Bakemonogatari manga ch2 raw

Shinobu, Meme and healthy Crab「化物語」ネタバレ 2話/

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>that cat
I can't wait for her arc to be drawn.

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oshino is awakening something inside of me

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Why did they make a manga adaptation of this series?
It already has one of the most comprehensive anime adaptations ever.


They change some details in the manga and the art is fucking great.

>dat Oh Great!Shinobu

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My god they're still milking this trash?

Because it never had a manga adaptation?


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Cute trips and cute vamp

fug this could make me a shinobufag

stupid sexy memester

How often do they release a chapter?



with that in mind we could hazard a guess into something of a lead time and how long it will take to catch up with the animation, and subsequently the most recent novels!

Bakemonogatari is a finished novel.

This got a manga? Good to see niche titles get some love which aren't really recognized.

>niche titles

first of all
fuck off

second, they only confirmed a Bake adaptation, which is still a pretty long novel and the first 2 chapters are way longer than the usual 17/18 pages, so this can go on for at least 50/100 chapters, depending on the pacing later

Oshino went full NTR antagonist.

>Das it mane

Crab here looks uglier than the anime

bat a shit

I'm guessing this is from when Senjoughara lets Arararagi see her nude as a reward before they go deal with kani, correct?

That's a lot of pages.

looks like a porn star now

You think this was drawn with the novel in mind or did the author just redraw Shaft's version?

Normally adaptations are based on the original material.

>expect an adaption without all the uberstylized Shaft bullshit
>Manga is still stylized as fuck

>im poly and bi

>I want it to look generic
Get some taste.

All i want to see is regular sized bathroom.

>cat knows where Oshino is
>cat has been traveling to see Oshino
>she lies about not knowing where Oshino is
>cat is in absolute love with Ragu, but finds her comfort with Oshino
>cat is getting down with Oshino on the regular, becoming his
I mean, I don't hate it but I don't like it either.

>Kanbaru by Oh Great
I wonder how he'll fuck her up

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We saw her in the first chapter and she looks great.

Why censor it?
Is it going to air on tv? What?

>Is it going to air on tv?
Are you high or something?

Anime gets censored so it can air on tv
Why the fuck does Manga get censored?

>Has less words than the anime
It's instantly better

>fuck her up
You should OH fuck off.

Because it gets released in a magazine with specific audience and therefore specific ratings?

Then why adapt a ln thats not targeted to that audience?

Why not?

Heh, design looks like Simca´s(long hair, and sporty hat)

It's been a long time since the original anime aired, the original novels were released, and since people last saw the Blu-Ray, so now might be a good time to publish a manga adaptation with some changes here and there to serve as both something fresh and as a reminder to fans while attracting new readers

What took them so long?

>Not in the neck

Yeah, it finished like three volumes ago.

I think you meant to say Kururu.

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Oshino hates Hanekawa. Rightfully so.


He doesn't hate her, he's just creeped out and disgusted by her initial lack of humanity.

He comments that there isn't something right about her, which was foreshadowing the whole neko happening, tiger, lion and shit like that. He was saying that she was superficial on the surface.

Now I want kizu and kabuki even more.

what the hell is happening here?

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Crab being crab.

crab has really long feet

Didn't araragi fail to protect her when the crab pushed her onto the wall?

This. What is wrong with her feet?

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It's Oh Great he always does his own shit

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Crab is cancer.

Let's just have a friendly thread.

>Speech bubble over midriff

Man, they fucked up cat.

Dropping by from the first page to confirm that this is true