Pre-2000s anime thread

What are you watching? What are your favorites?

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last thread for reference.

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kung fu robots

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>Archived at 267

These lovable idiots

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sexual harassment robots

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It's absolutely true that old Japanese stuff handles that stuff better, but Japan seems to draw a much, much bigger wall between what's ok in fiction and what's ok in reality so media representation doesn't really reflect society. Everyone in Japan loves Miyazaki, Tezuka and Ikeda yet their progressive views hardly rub off on the society as a whole.

Women's rights stuff in Japan back in the day was literally not called feminism so it's pretty americentric to call it that. It's also way more complicated than "if you say this or make this sort of work, you are feminist". The co-writer and director of Belladonna of Sadness also wrote some arguably misogynist, but definitely not progressive, things before and after. Oshii has strong female protagonists but then said stuff in interviews like "women have more control of japan now and are not taking it in a good direction". Isao Takahata showed socially conservative views in an interview about Only Yesterday. Tomino prefers female fans and generally likes women but has also said stuff so crazy about them you'd have expected them to come from the mouth of a youtube MGTOW. Leiji Matsumoto too.

Sunao Katabuchi I think associates with the term but he's not a self hating baby like American male feminists. He actually went out of his way to make Arete more of a human story than the original book, actually giving the oppressive male villain a sad backstory and making him realize he was a cunt by the end.

>the subject got treated with far more respect than the lgbt respects themselves these days.

There are a fuckton of gay and bisexual and trans people who aren't into the dumbass culture stuff, likely most. You only notice the retards because they're the ones who rub their identity in your face.

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Not sure why this Leiji quote didn't become a meme because, holy crap:

>Interviewer: There is a pattern in the way you draw women. What is your view of women?

>Matsumoto: Those who come are welcome, those who leave are not regretted. Never bring shame on a man. An angel by day and a prostitute by night. Kind-hearted and warm-hearted. And a woman who will live forever in my memory, that’s the ideal.

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And in the Yoshiyuki Tomino Complete Works book, Tomino said that feminism past the 60s is "a form of hysteria" and that it's the mens' fault for letting it become like that. Also something along the lines of "when a woman tries to talk to us like a man, we won't listen".

This was in the early 2000s; in the early 90s he was completely batshit.

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Where is the lie

I like how Anno is all "lol what"

tl;dr old anime guys ain't all like Miyazaki and honestly Miyazaki has to be hiding some skeletons in his closet too

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For example, the description on this picture...

Attached: nausicaa1.jpg (500x705, 133K) this.

Cute anime girls obviously give him a boner, just as much as military equipment gives him a boner. But both go against the public image he tries to create for himself.

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Tezuka I believe was mostly honest about his worldviews, except that he was a big contrarian and arguably pretentious about his taste in art and animation. Yoji Kuri ain't better than Urusei Yatsura and Gundam 0079, faglord.

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Not watching any at the moment, but I still rewatch my favorite 90's show once in a while.

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what show is that?

god dangit

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any romcom that can measure up to maison ikkoku?

Is Kimagure Orange Road worth finishing? I liked the start of it, but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy romance triangles. I only tolerated the one in SDF because it was more Hikaru learning what a cunt Minmay is
One of the funniest yet cringe inducing romcoms is me trying to get a date

I watched the first Spirit of Wonder OVA. The cast is fun, but the whole plot was kind of weird and didn't make much sense.

Are there any shows with some fleshed out settings? Or at least something where the setting feels alive. I haven't had a whole lot of luck on the fantasy end of things since most settings seem to be either fairly stock DnD or just have whatever the author thought was cool sprinkled in without much thought put into them.

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Not too well versed in fantasy anime, but I liked what I saw of Escaflowne. Slayers is supposed to be great as well.

All trash

About to watch me some 8th MS Team

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>Every single anime made from 1912 to 2000 is garbage
>Literally every single one

I've watched part of Escaflowne, but didn't finish it. The BDs have come out since, so I guess it's a good time to give it another shot.

I'm eighteen episodes into Slayers S1 and it hasn't really clicked for me. Is it worth sticking through to S2 if I've been lukewarm on the first series?

I don't know Slayers looks like shit to me lmao

not sure what you mean but jin roh has one of the best settings for me.

Eh, it's Slayers, somebody else is guaranteed to have an opinion on it.

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Wanting to get into mecha, only seen a little. Tekkaman Blade any good?

Princess Nine

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Princess Nine

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Is this just Ace No Baseball?


Thanks,looks fun.

No problem!

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Im watching OG Dragon Ball and ive just started the red ribbon army saga

Damn,Black Magic was awesome.

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I watched Dragon Century. It was not very good and the seemingly infinite crappy 80s OVAs makes me wonder how these even got greenlit, even if they had that infinite bubble economy money.

