Left or right?

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The one on the right looks more realistic, but the one on the left looks nicer.
Maybe it's just my dislike of 3D people talking tho.

How is the left one better? Her eyes look too far apart, her mouth is placed very low and her face is generally wider.

The one on the left is uncanny valley material.

>Her eyes look too far apart,
That's not the issue with the eyes. The optimal eye distance is the length of an eye. And that's roughly the case. Their rotation however is odd, because the rest of the face seems to be level with the camera.
>her face is generally wider
Do you have something against wideface?

Right looks normal while Left looks autistic, so I choose Left

Just looks better to me. Both are good, but the one on the left is just looks better to me, not perfect, but better.

Can't read Moonrunes, what is she saying?

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Right looks way better.

Is Miura punishing us or something? Like "Sure I'll continue the story even though I just wanna laze around and focus on idols but the art is going to be shit in exchange".

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Is this official?

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She thanks Schierke, Farnese and Ivalera for taking care of 'Elaine'.

> inb4 who is Elaine

>people died waiting for this
I mean I'm not complaining. Heartfelt moment is still heartfelt.

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>That unhuman fucking face
Reminds me of someone.
You all know what Casca is going to do. It’s impossible for her to be sane after suddenly being realizing all that’s happened

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some wounds never heal, user.

she could learn to live with what happened, but all is uncertain.

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She's going to buy the largest strap-on in the world.
Something too big to be called a strap-on. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough.
And then she's going to go fuck Griffith in the ass.

I don't think it's 100% confirmed, but I mean that picture is very in line with Miura's recent style.

grey alien or not, it's good to have her back.

How long have you been a fan of Berserk?

What's your favorite story arc (Black swordsman, Golden Age, Conviction, Falcon, Fantasia)?

How do you want it to end?

Been a fan since 1998, my favorite arc(s) are Black Swordsman and Golden Age and I just want a happy ending.

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>How do you want it to end?
Griffith gets flicked on the forehead and told not to do that shit again. Then happy sex.

left. unrealistic alien face often works well

the right one is generic serious looking anime face pretending to be a mysterious calm peaceful icon like the one in an ova macross whose storyline and character development suck ball. this face tends to become the same "mysterious" but stereotypical character.

Since I was 13, which was almost 17 years ago. A friend of mine used to bring the old collected issues on the bus, and I'd read them on the way to middle school.

I want it to end with the Godhand destroyed, Griffith in Hell, the world in utter chaos, but Guts and his companions happy and alive in the hellhole world.

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yes, the right looks better art wise, but she doesn't look like the Casca that I knew.


nice purse guts

Hope she joins griffisu so I can abandon this hot garbage forever and ever

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when's the hiatus ending? I just want Guts to be happy

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Can't even remember because my memory is shit. Maybe 10 to 15 years.

Black Swordsman.

I just want a happy ending for Guts and Casca.

Fuck anyone who wants a tragic ending. I've had enough of these for a while.

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Left. Right looks off

Right is a million times better.

Casca then (like 18 years ago)

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Alright guys time to fess up: Who used the monkey paw?

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Left looks like a plastic doll, right actually looks like she's happy but in a sad way which is appropriate for the moment
Miura pls learn to draw eyes

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Tower of Conviction. Griffith's perfect bubble is dispelled, either by Guts, the God Hand or his own undoing. Monsters and demons start to be pushed back from where they came from, but the world still somewhat redescends into shit. Still, thanks to the help of few noble souls out there, people still manage cling onto hope even through the challenging times, and seize control of their lives by their own hands. Guts is finally happy, as the prospect of an upcoming, genuinely better world for humanity means he can finally be at peace.

Basically, I want it to end on the same note as Lost Children and Tower of Conviction, but on a grander scale.

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Just go take a long walk off a short pier already. The sooner, the better.

Hiatus is over faggot. They got off the boat, reached Elfheim and cured Casca already.

Now that the Caska arc is coming to an end, will the artstyle finally improve? It's been going to shit ever since the start of the fantasia arc.

I know they got off the fucking boat, I also know that Muira took another hiatus just before they fixed Casca, faggot.

12 years
Golden Age, it's the only one that has really made me think. The other ones are cool too up until conviction. Everything after that is boring shit, and this is coming from a guy who enjoyed farmland saga.
The boat arc has probably been the most boring arc yet, and it's something that can be skipped. In fact, almost half the manga since conviction can be skipped until next chapter.

I catched on with it 3 or 4 years ago if I reckon well I'm not sure really.
The lost children art will always be my favourite even if in the end it was a huge filler desu

Funny how no one that answered you has said anything past conviction. It's almost like the manga is shit now or something.

I've been on this ride since 2010. Probably Conviction if it includes lost children. I want it to end by Guts killing Griffith and becoming God.

