What's an unforgivable sin that'll have you turning off a show?

What's an unforgivable sin that'll have you turning off a show?

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Not engaging me enough to care.

Words like "Unforgivable sin" and absolutes will make you enjoy life and the media you consume a lot less. If you are to drop anything, let it be those.

>Words like "Unforgivable sin" and absolutes will make you enjoy life and the media you consume a lot less.

Says you

I hate it when monsters (assuming they are present at all) are never taken seriously as characters or threats.
I hate it in fantasy settings when things like undead, dragons and demons are just treated like fodder and can never elevate to a serious threat or possible act as main characters.
Pic related being the polar opposite of what I'm complaining about.

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Try it. You will see a diference I asure you.

Isekai comes along, is overpowered, monster pwr lvl ovr 9000, isekai np, snaps fingers, legendary monster dead

Yeah it's fucking annoying.

Anything homosexual between males

>flashbacks showing things that happened like 20 seconds ago
>generic waifubait harem premise
>calling attacks, showing attacks and immediately describing the attack again
>camera pans to the sky, EEEEHHHHH

You forgot one:
>ultra violent female protag just because

Sympathetic gay characters/relationships. If I wanna watch sjw bullshit I can turn on the news or go to a movie (but I don't want to). That shit is disgusting.

Fucking NTR

Hair cutting

no character development and no plot

The absolute second I frown, I drop.

MC with no flaws to make him human
MC never makes mistakes
MC always acts as he should
MC is a moralfag

Oh, and one-dimensional villains
Villains being villains for the sake of evil alone
Villains that just have some shitty put together sob story to justify themselves

Also generally anything that places the world in black/white good/bad values

BONUS: Two guys "pretend" to be gay (for the sake of later ships) and then just shrug it off or mock it(either go all the way or don't do any of it, it's just disgusting)

Draw a girl, call it a guy

Visually beatiful anime trying to justify its lack of plot with artwork

Misunderstandings that are clearly known to the viewer but you still have to suffer through watching the characters figure it out for themselves. I really liked the art and music in Konohana Kitan back in the fall but they dedicated a whole episode to the bitchy pink haired loli worrying about whether her tomboy girlfriend was into some one-off shota. I don't want a show to waste my time. Focus on building the relationship between the two characters, don't force stupid drama in between them to have them end up no further along in their relationship by the end of the ordeal. It's literally filler on a micro level for the sake of a few jokes that are so overused it validates parts of Miyazaki's hatred for the current state of the industry.

I fucking hate anything even slightly harem, its just too impure and reminds me of why I hate people

Double Bonus round:

Bringing in Christian values and moralfaggery (looking at you Vash)

Deus ex machina conclusions

Lack of conflict within a group of characters

Dead characters coming back to life
And/or Fridging

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Haremshit in a romance oriented show. I can accept.
I also automatically drop a show if they suck the main character's dick too much. I hate when the MC is always the center of attention.

Killing a nice dog.
Though I still did watch FMA all the way through.

but I bet you think yuri is fine :^), I don't actually know of it being done in any anime ive watched but wouldn't care if there was a gay relationship if it made sense