? Is she gay?

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Fuck off

Fuck you faggot
Rainbow is a precious phenomenon of nature
You gays don't get to claim it for yourself
Holy shit gas all the gay niggers

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HMR so bold!

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