>art is going to be shit in exchange
I'll take Berserk in stick man drawings if it means the manga can finally end.

>How long
Since 2007 I think?
>favourite arc
I've always been fond of the Kushan invasion stuff. Monster-on-monster warfare is always nice to see.
>How do ou want it to end?
The way Miura intends it to end.

Black Swordsman, Conviction and Falcon. THe fights against the Count, Rosine and Mozgus will stick with me for as long as I read manga. I mean, fucking god damn.

This lack of despair and pessimism is killing me desu user

the 2000 dreamcast game introduced me to berserk
favourite arc falcon
i want a bittersweet ending both griffith and guts get what they wanted but with a catch


I want it to end with complete and utter despair, Guts seeing everyone he cares for being slaughtered, yet again powerless to stop it and knowing as he dies once and for all that everything he did was meaningless.

That'd be absolutely terrible.

I want guts to perpetually suffer as a skull knight like entity while his waifu fucks Griffith eternally cucking him. But it's okay guts finds comfort in a loli cunny

Left. Right doesn't look like Casca.

Right looks more like a human should look.
Left looks more like casca.
Neither look like how I want her to look.

the right.

the left is awful

Left looks like an alien
Right is far better.

>>Read it in 2016
>>Conviction arc had the best writing and fights for me.
>> A happy one but I wouldn't mind a Devilman ripoff

Ever since Madman Entertainment came out with the first DVD. Whenever that was

Started to read the Manga in 2003, so 15 years now.

Favorit is Black Swordsman (first time I read that I was just stunned by the art, the world, the violence) and Conviction.

Well, I am not sure on that...its not like I want to see Guts suffer, but somehow it needs a tragic end. I mean Guts is drifted to far aways from something you can call a normal life (or even a casually person) that I can hardly image how he should live his life in peace, even when they beat Griffisu back to the twilight zone. I hope for a happy end, but in a way that Guts might die while he achieve his revenge. Something like this.

Can't I just go cross eyed and combine them when I fap?

Right doesn't even look like Casca, though.

>fapping to a potato
what are you, a one-eyed depressed swordsman or something?

Don't remember exactly, but I've been following it for something around 5-8 years.
Conviction arc has always been my favourite, even though it's pretty edgy.

Welp, that's some cat like face

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>another hiatus
Is that confirmed? I though everyone was just memeing

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From your dismissal of la pomme de terre, I deduce that you are no gentleman like I am.
Away with you, commoner.

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Will Miura ever get good at digital art? Surely it shouldn't be too hard considering how good of an artist he is.

It's like faces are viewed with a fisheye lens. Oh I get it, we're watching all this from Griffith's perspective, it's gonna pan out and faces are going to go back to normal.

I wouldn't blame anyone, it's been like 2 decades.

Right with Left's eyes.

Yes, Casca says hello to her friends that took care of her while retarded. She seems to remember everything but sees herself and retard Casca as separate entities hence why she refers to her in third person.

Fan since 2000 when I bought the dreamcast game and started reading the manga online.
Favourite arc still tower of conviction which was brand new by then.

None of them look like Casca, but right looks better.

Golden Age>Conviction>Falcon>Black Swordsman>Fantasia

This user knows what's up

Right obviously, because that actually looks like Casca. Left's eye shape isn't even right, and it looks like she's be de-aged by 10-15 years.

I don't think Casca is going to go nuts until the Moonchild situation.
>Um Casca our aborted demon baby was reincarnated with Griffith and only appears during a full moon, no I don't know how to totally revive him what do you mean we're going to save him from Griffith?

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Left is a fucking alien mutant from hell. Anyone who likes left should seriously go check their heads for any tumors.

Muira's character style has really changed. Even before he went digital.

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Left is better because Catsca is cuter.

Each major arc has a different style from the one that came before it.

Post Catsca.

Was the Conviction Arc Muira's peak?

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Is Miura retarded? Serious question

I wouldn't disagree with that, but the level of detail in the showdown between Griffith and Ganishka blows me away.

Can't be, Farnese and Serpicio's two-part flashback came after it and that was beyond amazing.

Short while, Conviction

By Elaine she’s probably referring to potato Casca

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Thank you, Captain Obvious.

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Nice try but thats not conviction arc its fantasia/falcon.

I wasn't trying to fool anyone.

you're fooling no one but yourself

Is Ganishka a good villain?

Guardians of desire

>How long have you been a fan of Berserk?
I started to read the Manga like 6 years ago
>What's your favorite story arc
Tower of conviction and golden age
>How do you want it to end?
with pic related in the final showdown and a happy ending

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>Casca goes outside
>Sees Guts
>"Who are you?"
>Chapter ends.