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>Yatterman finally starts to get subbed
>Animesols dies and kills the last hope I had
>2008 show gets fully subbed
>Crabstick as hell

Why does the west not appreciate Yatterman like is does other Tatsunoko shows?

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because it's sillier and you can't be pretentious about it probably
yep, great OVA. nice nonstandard Shirow storyboarding too.

Windaria fleshes it’s setting out through visual world building very well for a film, obviously you can’t do as much as you can with a tv series but it is definitely immersive.

looks good to me from a skim and almost every old OVA people harp on as an example of "infinite crappy 80s OVAs" is usually above average compared to most anime in general.

>he was a big contrarian and arguably pretentious about his taste in art and animation
What are you talking about? I always thought he seemed really down to earth.

I thought episode 1 was really comfy and made for a nice short film type of thing, episod 2 was a bit weaker, but I love most 80s OVAs.

I finished Utena and feel like watching it all over again to better grasp all the subtext going on in there. I really liked the story and the message it was putting out, or at least the way I understood it.

Even 20 years after its release it felt quite fresh and subversive to some prevalent anime tropes. I even liked the animation despite the 90s tv-anime limitations they had since the style was pleasing they really knew how to direct animation, pacing and soundtrack to get most payout out of the limited frames they got.

Somebody should've recommended this to me a decade ago...

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>almost every old OVA people harp on as an example of "infinite crappy 80s OVAs" is usually above average compared to most anime in general
That's exactly how I felt watching Macross II, Violence Jack, and Yamato 2520. I was all prepped to hate them, then they ended up being pretty enjoyable, if clearly flawed in multiple ways.

Episode 1 dived into the "suddenly we are under attack by demons" plot in the last third too quickly, it probably should've done that at the end of the first episode and then had the second episode continue that plot, rather than timeskip into post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

Well the thing is that you didn't make awful picks, there's lots of good or at least okay OVAs and an equally large number of bad ones. You can't generalise, but there are a lot of OVAs that are forgotten even by OVA standards for a reason.

Yeah, I have a hard time finding 80s OVAs that are worse than mediocre personally. Once in a while you get a Nora, but most of them are either visually engaging enough or just plain competently put together enough to make them a positive experience.

I watched Ruin Explorers. I loved the first episode, but Lyle kind of sucked the fun out of every scene he was in, and he ended up being the focus of the second half, not Pham and Ihrie which was disappointing.

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If you liked the Jack OVAs, read the manga. I think you'll like it more.

One I found mediocre overall was Battle Royal High School also by Itano, but even that one had some brief phenomenal scenes. Same goes for the obscure-ass Le Deus which was mostly boring... but then the final battle was mind-blowing.

The one I liked the least was probably the first Geist OVA but even that one isn't even vaguely close to being the worst thing I've seen.

Yeah, I didn’t have an issue with the pacing at all. Not masterfully done, but it didn’t seem jarring to me or anything,

I think there is a certain mythology propped up by late 90s and early 00s fans about how bad anime was before Eva that ties into this. There was a certain limited scope of what would make an anime good at the time, and anything that reminded them of anime’s older image of “those one shot violent Japanese porn cartoons” set out in the early 90s had to be rejected to to foster an image of anime being misunderstood and actually the realm of intellectual and artistic misfits far above the normies.

I watched the Crystania movie and liked it, which I'm pretty sure is an unpopular opinion.

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They don't make them like they used to.

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NEXT is better, but not a radical departure from the first series. Try the OVAs though, you might like Naga.
Not that I'd recommend Slayers as an example of impressive world building given that it's a D&D campaign.

Anyone feeling the after the arc where Astroboy literally fucking died and was revived, the manga just isn't the same? I don't remember much of what happened after, just that my enjoyment dropped a whole lot.

It's cool but it didn't do well probably because it's a weirdly animated Gosenzosama/Utsunomiya-styped thing but made for people with mainstream fantasy anime taste.

If it was something more overtly creator driven/"artsy" it would've gotten an appreciative audience.

Any chance the first ashita no joe movie will ever get subs, especially now that there's a bd rip?

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is there any original animation in it or is it just a clusterfuck of the first season

Somehow it either did well enough or the creators liked it enough to give it an OVA sequel.

God knows what's up with this guy tucking his scarf into his belt though.

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maybe it did better back in the day; I doubt the handful of people who leave user reviews represent the Japanese audience as a whole.

Gundam ZZ is legit good and no one can change my mind

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>O My Robot Body

Late 90s counts, right?

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If it aired before 01/01/2000 then it counts

Why would any sane person watch the movie when they could watch the glorious series? Also the one thing that pisses me right the fuck off about the movie is they changed Joe's whistle for literally no fucking reason. This shit is fucking awesome and it even annoys me that they changed it again for the second season even though that version is also pretty great. Fuck that movie version though.

