How do we get this man off his ass?

How do we get this man off his ass?

Or should we abandon hope?

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Kadokawa sucks the life out of authors. He should do like Haganai's author, go full Scorched Earth, and move on to a different publisher.

How was the life sucked out of him when he barely works?

He'll eventually do it...

super VR with SAO like possibilities will be made first before that lazy piece of shit continues the LN

We're gonna carry that weight.

It's dead. Just move on to the next hundreds of LN with as good if not better writing.

Reset the predetermined amount of words.

I'm still searching.


Tanigawa’s prose is way beyond what you see in the usual LN. i’m more surprised he hasn’t tried to write a real now

"Oh right, I could really finish that Haruhi thing before I die" - him in 5-10 years, I hope

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He didn't know what to do after his popularity. That's it.

I guess you just read too much of those badly written narou picked light novels. In general Light novel prose aren't that difficult from any general novel. You can find plenty of "real" novels with worst prose.


Maybe he thought he was talentless hack and haruhi was just a fluke since his other novels are fucking obscure and not well-regarded.

He can write shit all he wants, Haruhi was a masterpiece and I want more of it.

He's been buried under that haruhi money. How can you expect him to write more

more like he is scared that he will be succumb to the shit ending disease

His latest work wasn't even interesting. Even if he finishes it, I won't read it.

He's swimming in Moe Money

>latest work
Did you read Zetsuboukei?


His le-epik plot twist was already figured out long ago so it's not worth writing it anymore.

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At least I hope that he's aware of that

He's clearly aware of that. In fact he's been hinting at it in the last few LNs, making the question "how/why is he so important/ maybe god himself" instead of "what an epic twist"

>caring about Haruhi

>still being a >[current year] posting retard

There's also the fact that he still refuses to reveal Kyon's true name.

Hello newfag, posting >year is way older than your Sup Forums meme.
Please return to your containment board or whatever reddit latrine you came from.
Have a bad day.

It's been many years since Haruhi been relevant, current year meme is relevant you imbecile.
It's should be noted that Kyoani never make more then two seasons and movie, Haruhi had all of that, game over.
Most of these adaptations are advertisement, it's retarded to think that they will really give two shits about Haruhi if it wasn't to promote new novel.

They did so when he was still active, I suppose.

Anyone know when the last interview with him about Haruhi was? Wasn't it near the time the Nagato anime was airing?

I don't think he give a fuck about Haruhi, I read one of his interviews, man this guy sure doesn't sound enthusiastic about his work.
And look at this photo, does this looks like a face of a person who is passionate about Haruhi?

to be honest if my life's legacy were a bunch of teen novels (no matter how successful) I wouldn't be too enthusiastic either.

Isn't he rich as fuck due to Haruhi franchise?

Dunno, some people made a legacy on making children's stories and cartoons, don't see what's the difference.
It's all a matter of perspective.

>He will never continue that Incest/mystery manga

Fuck this world

He looks like some random writer with no social skills who accidentally stumbled into succes.
Maybe the pressure got to him. but his books certainly don't read like the work of someone who don't give a fuck about what he's writing.

Saying this when in summer will be another free! season is sorta funny.

What is even wrong with him? I remember reading in some interview that he wrote novels like melancholy and disappearance in just over a week. He even said 7 years ago that he got the plot of novel 12 done in his head. Why can't he just spare a week to write it down?

This is like first time they actually did it.

And yours will be much worse

He lost his words

Chuunibyou got a second movie too

You have no fucking idea how much impact this "teen novel" had on japanese writing as a whole. You can find haruhi influence in even mainstream Japanese literature. Also just so you know the target audience of light novels aren't exclusively read by teenagers and its not YA fiction of Japan.

You could say the same about pretty much every anime or basically anything entertaining. That's so condescending while also devoid of sense.

That first movie is recap and it doesn't count

But Kadokawa is huge. You don't say no to Kadokawa when you are a LN author or a mangaka.

I only watch mature anime for mature people such as myself

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Funny how people who say or imply that quote demonstrate childishness and artistic immaturity by basically confessing they can't recognize competence outside of superficial frameworks designed to appease to their insecurities and lack of critical thinking

Will it even sell if he writes new novel new. There's a big fucking 7 year gap from the previous novel and so much change has occurred in light novel world trends. I wonder if he worried about his novel not being relevant in the current world.

No one is more insecure than deepfags

What kind of things have changed? I don't really read LNs.

I wouldn't care about insecurity alone but pretending intellectuality by acting like a retard makes it hard to ignore.

I just moved on and accepted he will never finish it