Is this true for any anime girl?

Is this true for any anime girl?

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Only if the ones on the right have a penis.

Any fair-skinned character is improved by being made brown.

I'm trying to think of a character this wouldn't work for but I can't



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Tan lines

Also white pale chicks are spoiled and bitchy. Brown keeps things onthe ground.

i hate niggers
i hate elves

I love my brown girls but honestly, pale skinned blonds make my dick super diamond. I'm black though so that may be why.

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What are you some kind of nazi dwarf?

Roll a D6x2 then a D20

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Elves but thanks for playing

This only applies to elves for me. Human blonde and pale is better

I don't see the bulges.

>i hate niggers
>i hate elves
t. guts

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Isn't this the original one?

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Dark skin is a turn-off for me.

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Yes, there really are people with taste that shit.

Sort of. Brown girls are good, but there shouldn't be so many of them. Also, they should have no white hair.

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It works because they're not actually black or some kind of primitive. It's just a really powerful tan.

give me some pale skinned qt any day of the week


No, i fucked both of them, last night.

is Sup Forums being subverted right now? what is this shit?

would not bang the pajeet.

>I only seen 3 animes

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Can't trust dark elves.

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Where are the dicks?

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But pajeets are good girls. At least anime pajeets.

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>not wanting to have 2 sets of ears

only shitskins actually believe this


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I'd rather take one of each.

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Sounds like you just need to be raped by one to change your mind

This. Contrast is key to maximizing sexy levels.

1) wood elves
2) high elves
3) dark elves


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I think you're onto something.

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Why not both?

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God I wish that were me

Vanilla and choco really suits my dick.

Brown threads have been here for almost a decade dumb redditor

objectively correct answer

> elves
> brown
> the "Grandma bought the wrong shampoo" hair
Absolutely disgusting in every way.

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It most certainly is

It's like the opposite of real life.


I think they tend to look more albino, and it's a bit creepy.

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Diversity triumphs again

>I'm black though so that may be why.
Also probably because you download porn from blacked too much.

> again
Has it ever?

It wins in 2D

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> not even that dark skinned
> no sausage lips
> no giant flat nose
> no pubic hair on the head
A tanned white girl is not "diversity", user.

It's 2D diversity, which is better than 3D diversity, as 2D always is.

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both are true

I like my (half-)elves bespectacled.

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There is nothing more delicious than a chocolate girl.

>the contrast between semen and tanned skin

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Not exactly. To a certain degree, yes, if there hasn't been much thought put into the character's overall aesthetic, brown takes them one deviation away from the mean and makes them more interesting. However you can easily go the opposite route with a little effort, and make a pure-white snow queen elf, for example. It's not that "brown" is better than "white", it's just that the exotic is more interesting than the norm.

> no penis

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I want to jam it in Ram.

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>Is this true for any anime girl?
Shitty bait aside, no. Some look good pale skin, some look good with dark skin,the overall image is worth more than any individual feature. Same with chest size, hair colour, voiceetc.

it's Sup Forums

Blacked is meh most of the time but I do enjoy when it's with a blonde girl I like. I've always loved white blonde girls. My first ever waifu was Blonde Launch from Dragon Ball and now I'm married to Miki. There's something about them that makes me diamonds.

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