Pray for Despera

Pray for Despera..

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Other urls found in this thread:ですぺら(ロマンアルバム)-小中-千昭/dp/4197203284/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1521536089&sr=1-1&keywords=ですぺら

Jaw dropped.

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what's abe even done for the last decade?

Webcomics, that new project D thing with the director of steins gate as well..

Holy shit it’s fucking REAL

Someone needs to make this tweet blow up so that he realizes that there's an audience for it. God I want despera so bad

C'mon guysss this is a possibility for what is basically more Lain, why is this thread so dead

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Holy fuck Konaka is still alive.

Those joke charts from years ago are slowly becoming true, Despera WILL happen yet.

I told you that if Vinland Saga could get an anime, so will this.

>makes a tweet saying he refuses to answer questions unrelated to Tamers
>drops this absolute BOMB



Wow, aren't you guys desperate for Despera.


>the project has morphed into something different
>it will still be Despera but it's for a new market niche
>it'll be a whole new kind of pachinko

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I'm hopeful, Texhnolyze did well without Nakamura directing.

>Passion project turns into pachinko
That is when I know god has given up on man.

>a pachinko written by Chiaki Konaka

Do you want people to die

>Konaka's twitter picture is Terriermon

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Which will come out first, Despera or Dreaming Machine?

My death.

>Despera still alive
>Japanese person writing intelligible English
Not sure what shocks me more to be honest

I believe.

Post despera art in anticipation

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Wait a sec, that wasn't despera. Lemme fix that

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Google translate has been getting better lately.

He mentions that the studio they wanted to go with are very busy now, I assume he is talking about Madhouse.

Please make it happen

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I oughta start learning Japanese.

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Hype is real guys. There's a possibility Despera will be out by 2020.

>they go to MAPPA
>it gets accepted for 2020 no questions asked

I only want it to happen so we can stop deluding ourselves. Let's be honest: it's going to be bad. Too much time has passed, the previous director has passed, and they don't seem to know what to do with it. Lain became a meme so the threads are going to be spammed by newfags thinking "HOLY SHIT LAIN 2" bringing the experience down.

But hey, on the bright side if Despera does get made then at least it'll fuel our hopeless, wishful thinking. Here's to Spice and Wolf S3.

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Mirai Arise.

I have hope. Texhnolyze didn't have Nakamura involved and it was decent, it's probably not even happening and I'm just getting excited over nothing though... :(

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>Let's be honest: it's going to be bad.

Why would it be? Texhnolyze exists. Many good directors exist in the sphere. The novel is still there.

>Lain became a meme so the threads are going to be spammed by newfags thinking "HOLY SHIT LAIN 2" bringing the experience down.
>bringing the experience down
Fuck me

I honestly see the bigger fanbase for Lain and Despera coming out now is kind of a good thing (even if the fans are annoying). Maybe it'll prompt more Konaka/ABe collabs if it does well.

Was there ever a translation for that novel that I keep hearing about?

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Is there a novel? All I could find was thisですぺら(ロマンアルバム)-小中-千昭/dp/4197203284/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1521536089&sr=1-1&keywords=ですぺら
which is a roman album/series guidebook and not a proper novel.

Aoki Uru


Ryuushika Ryuushika, a cooking webcomic he just recently started, and some illustration works.

I'm in a hurry so here's a quick rundown:

- Hamasaki is not the director of Despera
- He is, however, director for a different Konaka project
- Shishou Series is currently stuck due to financial trouble
- Konaka is, however, working on a different horror anime

Okay, never mind, forget everything I've said:

>The horror is not anime. Live-action J-Horror.
I'm not related with Shisho series' anime. I wrote feature filml script.
Well, so far my anime project is only Despera (stacking now).

There's still hope

Please, make it happen

The symbols, what do they mean

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>Placed on a twisting, barely contrasting background
You'd need fucking Sherlock to read that.
Some of the Despera book thingy was translated on here.


Ain a cute. CUTE!

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Drawing boatsluts and servants

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Stalking pigeons.