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Who junk-tier OVAs here?

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I've not seen it yet but from what I gather people just hate on it for being comedic (and will probably say IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY cuz confirmation bias) but Daitarn and Xabungle are comedic and they're good so ZZ is likely good too

Sword for Truth is awesome, it's just basic sex and violence stuff but directed by Dezaki thus cool.

90% of the old OVAs people say are only 'ironically good' have more artistic merit than a great deal of 'objectively good' anime picked by the same crowd.

Anyone seen Sukeban Deka?

no, but I wanna read the manga before watching the OVA because I'm a retarded OCD fag and want to experience things the 'right' way

I know that feel user.
>Think Thunderbolt looks cool
>Read that it's part of Universal Century
>Which means I have to go through 0079, Zeta, ZZ and CCA before anything else
>Don't buy gunpla if I haven't seen its show
>Can't get into Gundam at all though so it's all futile

(except it's not anime)

My current endeavor is pic related.

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>Not anime
Nigga what

>the reference
>your head
Let me help you:

Yeah, I can't remember the story though, only the animation.

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Because I don't want to re-read the manga or watch the first season because it has shitty quality. I'd want to watch the first one just as a recap before watching the entirety of the second season.

This series is too fucking long. I like it but I wish it was like 40 episodes like Captain Harlock.

>Why would any sane person watch the movie when they could watch the glorious series?

The very idea of it baffles me, too. I feel the same way about the second film. I mean, they're watchable but they take away everything that makes Joe great and just makes it okay. You have entire story arcs lost in a single cut sometimes. It's really ridiculous.

Obviously it takes a whole lot less time to watch two movies as opposed to 100+ episodes of TV anime but I figure if you're not going to do it right then don't do it at all.

Ah right. Couldn't make it past the mace part in 0079 so I'm not well versed in gundam

It really is. I tried to do it a few years ago and stopped just past episode 75.

Weirdly I was also trying to do Harlock and never got past episode 3. Though I think it was the same time I was trying to crank through 999 and was also watching the old Yamato series as well.

>or watch the first season because it has shitty quality
How difficult is it to look past the limitations it had for the time? If I can do it, then anyone can. It has a lot of positives which make it worth watching/re-watching. The movie is just an edited down version so it's not like you're getting new animated content.

Fuck off with your general trash, ledditurd.

>Couldn't make it past the mace part in 0079
Nigga what? The space mace is ace!

Joe is a character driven series. What makes it amazing is the gradual development he has throughout the course of the series. Watching a recap just takes away the interesting aspects about the series. He doesn't even become a likable character until like 30 episodes in but when he does, it's very rewarding. You can't get that satisfaction with the movies.

I don't know, I saw Amuro deflect the rocket with the mace and was just "Yep this isn't for me"
It annoys me that Amuro gets away with so much bullshit because he's in a Gundam, but for all of Zeons intelligence they simply can't beat him

It's not translated, is it?

Story wasn't all that interesting and there were only a handful of well animated scenes, sadly the best shows her losing.
But the directing was interesting, was it was very Dezaki-esque. The director had just worked under Dezaki und Aim for the Ace 2.
Which I really, really, really want to watch god damnit.

To be fair, I don't think they ever used it again.

But then again, if you can't just laugh your way past the MC's gundam seeming invincible, you really aren't cut out for gundam. It only gets worse in later series, ESPECIALLY outside of UC gundam (like in seed).

Actually I think I did make it past the mace. There was an episode where there was some shit to do with earth and they were battling, a big issue was if they hit the atmosphere they'd burn up on re-entry. Sure enough some Zakus did, and the Gundam was burning too but oh look he has special film that allows it not to burn.

I'm talking about the video quality. I have a 43 inch 4k screen and 480p or below is going to look like ass no matter what.

>the manga is still not fully translated

*unzips Tripple Cross*

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I think that's the same episode (if not it's the VERY next one). 0079 did have some bad deus ex machina moments like that. I would attribute it more to growing pains of the "real robot" genre splitting off from the super robot genre. Tomino's next work, Ideon, makes it even more obvious. I don't think the genre hit maturity until Zeta Gundam.

What's so good about the Laughing Salesmen?

The chalky look of this is glorious.

I like it when animated stuff actually looks like it was drawn.

I know ANIME JA-NAI is memeworthy but Silent Voice is a much better opening.

Yeah, animation just hasn't been the same since animators stopped drawing by hand. Everything's done with computers these days.

Pictured, gif of animation from a 90s anime pre-inking, a relic of the era before animators stopped hand drawing.

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You sure? It looks a lot like Dekomori

There is literally nothing wrong with the Gundam being able to withstand burning up in the atmosphere.
0079 is extremly mature already Zeta didn't do anything revolutionary.


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